Friday, September 28, 2007

To Honor

Another huge win for the University of South Florida Bulls, this time over #5 West Virginia, I present to you, another South Florida Sun Doll

50 States 50 Hotties-Utah

No seriously, Utah. Luckily, while going through my choices, I did not even have to consider Marie Osmond.

Kimberly Fisher was born September 10, 1978 in Roy, Utah. She is one of those actresses that plays all the little roles that are necessary in shows, like a Geisha Girl on CSI-NY and a Model on CSI-Miami. Her biggest role was on the series Hotel Erotica-Cabo, which I want to say was a show on Skinamax Cinemax, but since I don't have that channel, I can not say for sure.

Listen Carefully...

And you will hear that giant sucking and wheezing sound coming from the Queens section of New York City, as the Mets stumble and bumble away a 6 game lead in 22 days and and a 2 game lead in 4 days. As you look at the standings today, the Phillies have drawn totally even with the Mets with only 3 games left to play.

This is one of the biggest collapses in my recent memory, at least when it comes to baseball. Especially since the Phillies have very little starting pitching and a bullpen that drives its fans nutty. Yet, the Mets have found a way to piss away a lead, and also have managed to go from being firmly in the playoffs to on the outside looking in, because the Padres also refuse to lose there clutch hold on the Wild Card.

Now as a fan in Philadelphia, there is that small nagging feeling in my brain that says the Phillies will find a way to blow this opportunity, in the most painful of ways. They will probably end up one game short of the both the NL East and the Wildcard, which is probably just painful enough.

It is fun though, because I know down in San Antonio, Texas, there is a certain Met fan that has to be twisting and turning in the wind a bit as this collapse happens before his eyes. Is it wrong to take glee in small suffering of family?

Oh yea, and the Red Sox still lead by 2 games over the hated Yankees.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #54-Musically Random One

Thirteen Random Songs on Sparky's Ipod

Many things to do today, so this is one pretty darn lame list. But it is the first 13 songs that pop up when I put my Ipod on Random.

1.Existenialism on Prom Night by Straylight Run

2.Perfect Time of Day by Howie Day
Howie Day - Perfect Time of Day

Add to My Profile | More Videos

3.The March by Robert Randolph and The Family Band

4.Go Your Own Way by Fleetwood Mac

5.Hey Jealousy by The Gin Blossoms

by Bone Thuggs and Harmony featuring Phil Collins

7.Everything Zen by Bush

8.Iris by The Goo Goo Dolls

9.Zombie Nation by Kernkraft 400 or Kernkraft 4000

10.Clocks by Coldplay (Live Version)

11.Don Rickles and Triumph the Insult Dog on Conan O'Brien-Sorry No Video

12.True Colors by Cyndi Lauper (Acoustic Version)

13.Lightning Crashes
by Live

Ok I am off, I will be around to do some visits later on today!

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Today's reason to bash Republicans=$9.11

The nations Mayor was at it again, or maybe he wasn't because he denies knowing about the cute little ploy before it happened, but it still makes me want to puke. Or it could be the combination of this allergy headache and Giuliani being a grandstanding moron, but I will play Rudy.

It may or may not have had anything to do with the campaign itself, but a fundraiser scheduled to be held on September 26 in Palo Alto, California had a theme of raising $9.11 per person. Yep, $9.11 for the mayor who resurrected his career politically due to his good deeds during the tragedy of 9/11. I freely admit that Giuliani did an excellent job of at least presenting an aura of control and leadership during those horrible days, and it certainly should be a feather in his cap. And, it is not the first time that a candidate has ever done a little cute trick to raise money for his campaign. Edwards had something around his birthday in June, to raise an amount of money coresponding to his birthday and get a free pie recipe. Something like $6.15 or something close to that.

But, to use 9/11 and the rebuilding efforts not only as a booster to your resume, but then to use it as a little fund raising trick is just deplorable. Yes, now some unknown young volunteers are getting blamed for the idea and these volunteers are not even supposed to really be that closely attached to the Giuliani campaign itself, but truly, all of this is partly Rudy's fault in the first place!

He has wrapped himself in the damaged flag of that day, it has been the only thing that really gets him any kind of traction with the crowds. Plus, 9/11 was a chance for Rudy the Mayor to get a clean slate, since he turned crime around in New York City by stomping all over civil liberties in the city. So, when two volunteers get this cock a many idea to raise $9.11 per person, it all turns back to Rudy and his propaganda machine in the first place.

Hence, the nausea.

On Campus, September 22

I am a day late on this post, so as my own punishment, no pictures of Cheerleaders today. How is this punishment, well I am the one who has to search for the perfect one you know.

I am not sure whether Florida is really for real this year. They played a Mississippi team the really does not have much of an offense, but has experienced players on defense and nearly lost, 30 to 24. Not a ringing endorsement.

USC maybe good, though it is still very hard to tell, since they have not played anyone that respectable yet. Wazzou is decent, but they are 6-5 minor bowl decent. But please, I beg all announcers, shut up about John David Booty already. Let me see him do something before he is a Heisman frontrunner.

Darren McFadden is very very good. Fred Jones is very good. Casey Dick is awful and that is going to be a downfall for Arkansas this year. Kentucky went out and beat them on there home field and the Razorbacks lost a lead while it happened. Kentucky maybe for real.

LSU stepped all over the Gamecocks. The Bayou Bengals may be the best team in the NCAA's this year, especially when a small 5'6 guy is also able to run all over a defense. Now, he has world class speed, but still Trinidon Holliday looks like he may weigh 150 pounds wet.

The Ducks won once again, though the first half was a struggle. I was only marginally worried, because the Stanford defense could really not stop Oregon, so when the Ducks drove down the field to tie the game on the first drive of the second half, I was able to go to bed figuring the Ducks would pull it out.

On the BCS buster front, Hawaii smoked Charleston Southern, though I think Charleston Southern has only been playing football for like 3 years. And Michigan beat Penn State, though the Nittany Lions were an overrated 3-0 before this game. I hope the Wolverines keep winning, because they make Oregon look better and better.

and to cap off the weekend, I present Mike Gundy, who I remember as the Quarterback of Oklahoma State who got to hand the ball off to Barry Sanders. He is now the coach of the Cowboys, and he goes ape shit about an article in one of the Oklahoma newspapers.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

50 States 50 Hotties Bonus-Puerto Rico

Still one last section of the country to go, as we make a turn towards the Rocky Mountains. However, I thought to get us back on track with this little shindig, I would remember the beautiful island of Puerto Rico, which is a territory of the United States, but closest to an actual state out of all the other territories out there.

Roselyn Sanchez was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico on April 23, 1973. She is best known for either her role on Without a Trace, or for her stint on As the World Turns. Unfortunately for her, she was also in the dreadful movie, Boat Trip, but Ms. Sanchez is so hot, I think I will let that transgression slide.

NiMBY Gone Haywire

Ever since Mrs Duck has gone back to work, I have driven her to the train station every morning. It has been a way for us to save a little money on parking and gas, plus she is just not totally ready to be driving yet.

Over the last few weeks, along our trip, there have been signs popping up around the corner of Pine Rd and Byberry Rd. Signs in orange and green that at first were just letting people know about a zoning board meeting to stop a cell phone tower from being built on unused land in a cemetery. But, as the meeting has gotten closer, the signs have gotten a bit rougher. Across the street from the entrance to the cemetery, there is a sign now that declares "Fairless Hills Cemetery Cells out its Patrons" and also a sign about desecration. Not exactly subtle, but I guess they really want to fight this cell tower, that by the way will be designed to look like an evergreen tree and will be at least 200 ft from any residence. And its on private property. But, I digress...

Now, I have no problem with protests and voicing your displeasure at something your government is thinking of doing. Heck, we all know how I feel about voicing displeasure. And while I do not agree with some of the residents tactics (see the sign mentioned above), its on there own private property and its really not a distraction or impeding traffic, so more power to em. What I do have a problem with though is the fact that this section of Lower Moreland Township seems to protest everything.
1.Willow Grove Air Base was closing and there was talk of turning it into a commuter airport, protest signs along the road warning of air pollution.
2.Woodhaven Road, a project to extend the one main throughfare from 95 to get to the upper reaches of Montgomery County, that would have alleviated traffic issues in there neighborhood. Protest, mostly because it would cause more traffic in there neighborhood. Yes, makes about as much sense to me too.
3.And now the T-Mobile Cell Phone Tower in the Fairless Hills Cemetery.

Do these people realize they are not living in the bucolic country? They are a ten minute walk from the Philadelphia city line. The suburbs are exploding with growth, and the traffic is already a nightmare on these 2 lane roads. Yet, they are determined to try and cling to there old suburbanite ideas, because the neighborhood has changed around them. Now, I would not want a cell phone tower in my yard, but if the health club around the corner wanted to rent out some of there land so a cell phone/water tower could be built, who am I to tell a private company what to do with there money? Its not like I want the health club officials to come up here an tell me that I am getting fat.

So yes, go to the zoning meeting, protest the tower as is your right, but if you lose, pack it up. Obviously you people can find something else in the neighborhood that is going to sting your ass.

Well, this is not good

Yep, its 5:45 and I am wide awake.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Born on Hotness September 24

Another day, another chance to drool over some men. I do think I might have scratched the surface of something here, plus don't forget, a new chance to vote.

James Marsden outdueled Sol Campbell with a score of at least 7 to 2, though I think it may have been higher, so he was Mr September 18th. Of course, I added some more pictures over on the photo blog. And now, today's choices.

Kevin Sorbo was born on September 24, 1958 in Minnesota. Of course, he is Hercules of TV Fame, but also was in one of my favorite Sci-Fi television shows, Andromeda.

And Kevin's opponent?

Eddie George, who was born on September 24, 1973 in the city of brotherly love. He is an american football player, 1995 Heisman Trophy winner and former star for the Houston Oilers/Tennessee Titans.

So, who is Mr September 24th?? Vote over on the sidebar....

The Ups and Downs of Being a Duck

Yes, its been a little while since I have posted or visited blogs. I either really didn't feel like it over the weekend, or was running around, one of the other and the combination of both made me lax. Everyone has those moments though right?

The Ups were the Eagles game yesterday, a game they actually decided to go out and win. It was a beautiful day, and the game had a great first half, Westbrook running like a monster and McNabb actually completing some passes, which was a new thing for him this year at least. The second half was dull, because the Lions sort of packed it in midway through the 3rd quarter, but anytime you get to see a game with a final score of 56 to 21 and your team has the 56, its a good day.

Another up was the new lamp we picked up at Home Goods. Its got this cool kinda stone pilon look to it and it is much better then the brass lamps that we had been using, mostly because the brass can be such an 80's thing. Plus, the story behind the brass lamp was one I personally was not to fond of. Another small purchase that is ours (Mrs Duck and mine) as opposed to something we got as a hand me down from some relative or something.

The downs unfortunately also stopped into pay a visit. Its a shame to because Mrs Duck was actually very cheerful Friday, in one of the best moods I have seen her in, in a little while. But, another trip to the doctor, for a check up on the oozing scar, as well as some pain she had in her jaw showed a hair line fracture in the jaw bone. We were both surprised and upset. It means another 3 weeks of a liquid diet and taking it easy in the hopes of not having the bone displace, which would mean more surgery for the Mrs. It is beginning to become one of those frustrating times, mostly because there was very little we could do to prevent the injury, since the bone was already weak from her own disease and from the surgery, but you still feel helpless. Plus, you wonder when exactly things may start to go right as opposed to wrong.

Plus, no phone calls from the resume dump and apparently I am a bad beta, whatever that means. So, the downs were plenty darn down.

But, its another beautiful day, so we both try to strive for the positives. But with my family coming in less then 2 weeks, and me not even figuring out what I want for my birthday, mostly because it just seems like I dont feel like thinking about what I might want, it makes it a tad stressful even if its not either as stressful as it could be, or its not a time with these heavy amounts of dire stress. Am I rambling too much yet?

Friday, September 21, 2007

50 States 50 Hotties Texas

This had to be one of the toughest stays to pick through for hotties. Not because of a lack of them, but more because there seems to be an overflow of hotness. Of course, being one of the largest states in the Union, I should not have been surprised. The final decision was a toss up between Eva Longoria, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Angie Harmon and our eventual winner.

Jennifer Garner was born April 17, 1972 in Houston, Texas. She is best known for her role on Alias, but she also has had a number of roles in big time movie productions like Pearl Harbor and the upcoming The Kingdom. Of course, her husband is something else too, in the form of Ben Affleck.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

50 in 50 Update-Texas

Texas is impossible as heck. I may have to spread the hotties out over a few days, or make one decision that will be howled at by fans of the other actresses. But, its a fun problem to have, to many hot girls to chose from.

Thursday Thirteen #53-The Made in New Jersey One

Thirteen Things products Made in New Jersey

A couple of weeks back, the Rutgers Football team put a thumping on the Naval Academy. The game was known for Ray Rice becoming the all time leading rusher in school history, and it was also known for the awful behavior of the Rutgers student section. Now, I do not condone harsh words and a spew of obscene gestures at the opposing team, though a little booing here or there is acceptable in any sporting event, even if the opponent is the one of the service academies. Now, a BullS**T chant at a referee, thats all fun and games.

But, I felt the need to defend my state, because every single person that is a fan in NJ is being painted with the same brush, awful loutish people. Now, I know a list will do nothing to change peoples opinions, but maybe if I tell everyone about all the great things they get from the Garden State (yes besides a bad smell, ha ha) it will help a little to improve our image.

1.Bosco Chocolate Syrup-Ok, its no Hershey's but its gotta be better then Ovaltine.

2.Campbells Soup-2 Billion soup cans a year can't be wrong.

3.Creative Products-All those great Seen on TV products, including the Bacon Wave and Blu Blocker Sun Glasses

4.Ecko Apparel-I have no idea, I don't wear his stuff, but I have heard of it.

5.Goya-The only brand of canned adobo chiles I can find.

6.Flying Fish Beer-This could be a recurring theme, since there seems to be alot of alcohol leaning beverages from NJ, but Flying Fish is one of my favorites.

7.Johnson & Johnson-Ok, not every product Johnson and Johnson makes come from NJ, but all of the money does.

8.Honeywell-They produce many products that are found in the home that I am sure you had no idea Honeywell made, just like me. Some them include thermostats, dampers fro furnaces and Jet Engines

9.Ingersoll-Rand-a manufacturing company that creates bobcats and other earth movers. But also makes Golf Carts!

10.Maidenform-Bras, ladies, Bras.

11.Toys R Us-Let me know how much you hate NJ for spawning this company at the holiday season when you can't find anything.

12.NFL Films-Have you ever settled down to watch some highlights of the great Steelers teams of the 70s? Chance are its an NFL Films production

13.Tabatchnik Fine Foods-The best split pea soup in a supermarket.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Days when sugar was just sugar

I have been devoting some time now to the Consumerist. Not only do they let you know about some good deals, but they also give you a peek at the ninnies that are running corporations right now. One of there posts yesterday talked about sugar, and how avoiding unnecessary sugar can make you healthier.

In fact, there are at least 30 different variations of sugar on nutrition lists.

Brown-rice syrup
Corn sweetener
Corn syrup, or corn syrup solids
Cane Juice
Dehydrated cane juice
Fruit juice concentrate
High-fructose corn syrup
Invert sugar
Malt syrup
Maple syrup
Raw sugar
Rice Syrup
Sorghum or sorghum syrup
Turbinado Sugar

Of course, the manufacturers are making a whole lot harder to determine what the hell sugar is in the first place. It makes me remember those old Breyers commercials with the cute kids reading the ingredients. Of course, now I am sure that even Breyers is not that wholesome anymore

Wait? That Many Posts??

Yep, trust me, the old duck was a tad surprised as well. But this humble little blog past 1000 posts last week, with very little fanfare at that. Though I do think it is fitting that it was a jab politically, since when I started this little trip, that is kind of how I envisioned this blog would be. But, going on, I realized it is much more fun to include like then to be all liberal all the time.

I had planned a big celebration, at least when I realized at 750 that I was going to be reaching 1000 sooner rather then later. Unfortunately, that is really not fiscally responsible at this point, so it will have to wait for another milestone. The Duck thanks you for your patience.

But, in a small form of celebration, I am going to post the archive meme, which I think was started by The 108 and I was tagged for way way back by either Starrlight, Matt-Man or Bond, the three of them usually argue over who they will tag, so I can't keep it straight. By the way, as I was linking them, Bond and The108 have some great posts today that you may wanna wander into.

Ok, here are the official rules:

You must list five links to posts you have written then tag five other people. At least two of the people you tag must be newer acquaintances so that you get to know each other better . . . and don’t forget to read the archive posts and leave comments

I think I will forego the tagging part, but I do hope others of you do this and let me know that you did, going back can be fun sometimes.

Link 1 must involve Family

1.A little recap of the first time my parents visited the Future Mrs Duck and I.

Link 2 must involve Friends

2.Back to the Old Stomping grounds of Sparky Duck

Link 3 should be about you and what you are all about:

3.My Guilty Pleasures

Link 4 Must be about Something you love:

4.Easiest one to pick

And finally link 5 can be about whatever you want:

5.I had written posts before this one, but this was one of the first ones where I felt I was getting my voice.

So there it is, post #1008. Thanks to all the readers and commenters that now make this whole blogging experiment alot more fun then it used to be.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Born on Hotness Sept 18 For the Ladies

First off, a real quick apology for not stopping by and saying hello to all those blogs and blogging buddies that I usually stop by and check on. I have been spending almost all of my online time the last few days trying to get some workable employment. But, I hope to stop by before bed.

Anyway, since the Quarterback challenge seemed to be lacking in some sizzle, I am trying a new thing. Though I think I will still have some form of the hottest QB over the weekends. Anyway, I will be showing some pictures of some fellows that I might think of as hot and collect your opinion with the new Born on Hotness feature. So now I will try to not just show hottie starlets, but hottie guy birthday boys. And of course, you will get to vote in the corner.

Our first duo of the day, born on September 18th.

1.James Marsden Born in 1974. He is best known as Cyclops from the X-Men Trilogy, but was also a Versace Model.


2.Sol Campbell, also born in 1974. Sol is an English soccer star who once played for the World Class Arsenal team and is now playing for Porstmouth.

So, who is Mr September 18th?

Iggles and On Campus 9-15

That was a waste of 3 and a half hours that I won't get back. The Eagles came out flat again last night against the Washington Redskins and in fact coughed up another game. They are now 0 and 2 and also 2 games back of 2 division rivals. The running backs were still strong enough, but the rest of the offense looked a bit off. Jason Avant looks like he will be a good wide receiver, but Kevin Curtis and Reggie Brown looked like they could not get out of there own way. Donovan McNabb looked rusty, or still injured or a bit of both. Neither the offense, nor the defense played with any kind of intensity, or need. I know it is only the 2nd game, but they have now given away 2 winnable games. And next week they play the aerial circus that is the Detroit Lions, with a banged up secondary. It might be one long year in Philly. Sheesh, the Arizona Cardinals have a better record!

As I mentioned, I did not see too many games in the college ranks this weekend, but I still can muster up some thoughts.
USC looks impressive once again, though in my mind they still have not played anyone that difficult. I am amazed at how they just seem to be able to insert new running backs ever year. Just please, do not tell me that John David Booty is a Heisman Trophy Candidate. Im thinking Gino Torretta (and there are like 3 of you that get that joke)
UConn needed a controversial pass interference penalty to defeat Temple. Not exactly the brightest day in UConn football history when you need the Zebras to help you beat a hapless MAC team.
Texas snuck out a win over U of Central Florida. While if you want a recap, you can click here, but I will say this is one of the reasons that the big schools do not go to the smaller schools to play a game. If that game was in Austin, it probably would have been a 21 point game instead of a 3 point one.
The long national nightmare, well national if national was just Big Ten country, is over with the thumping that the Wolverines put on Notre Dame to get there first win of the year. Lloyd Carr may last 2 more weeks now, until he loses to Minnesota or, shudder to think, Minnesota.
Finally, Oregon won once again, though this was a game they were supposed to get and the Warriors of Hawaii, my new BCS buster darlings, stomped all over UNLV 49-14. I am just glad the Rainbow Warriors got to do the Haka before the game.

Monday, September 17, 2007

50 States 50 Hotties-Arkansas

Arkansas. Not exactly a state known for too much. I mean the Clintons once governed there, um Hot Springs is in Arkansas and sounds darn famous. And before this weekend, I would have said you will know all about Darren McFadden since he may win the Heisman trophy from the University of Arkansas. But that all went up in smoke, so lets clear the smoke with some hotness.

Joey Lauren Adams
was born in Little Rock, Arkansas on January 8, 1968. She has been in alot of movies, and alot of movies I should have probably seen like Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Michael, and the Break Up. But for the life of me I do not recognize her at all. That does not take away from her attractiveness, but I can't spot her in any movie thats listed, at least in my head. But who cares...

Duck Re-Design

I had visions of a nice relaxing weekend, perhaps sleeping late, some football watching and then enjoying a cool crisp fall weekend. Bah, that plan went totally out of the window.

Mrs Duck has never been happy with the setup of the furniture in the living/dining room area of the condo. Part of the problem is the setup of the space in general. There are not enough outlets, windows in the wrong spots, a fire place closing off half the room, etc, etc etc. But she has also been bothered by the cluttered feeling of the place, and got a little bug planted in her head to move some of the furniture around. Well, all of the furniture around, including the TV, on a College football Saturday no less!

Tin Man and the Spice Girl came up to help and those handy little furniture sliders that you see on TV at 2 in the morning, were also a big help, but it was not anywhere near click. The TV here, the TV there, bring a table upstairs, take a comforter downstairs in two pieces, move a bookcase, blah blah blah.

I must admit, it does look better, and Mrs Duck could really be on one of those design shows. She never measured anything and yet was able to plot out everything on a piece of paper and almost everything fit. It does have a cozier feel. One complaint is that I can not see the TV set from the office, in fact as I sit here right now I can only hear it, but its only me, ya know. The re-design was much better then seeing some rerun sitcom would be.

Though, about 3:00 yesterday afternoon, as we were buried up to our eyeballs in doing the a redesign on the pantry (throwing plenty of old food out from 2004 by the way) I finally almost hit my breaking point. Yes, I admit it, I nearly whined "Come on, I just want to sit and watch some football." Yes, men are pathetic.

Poetry Train Kidnaps Amy Lee

Well, maybe not kidnaps, damn if Amy Lee is not hot in that quirky sort of way. If I was 10 years younger, and if I was born a female and not a duck, I would have been gothic. However, age does not stop me from being an Evanescence fan and the torment that they exude in some of there songs touch so many emotion strings as you listen to them, that if you are not a fan, at least you appreciate the talents. But of course there is talent, it made the Poetry Train, didn't it?

My Immortal lyrics

I'm so tired of being here
Suppressed by all my childish fears
And if you have to leave
I wish that you would just leave
'Cause your presence still lingers here
And it won't leave me alone

These wounds won't seem to heal
This pain is just too real
There's just too much that time cannot erase

When you cried I'd wipe away all of your tears
When you'd scream I'd fight away all of your fears
And I held your hand through all of these years
But you still have
All of me

You used to captivate me
By your resonating light
Now I'm bound by the life you left behind
Your face it haunts
My once pleasant dreams
Your voice it chased away
All the sanity in me

These wounds won't seem to heal
This pain is just too real
There's just too much that time cannot erase


I've tried so hard to tell myself that you're gone
But though you're still with me
I've been alone all along

Sunday, September 16, 2007

I am still in love

Well, of course I am still in love, Mrs Duck is spectacular. But, what I actually meant is with the life changing show Les Miserables. One of the local PBS stations showed the Anniversary Live Concert tonight, in an effort to raise money and I actually gave up a pretty good Alabama vs Arkansas football game to watch the show instead. And yes, I TiVo'd it.

I love this damn show, love it, love it, love it. So, in a celebration of love, Here are the best 13 minutes in musical theater ever!

Friday, September 14, 2007

More Cowbell for

Amy Ruttan, who is currently firing off salvos in this little youtube battle that contain some of the best highlights from SNL's Celebrity Jeopardy. I figure Will Farrell is still synergy.

It was a speech alright

More of the same, this is good for everyone nonsense from the White House last night. Amazingly, it is also along the exact same lines of what General Petraeus said, though of course it would be, since Dubya swore he would listen to his commanders on the field. Now, if his commanders on the field are saying just what he wants to hear, of course he will listen to it.

Only at two times did I feel the real urge to throw my drink at the TV set, though I do not like wasting Vodka. One was early on in the speech when W called Iraq an ally. Great Britain, France, hell almost all of Europe, they are allies. Canada, Mexico, sure I would consider them allies to the United States. Iraq is a much of an ally to our nation as South Africa and Barbados are. And at least with those to countries, there exports are so much more useful then whatever Iraq gives us in oil. No doubt in my mind that Dubya wanted to call them our friends, but since they seem to be shooting at us while they shoot at themselves, thats not so friendly. But, please don't insult my intelligence.

The other moment was at the end, with the blatant cherry picking of the emails from the dead soldiers family. Nice little touch by his speech writers to try and tug at our heartstrings a little bit. And I am sure that the email W received really said that they believed in the struggle and the sacrifice that there son made, but what about the other emails he receives from parents and loved ones of soldiers lost in this war who do not agree with W's stance. They don't count as much. Nice.

The Democratic response was as forgettable as I figured it would be, delivered by Senator Reed of RI, who by the way does not sound like he is from Rhode Island. Make an effort to try and change things on this side, Congressman and Congresswoman, don't just talk about it. I know you are all between a rock and a hard place presently (No Sen Craig, Rep Jefferson or Sen. Vitter comments please) but didn't your mother teach you folks that action speaks louder then words?

Finally, what the heck was that thing Senator Edwards did yesterday? Besides probably being a big old waste of money.

Humor soothes all injustices

Ok, the speech tonight had me seething. Angry because Dubya is a boob and the people out there that are supposed to be his check and balance, Congress, have the spine of a jellyfish. I needed a fucking laugh.

So, when I saw Amy Ruttan's post, and then a reference to me and coffee and my nose, I had to feel a tinge of humor and lightheartedness. And then of course, I needed to try and top her.

If you don't find the Darryl Hammond impersonation of Sean Connery on Celebrity Jeopardy to be hilarious, you may have some biological imbalance.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Dubya Hates Repeats

Ok, ok, a lame title, but I just downloaded the new Kanye West song this afternoon and have been listening to it a couple of times today.

Anywho, Dubya will be on the air tonight to share his new plan for the War in Iraq, which from all details that have been leaked to press, sounds just like the old plan before the surge. What I figured I would go into would be what I wanted to hear and not hear from the President tonight.

The Don'ts

Benchmarks:Or at least telling us how the Iraqi government has hit or almost hit 11 of the 18 requests. The problem I have with the way Dubya usually presents it is the almost. If I had a algebra test that had 18 questions on it, and I answered 8 of them fully and almost answered 3 more, those 3 would be marked wrong. You don't get credit for almost in the scholastic world, so you don't get credit in the political world.

9/11 and Iraq: The two have absolutely nothing to do with each other, no matter how many times the government, there mouth pieces and anyone else that ties Iraq to the War on Terror tell us that they are connected. Saudi Arabia had the large marjority of the terrorists, not Iraq, so stow the whole flag waving, somber connection. One does not have to do with the other and to say such is shameless.

That the Surge is working and thats why the first group can home:Its all about timing, yes General Petraeus could have extended there tours again, but there would be a backlash that the government may not be able to fight off. So, yes, the soldiers did a great job, a job that I could not have done and they should come home. But, if things get bad, most of them would have still had to come home sooner rather then later, because they can't stay there in perpetual limbo.

The Do's

A time table: Some sort of solid date certain plan that says this is when we will be pulling back and the numbers we will be pulling back will be a majority of the troops, not just the percentage that was sent in by this promotional surge. Its simple, you give someone a date that they have to get something done by and it spurs on those people to get the job done. Lets start treating the Iraqi government like high school students who have term papers due in three months.

A kind and friendly speaker: Channel President Reagan, he could tell you something bad but did it with a wink and a smile and a true actors class that you would not get ticked off. The petulant child that usually appears at press conferences will do absolutely nothing to make any of the detractors happy.

The real problem is, if you are against the war, you are in a no win situation. Republicans and supporters of the war can say they are making the US safer because we have not been hit with a terrorist attack since the war in Iraqi started. If we are, gaia forbid, attacked by some terrorists that are not the homegrown kind, War hawks can say, see this is why we are fighting! So, it is just a no win situation for a detractor like me, who braces everyday to be called a chicken instead of a duck.

50 States 50 Hotties-Oklahoma

I know that I have no love for the Oklahoma Sooners. Heck I have crunched them a few times in past posts, but Sooner Football is just one small part of the state. They also have some lovely women.

Kristen Chenoweth
(yes I have shown her picture before) was born in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma on July 24, 1968. She is a well known Broadway Actress, though some of her movie choices were less then stellar, like RV and The latest version of the Pink Panther. I know her best for her two year stint on one of my all time favorite shows, The West Wing.

Thursday Thirteen #52-The Recipezaar One

Wow, I can not believe this is the 52nd week. Well I actually can believe it, Im just saying.

Thirteen Favorite Recipes From Recipezaar

Now, while these recipes are no where near as good as what is being cranked out by Dragon's Kitchen, when there are over 244,000 recipes, something has to be good. So, from Recipezaar, here are my Thirteen Favorite Recipes.

1.Chicago Style Hotdogs-Though I did not use Vienna Franks, they have always kinda skeeved me out.

2.Emeril's Lobster Cheesecake-Filling as all get out, even if you use imitation Lobster.

3.Fannie Farmers Classic Baked Macaroni and Cheese-Want Creamy, Use Velveeta

4.McDonald's Shamrock Shake
-Get Passed the green color and its great.

5.Tangier Island Baked Crab-I liked it, tasted like a big crabcake, Mrs Duck did not like the consistency. Use 2 eggs not 1.

6.Crab Rangoons-Delicious and easy.

7.Kung Pao Chicken-Anything with peanuts, I am all over!

8.Moroccan Chicken-I mentioned this one in Twitter, so I just had to share.

9.Shrimpin Dippin Broth-This was a great recipe for when Mrs Duck was just eating clears.

10.Smoky Mountain Chicken-Fantastic

11.PF Changs Chicken Lettuce Wraps-This is one of Mrs Duck's Favorites and also it can be like a salad, just serve over shredded lettuce.

12.Garlic Beef Enchiladas-When the recipe reviews say they take forever, they are not kidding, but it is one of my favorite recipes on this site.

13.Singapore Street Noodles-When Mrs Duck took her leftovers to work, I got 6 requests for the recipe.

One Bonus-A few weeks ago I mention Jack in The Box and I got some questions about there tacos, and this is what I found.

Hungry yet? Damn Im starving!

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Fog of Advertising

Is anyone else seeing these commercials, or missing them because of the power of TiVo/DVR??

I have no problem with expressing an opinion and even paying to express that opinion, but who are these commercials directed toward actually. Or a better question maybe why would they waste money running them in the Philadelphia market. My Congressman is Patrick Murphy, an Iraqi war veteran himself. Based on his experience, it would not even be intelligent for me to call him up and give him any advice on the war in Iraq. (I do think it was cute by the way to get someone that sounds a bit like him for the commercial, if you are just listening and not watching, its sounds like Murphy has changed his mind). The only Republican representative in the Delaware Valley won by the hair of his chinny chin chin. He is not going to be going out there and standing up for W. The rest of them are staunch democrats, in staunch democratic areas. Its not going to change a lot of minds around here. I guess, maybe they are trying to get at the Southern Jersey Republicans, Lehigh Valley Republicans and maybe Arlen Spector, but at least in Senator Spector's case, he does not strike me as someone who is going to be strayed from the beat of his own drum.

Now the group putting out these ads has a less then mainstream slant to them. They probably get out of bed everyday to the right. Ari Fleischer is one of the founders. Bradley Blakeman is the president and CEO of the company/PAC and he is a former aid to W. Anthony Gioia, another benefactor of the PAC is the former ambassador to Malta, appointed by W and is one of the head fundraisers, for yep, Rudy Giuliani who can only run on the fact that he is America's mayor. And, finally there is Dr John Templeton of Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. He problem explains why money is being spent in the Philly TV market in the first place. He is the son of Sir John Templeton, the Templeton in the Financial Services company, Franklin Templeton and is a member of one of there boards of a FT mutual fund. Plus, he is a evangelical Christian who wants to get the idea of intelligent design back in the schools. So, not only is he probably getting rich off the ideas that the PAC is advocating, but he is also an ultra conservative in W's circle.

Again, I have no problem with the Ad, free speech and free market are rights in this country, so if you have an ad and some money, put it on the airwaves. But, don't hide behind an ambigous name, ambigous website and just spew talking points of the White House while still trying to fein neutrality. Plus, the timing of the uptick of advertisements from this group, about a week or so before 9/11 stinks light 3 day old gym shorts.

Now, to be fair and balanced, something some people need to learn, I am also going to take Move On. org to task for the Petraeus ad they ran in the New York Times the other day. It was stupid and insensitive. You do not go around insulting 4 or 5 star generals, no matter who they work for. It will not build up any support from people that already don't trust you as just some fringe left wing group and it will piss the right wingers off even more. I don't blame the Times for taking the advertisement, business is business, trust me, The Philadelphia Daily News sports section is littered with ads for XXX videos and Adult Cabarets and the like and it is still a good newspaper. But Move On, come on, how is this going to help win anyone over to your arguement? And there is no way it was going to sway anything Petraeus was gonna say. You could have called him swell and put him in a picture with puppies and it would have done nothing to change the report. Think!

And this is why I do not give to Political Action Committees. When you give money to these groups, all you are doing is perpetuating the anger and strife felt in this country between parties. Not the best way to get out of a war, whether you agree with it or think it is W's folly like I do.

Yea great day...

I hope you were able to note the sarcasm in my title. Yesterday was one of those days that you just say to yourself why ever did I get out of bed in the first place.

It started with an ooze. An ooze from Mrs Duck's incision that looked to me like it contained puss and blood. Not exactly the wakeup call either of us wanted to have at 3 in the morning. I think it was partly a good thing because the puss was probably the infection leaving her body. Anytime an infection leaves, that a good thing, but it was kind of disgusting and smelly. Plus, it left a huge hole along her incision, at least huge to me because that is not supposed to happen to ones skin.

So, it was off to her surgeons office so he could clean it up and check it out, and then down to Center City so the wife would not lose a day of work, shes low on days off and then it was all over Northeast Philadelphia and Bucks county for me, to get meds and drainage pads and all that fun stuff.

And of course, yesterday was 9/11, enough said.

Plus, dinner was kind of crummy. I made fettucine with fontina cheese. The base of the recipe was very good, the fettucine was kept creamy by using eggs and milk instead of heavy cream, but the fontina cheese was very bitter, not exactly the kind of thing you want to say about your own creations.

But, today is a new bright day, the seepage was less, the kitchen is like a blank slate, waiting for a new culinary creation and I actually did a Wordless Wednesday. What, you don't see it? Hmm perhaps you are not looking in the right place.

Project 365 #103-Cheat #1

This picture is for April 27, 2007. I kind of missed that day, so this is my first cheat, at least that I can remember in a while. Tess Daly was born April 27, 1971, which makes her about a year older then me. Sheesh.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

6 Years Already

After a fun delay to make a little trip to a doctor for some seepage issues and then the loss of power, this post can finally get crafted.

I don't go into the whole what 9/11 was like for me stuff for me too often, especially on an anniversary day of 9/11, because it is certainly not about me. Being an Jerseyan, it was like living a bad movie real time. So, enough about that. But, one song that struck so close to home and was actually a song that could motivate you out of bed to keep going on with your day so close to the tragedy was of course U2. So, here they are... *applause applause*

Monday, September 10, 2007

On Campus-September 8

Saturday was one of those days that made you happy to be a football fan. You would have looked over the games and figured that some of these were going to be dogs, and then lo and behold, they were some great games.

Oregon put a thumping on Michigan, sending them to the worst home loss ever, in point differential. Dennis Dixon looked like Vince Young and it looked like the Wolverine cornerbacks could have been beaten on a long bomb by me. Yes, both Hart and Henne eventually got injured, making the 2nd half a mute point, but sorry Wolverine fans, by the time all that happened, the game was over. By the way, a note to the Wolverine defensive coordinators, the statue of Liberty play has been around forever. It is not a new gimmick. Getting fooled by it not once but twice is even more foolish. Oh yea 39-7 by the way, Quack Quack!

Unfortunately, the NCAA Infraction committee did not come in and shut down the Oklahoma vs Miami of Florida game for cheating and rules infractions. So we will just have to revel in how bad the Hurricanes looked, though truth be told, I would have reveled in a Sooner loss if the shoe was on the other cheater foot.

Delaware beat pesky West Chester to go to 2-0. West Chester is the Blue Hens closest rivals, though the folks in Newark likely consider them to be more of a nuisance while the Rams consider us there biggest enemies. I have seen West Chester beat Delaware in person in the past, so any victory of them is a good one.

We were out with Red and The Senator, so we missed almost all of the Penn State/Notre Dame game. Though if you were an Irish backer, which is where I would have been leaning if I had to pick between both teams, it seems we did not really miss too much. Long year for Charlie Weis.

Speaking of the Irish, UWashington snapped the nations longest winning streak with a win over Boise State. I bet the subway Alumni now wish they would have given Willingham a bit more time as the Irish coach, since he is bringing the Huskies back quickly. And with the win over LaTech, it looks like the Warriors of Hawaii are on there way to being this years Boise State, with the aptly named Heisman Trophy candidate, Colt Brennan.

Finally, there was some late night joy, as Auburn, one of the most OVERRATED, undercoached, someone made a deal with the Devil teams in the country, lost to the University of South Florida at home, in overtime. I did a little jig when Grothe completed that touchdown in overtime and was even happier for the Bulls kicker who missed at least 4 field goals and still helped his team to win. I guess Auburn could not bribe any officials before that game.

And now, to bow down to the lowest common denominator, sex, here is the cheerleader pic, an anonymous Sun Doll of the University of South Florida.

50 Hotties 50 States-Washington

Well, back to something that I do know how to do, female hotness. And this is the last stop in the Pacific Northwest on our tour, with the state of Washington, and I think this selection is a good one.

Josie Bissett, actually shares my Birthday, though she was born in a different year. She was born October 5, 1970 in Seattle, Washington. She is best known, of course, for the campy, cheesy hit, Melrose Place. I could have sworn she was also doing some shilling for a makeup company, but I can not be to sure, since all those makeup commercials look alike.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

NFL Hotness, Winner and a Jet

Trent Green won the first QB vote easily. I guess John Beck was a bit too Howdy Doody looking. Trent Green got six or seven votes and no one else got any.

Our next AFC East Quarterback wins in a walkover. No reason to vote today, as Chad Pennington of the New York Jets was easily the best choice. But, here are his stats and then scroll down and enjoy. Don't forget to get a peak at Chad's softer side. A new vote will probably open on Tuesday.

Chad Pennington Ht 6'3, Weight 225, Age 31, College:Marshall.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Blog Relish

1.I wish someone would come up with an Ice Cream flavor that actually tasted like Rice Pudding. Ben and Jerry get on that would ya.

2.Im Sorry, Mister Alexander needs another mention.

3.STOP JUNK MAIL: Anthony at My Sick Mind talked about something that I so hate as well. Hopefully, this site can help him and maybe even you. Junk Mail sucks.

4.Great Googly Moogly, the Boss is back!

5.Now Here is a Classic Blast from the Past

6.Go out and have a good Saturday, or maybe at least watch some good football and look out the window.

50 States Oregon Late Night Edition

If I come across a porn star I have heard of, I have to mention her, especially if she is born in a state like Oregon, where you might be surpised a porn star comes from.

It is a tad unclear whether Dana Vespoli was born in San Francisco or Portland, Oregon, but I have begun to trust IMDB for this information, so that is why she is posted for the Oregon Naughty Hottie. I can say she was born September 22, 1972.

Here's a picture I was able to find that would be Safe For Work.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Pick Your Poison #5

Ah yes, the return of a few new ways to get "your sauce" on this weekend.

The Pink Poodle

2 oz vodka
4 oz pink grapefruit juice
1 cup ice cubes

1.Run grenadine around the rim of a long glass then dip it in sugar.
2.Place the vodka and grapefruit juice in a cocktail shaker over the ice.
3.Shake, then strain into the glass

I will be honest, I did not do the rim around the glass thing, I added a tablespoon of grenandine to the drink before serving instead. But it does look pretty.

Banana Cream Pi

2 oz coconut rum (Malibu or whatever)
2 oz banana liquer
6 to 8 oz pineapple juice

This drink can be mixed with ice added, or put into a blender with ice, to be crushed. Combine all ingredients and serve, or blend and then serve.

50 States 50 Hotties-Oregon

Don't forget, only a few hours left to vote for your hottest Miami Dolphin Quarterback.

Off to the "true" Pacific Northwest and also off to one of my favorite states in the country. I have always loved visiting Oregon. The food is great, views are spectacular and you can buy a beer in the shopping mall food courts. Best way to shop.

Laura Allen was born March 21, 1974 in Portland, Oregon. She is probably best known for her part on The 4400, though it is not a show that I watch. She also has one of those familiar faces, probably because she has been a one time guest star on a lot of the dramas that I write, like Criminal Minds, House and Law and Order:SVU.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Star Widgets

**Waynes World Fantasy Sequence***

You are a stock holder in the worlds 5th largest company that makes widgets. You company has been up and down in the stock prices, but consistently stays in the top 5 of widget profits, sometimes as high as one, other times as low as 5, but things have gone consistently well. The company has a CEO in charge right now that was not exactly a natural choice, but had that fresh young face and new attitude that the board of directors decided would send the company in a new direction. And for a while things went well, there was an outside company that tried to make different cheaper widgets, a direct attack at your own customer base, but our widget company was able to stave them off and continue to stay strong overall in the widget business.

Your CEO decided to try a new product campaign, making new smaller widgets that would be able to be used all over the world. The widget plan sounded great and the shareholders and board were strongly behind the idea. But, as time went on, the company seemed to be losing some steam. It seemed that the CEO and his Research and Development department did not realize that sometimes smaller widgets just don't fit in some machinery across the world. But, instead of figuring out a way to make the widgets fit in the machines, the R & D guys decided to try and make the machines bigger, giving money to some of there outside interests within the company to build bigger machines. The stock prices started to flail and the shareholders began to become unhappy. And the companies that had the machines that the widgets would not fit in were livid, swearing to never use Star widgets again.

But, the CEO and the board just would not budge, things were not that bad in there eyes. Nevermind that one of the widget factories down south had a fire because the safety measures were not followed, it was just a small factory in the south, and while the fire looked really bad on TV, only a few people really died. On with the smaller widgets, our CEO was heard to say at a quarterly board meeting. The shareholders wanted to throw this CEO out, he was mucking up the company, but they could not organize themselves enough to get the votes needed for a proxy take over.

The CEO gave an interview to Forbes magazine, just as his ironclad contract was getting ready to go under 1 year left on it and said, "you know what I can't wait to do? I can't wait to get out of this board room and head down to Florida. My friends and family are all presidents of different colleges down south and I can't wait to go to Florida Wesleyan and become there president in a year and a half. There contract will surely make my pocketbook bigger." The board is insensed and start proceedings to buy there CEO out of his contract, or even better, fire him for breach of contract, since he was already set up in his next job before his last job was done. Our young CEO found himself on out on his butt by the end of the next quarter for that trangression.

So, how come, if our President was the CEO President, the MBA Administration, the President who would surround himself with excellent advisors to give him all the information he needed to make good decisions, how come when he is obviously already looking towards the next task, next thing in life, which would be a breach of his contract with the American people, how come we can't impeach fire him?

"I'll give some speeches, just to replenish the ol' coffers," Mr Bush told Robert Draper, author of Dead Certain: The Presidency of George Bush.

Thursday Thirteen #51-The Blue Ducks One

Thirteen Players on Sparky's Fantasy Football Team

Last week, I had our fantasy football draft. Its an auction draft, which means we have a one hundred dollar limit and have to pick 15 players out of that 100 dollars. I liked my team a lot better last year, but I might have a shot at the playoffs again this year. Yes, its a sports Thursday 13, I apologize ahead of time. So here are the 2007 Blue Ducks

1. Carson Palmer, QB-Cincinnati-Recovered fully now from a knee injury from 2 years ago and I am not really concerned about him being arrested.

2.Cedric Benson, RB-Chicago-Thomas Jones is gone to the Jets, so Cedric is the main man. Now, hopefully, he stays healthy.

3.DeAngelo Williams, RB-Carolina-Still sharing time with DeShaun Foster, I am hoping that all the talk is right and that he will take over for him by the end of the year.

4.Reggie Wayne, WR-Indianapolis-Peyton Manning does not have enough footballs to throw around, but he seems to like to send a good majority Wayne's way. We find out with the opening game tonight.

5.Roy Williams, WR-Detroit-Still a stud and with the Martz offense intact now, he should be even more of a stud. Or he better be.

6.Calvin Johnson, WR-Detroit-Rookie, but he was a man amongst boys last year in college, so he should be a pretty good man amongst men this year.

7.Marshawn Lynch, RB-Buffalo-The rookie running back who as soon as he was drafted became the top back for the Bills. Of course, he plays for the Buffalo Bills, so thats not good.

8.Chester Taylor, RB-Minnesota-Chester the Cheetah, sharing time with rookie Adrian Peterson in the Viking backfield. I figure by the end of the year I will have another reason to hate the ex Sooner Peterson, because he will outplay the Cheetah.

9.Greg Jennings, WR-Green Bay-Um, I have no idea why I have him besides the fact that Wayne, Williams and Johnson all have the same day off, so I need someone to fill in for them.

10.Marcedes Lewis, TE-Jacksonville-Admit it, he has a really cool name.

11.Neil Rackers, K-Arizona-I had to have at least one ,Phoenix Arizona Cardinal on my team so I don't just watch there games because I am a closet Cardinal fan.

12.Ted Ginn, JR, WR-Miami-I just have the feeling that he is going to have an explosive year once he gets used to the pros. Or, he will break his ankle again and I will just cut him.

13.Brian Leonard, RB-St Louis-He is a Rutgers guy and since I am a Jerseyan, we always pull for Rutgers guys. Plus Steven Jackson almost always misses a game or two.

Ok, I realize that this is a lot of gobbly goop to many people. Heck, its gobbly goop to me to, but since Football season starts tonight, it just fit as a Thursday Thirteen.

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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Why Larry Why?

This is gone from a humorous story about a hypocritical Senator that no one has ever heard of from a state that is has a low population to a story about a hypocritical Senator who wants to redo the past.

I guess the keyword here in this whole fiasco was "intend", as in I "intend to resign". Which means I want to stall out things as much as possible until the last possible gasp. I do not know for sure if it is again a conflict of his own personal life, or is it just someone trying to cling and not go out kicking and screaming. Of course, if he did not feel he was guilty of anything, he would not have signed off on a guilty plea for the misdemeanor of disorderly conduct. If you aren't guilty, then don't sign off on nothing.

I think Senator Spector is using this as a ploy to pull some power away from the family value Conservatives in his own party. If he stands up for Craig and he goes away anyway, no big deal. If he stands up for Craig and something worse comes out, including the possible comfirmation of homosexual activities from a Senator who has voted time and time against any kind of gay or lesbian rights laws, it weakens the conservative wing of his won party, a spot I bet there is part of Spector that he is annoyed he is associated with in the first place.

It was an interesting moment on Hardball tonight when Chris Matthews had the two sides of the story on debating, Senator Craig's attorney and a the Family Research Council, a Republican think tank. How often is it that a Conservative Senator and a Conservative think tank are actually not agreeing on an issue. And that is where the hilarity ensues.

Wanna Feel Like a Moron?

How smart are you? - Are you dumb?

NFL Hotness, First Eliminations Miami Dolphins

Ok, here is the long awaited little male hotness contest. I call it a contest because you, the readers will be able to vote on who you think is the hottest. Now, I am not an officianado of hot guys, but I do know NFL QBs, so they are our subjects.

Now, this blog trick is stolen, borrowed, a tribute to a contest that was held on TV on the Fox NFL Sunday show, as well as used on the sport blogs Kissing Suzy Kolber and Ladies... since they have done something along the same lines on there blogs. Of course, most of my readers dont even know Deadspin, so they wont know Ladies and KSK.

Anyway, every couple of days I will select 2 or 3 QB's that you will be able to vote on to say is the hottest. The winner after 2 and a half days of voting will make it to the divisional playoffs, and so on and so on.

So, our first set of Quarterbacks are from the Miami Dolphins and since none of them look like Renfield here are the 1st, 2nd and 3rd string choices.

Trent Green-Height 6'3, Weight 217, Age 37, College Indiana

Cleo Lemon Height 6'2, Weight 215,Age28, College Arkansas State

John Beck-Height 6'2, Weight 215, Age 26, College BYU