Tuesday, September 25, 2007

NiMBY Gone Haywire

Ever since Mrs Duck has gone back to work, I have driven her to the train station every morning. It has been a way for us to save a little money on parking and gas, plus she is just not totally ready to be driving yet.

Over the last few weeks, along our trip, there have been signs popping up around the corner of Pine Rd and Byberry Rd. Signs in orange and green that at first were just letting people know about a zoning board meeting to stop a cell phone tower from being built on unused land in a cemetery. But, as the meeting has gotten closer, the signs have gotten a bit rougher. Across the street from the entrance to the cemetery, there is a sign now that declares "Fairless Hills Cemetery Cells out its Patrons" and also a sign about desecration. Not exactly subtle, but I guess they really want to fight this cell tower, that by the way will be designed to look like an evergreen tree and will be at least 200 ft from any residence. And its on private property. But, I digress...

Now, I have no problem with protests and voicing your displeasure at something your government is thinking of doing. Heck, we all know how I feel about voicing displeasure. And while I do not agree with some of the residents tactics (see the sign mentioned above), its on there own private property and its really not a distraction or impeding traffic, so more power to em. What I do have a problem with though is the fact that this section of Lower Moreland Township seems to protest everything.
1.Willow Grove Air Base was closing and there was talk of turning it into a commuter airport, protest signs along the road warning of air pollution.
2.Woodhaven Road, a project to extend the one main throughfare from 95 to get to the upper reaches of Montgomery County, that would have alleviated traffic issues in there neighborhood. Protest, mostly because it would cause more traffic in there neighborhood. Yes, makes about as much sense to me too.
3.And now the T-Mobile Cell Phone Tower in the Fairless Hills Cemetery.

Do these people realize they are not living in the bucolic country? They are a ten minute walk from the Philadelphia city line. The suburbs are exploding with growth, and the traffic is already a nightmare on these 2 lane roads. Yet, they are determined to try and cling to there old suburbanite ideas, because the neighborhood has changed around them. Now, I would not want a cell phone tower in my yard, but if the health club around the corner wanted to rent out some of there land so a cell phone/water tower could be built, who am I to tell a private company what to do with there money? Its not like I want the health club officials to come up here an tell me that I am getting fat.

So yes, go to the zoning meeting, protest the tower as is your right, but if you lose, pack it up. Obviously you people can find something else in the neighborhood that is going to sting your ass.


MissMargo said...

If that were happening in Lincoln, the city council would term that portion of the cemetary blighted, and push the cell phone tower through regardless of protest, promising that better cell phone reception in that area of town would lead to economic growth for the region.


My city is ALL about taking people's shit away, it's a little scary!

Amy Ruttan said...

We don't really have a lot of protest up here in Canada. Well, at least not that I have seen. There are meetings, etc., but no protest signs. Well ... except for the lone guy in front of the hospital protesting abortion. Why he's doing it there (when they don't do it there) is beyond me.

Hell when I was 9 months pregnant going into the hospital to give birth he told me "Don't have an abortion," A little late for that buddy.

I'm of the same mind, if it's someone's private property there's not much you can really do about it.

Tug said...

Some people just really need to get a life...seriously.

Matt-Man said...

I agree with tug. Some people complain just to complain. Cheers!!

the108 said...

I like to think that voicing displeasure is one of my greatest talents.

Starrlight said...

If whining were an Olympic sport, Americans would Threefer :P

FRIGGA said...

Uhoh, you almost sound conservative on the issue of growth ;-) And I actually agree with your post, very well said! :-)

Lisa Andel said...

I just have a blast reading your posts. These people obviously have too much time on their hands. You've got to wonder what they'd do if a major disaster struck their neighborhood. Protest it?

Anthony said...

They probably organized the cell tower protest with text messages and voice mail. Hypocrites.

Thousands of people flee the hectic city life for the hectic suburban life, but they want all the same mod-cons that they had in the city.
When the move in, they go from being desirous of living in the suburbs to being hateful of people who move in and the mod-cons that they trail with them.

It was fine until they planted themselves there, then no one else is allowed to get what they want.

Chances are, T-Mobile wouldn't waste money building a tower unless it was absolutely necessary. Their customers (probably some of the protesters) need service. It's a shame that people are sometimes too narrow-minded to see beyond their own backyard.

Budryzr said...

Thanks for saying EXACTLY what I've been saying about Lower Moreland for years. They have blinders on, pretending like they live in some rural paradise. Every road that enters the township is still only 2 lanes, and they fight every effort to modernize them. As a result, all roads leading into the township are clogged,with many drivers circumventing the township. That's wonderful for them, but what about their neighboring townships? I live in one (Upper Moreland), and its aggravating as hell.

Woodhaven Road needs to be extended & cell phone service sucks throughout most of Lower Moreland. These are realities of life, and I resent the backwards residents of Lower Moreland for ignoring the fact that they live right in the middle of a 6 million resident metro area.

Sparky Duck said...

Margo-at least you live in a city of some size, where it is big enough that they have power.

Amy-Sounds like your protestor might be a few pancakes short of a stack

Tugger and Matt-Man-They really do think they are special

108er-I never said your power of bitching was taken away.

Starr-when do we move to Canada again

Frigga-I am just big on not stopping someone from doing things with there private property

Andel-Thanks for the high compliment. They might not complain about the disaster, though they would complain about how long it took the officials to get there because all there access is cut off.

Anthony-Suburban life hit right on the head. Apparently T-Mobiles coverage sucks from Bustleton to about Old York Rd. Hence the towers.

Bud-Thanks for coming by, I too live in one of those suburbs and it is a huge nuisance getting around just on back roads because there are too many people and not enough space. But you can't put the genie back in the bottle

Anthony said...

Sparky: I know too well those kinds of issues. We've had them here over cell towers, too. People in Wenonah think they live in Beverly Hills. Nouveau rich white suburban snobs. Big fish in a little pond.

Also, the proposed long overdue highway by-pass around Mullica Hill that keeps getting voted down.

They want all the pomp and none of the circumstance.