Thursday, May 31, 2007

Its a Dooney and Bourke Bag for Petes sake.

I may not be a captain of high fashion. Heck, I may not know what the word couture even stands for, let alone be able to use it in an everyday sentence, well besides "I may not know what the word couture stands for", but I do know name brands. Dooney and Bourke is a name brand I know, because I have purchased a few and they usually are not cheap.

So when Pinks and Blues blog were giving one away (sorry I cant remember who pointed me in the direction of teh contest, but I could almost guarantee is was Tug or Kailani) I knew I had to enter, just to see how my luck is.

As usual, I am a procrastinator, so you, yes you, only have until 8 pm on Friday to enter, but I swear, I did not wait so long so my odds would be better. Nope not me.

Thursday Thirteen #37-The Mrs Duck One

Thirteen Great ThingsAbout Mrs Duck

So, this weekend is our Anniversary weekend, where all the stars aligned and Mrs Duck and I became husband and wife. So, for the list I thought I would give some great things about my wife, beyond the fact that she puts up with me every day.

On a quick side note, The Duck Family will be exposed here tomorrow, so if you wanted to see us without our feathers, even if its only briefly, then be sure to stop back tomorrow.

1.Mrs Duck has a hot body and knows how to use it. Of course, I am a guy, so this kind of trait would come up early, wouldn't it.

2.Mrs Duck is intelligent and beyond books smarts. You teach her to do something one time, she takes it and runs with it. She always wants to know how something works, as opposed to just nodding your head and listening.

3.She has a job that she does not enjoy, in a organization where sometimes you just end up shaking your head. Yet, she goes to this place everyday and performs to the best of her abilities. She could never just mail it in.

4.She reads more then I do. And her reading list is quite varied, from the chick books of Dorothy Benton Frank to books about the war in Iraq to thrillers by David Baldacci.

5.She likes football and loves her Philadelphia Eagles. I guess everyone needs some sort of albatross in your life.

6.She does not suffer fools and idiots well. But, one of the best things is that she can explain why these people are fools and idiots, as opposed to just yelling at them for no clear reason.

7.She loves her family and would do anything for them. Even though she has nephews that live in the south who we rarely see, she is able to spoil them like they live right down the street.

8.She has an infectious laugh that can be heard all over the house. When you hear it, you can not help but laugh yourself, no matter what mood you are in.

9.She has had a very difficult life, both dealing with physical things as well as plenty of things that have occured that would make a weaker persons head spin. She still has a great attitude in life and wants to be treated just like anyone else.

10.She lets me experiment in the kitchen and tries everything I whip up. She never says its awful and has the patience when I turn a Rachel Ray 30 minute meal into a RR One hour and 20 minute meal.

11.She has the softest sweetest eyes, that she can use to express any kind of emotion necessary. Her looks either make you say "uh oh I am in trouble" or "uh oh, I could be getting lucky" with just the shift of her gaze.

12.She tolerates a nitwit like me. This has to extend ones patience day after day after day and she still comes home and gives me a kiss hello.

13.I love her and thats all that matters to me.

Happy Anniversary Baby.

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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Let the Interview Meme shine in

I did this once before, but once I saw that Peg was going to be doing the interview, I knew I had to jump at the opportunity. She is intelligent and witty, so her questions do know how to hit home. So, here we go again.

1. You’re on South Street in Philly, with a few bucks in your pocket—where do you spend it?
This is actually a hard question for me, because I have been here 3 years now and still have not ventured down to South Street. I have cut through, but never stopped. If I only had a little bit of money to spend, I would head off to one of the psychic shops in the area, maybe get a palm reading or a tarot set done. One of the adult boutiques would be a stop, just because those places are usually quite humorous. Who wouldn't want to at least browse at Condom Kingdom or The Erogenous Zone? If I was brave I would get a tattoo, but I'm not only a duck, but a chicken. Capping off the trip would be a Cheese Steak at Jim's. They put Geno's and Pat's to shame, plus no racism.

2. I know that you’re looking for a job right now in financial services…say that you open the paper tomorrow, and see the perfect job for your skills-set, paying more than you would ordinarily expect, its got “Sparky Duck” written all over it, except it’s NOT a Financial Services Job. What is the position and why is it the perfect job for you?
Well, first off, I DO NOT want a job in Financial Services. Its kind of like the mafia, once you get out, they pull you back in. But, if we are talking fantasy job, that is easy. I have always thought I would be great in a support position, making someone else look good. In fact, that is what I have always done well. But, a production assistant position, or an assistant producer for Monday Night Football, where it is my job to scout out locations, set up interviews, and fetch the right flavor Gatorade for Tony Kornheiser and Ron Jaworski would be the absolute and utter perfect job for me. Unfortunately, ESPN is not moving from Bristol anytime soon.

3. Mrs. Duck is off for the weekend, with girlfriends doing the spa-thing. What is your ideal solo weekend?
Alcohol, preferably vodka, something really greasy to eat, probably my home made version of In N Out burgers, and then enchiladas if I need to eat by myself two nights. Maybe some golf even if its only Tiger Woods on the PC and then tons and tons of sports. Oh and lots of surfing the net.

4. What professional athlete, past or present, do you have the utmost respect for, and why?
This one is a tough one, because their are so many athletes that I truly admire for one trait or another. So, lets sort of list off a few.
Adam Vinitieri=clutch
Curt Schilling=works through any obstacle, even his own mouth, to get his team where it needs to be.
Michael Jordon=peerless, and knows it, and is still able to perform at a high level.
Tiger Woods=killer instinct

5. You have suddenly become independently wealthy. Where would you live, and what activity(-ies) would you pursue to fill your time?

I would have 2 ports of call that I would call home. One house in Hilton Head, that would be the main residence, and one in Maui, to spend the time between January 8th and May 1st. Activities, hmm, well I would see how the day dragged me, day to day, hey lets go fishing today, hey, im playing 36 holes at Bethpage Black, hey, lets go catch the new play on Broadway. I would also allow my time to be spent on things I felt passionate about, like learning how to make a souffle, stopping the religious right and helping whatever political candidate struck my fancy. Like if it was now, I would be volunteering for Obama, just because I could.

Now the legal stuff.

DIRECTIONS FOR THE INTERVIEW MEME (Include this in your blog post)

1. Leave a comment saying, "Interview me."
2. I will respond by emailing you five questions (if I don't have your email address, you can email me instead). I get to pick the questions.
3. You will update your blog with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

Thanks again Peg, this was alot of fun and worth the wait *insert wink here*

You can get Blog fodder from anyplace

Really, its true. You can get ideas from newspapers articles, something stupid that you hear on the radio, and of course, the natural place to get blog junk, YouTube.

Today, I am pulling my information from the one soap opera that I watch all the time, One Life to Live. Yes, I do watch a soap opera, and I swear this is the only one I watch faithfully. Its best on TiVo because you can bypass the stuff you don't care anything about. But, here is my question. If you could save your ex (husband/wife) by giving them a piece of your liver or kidney, would you? And lets take the idea that it is the father/mother of your children. Just look at it as you and him, would you do it if you could?

I, myself, think I probably would, just because I spent alot of my younger life with my ex. Since their is some part of a history their and I still would not want anything terrible to happen to her, I would probably do it. Now, explaining it to Mrs Duck would be a whole other egg to crack.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Skewed Revelation

Now, this could be the heat talking, or the lack of power causing my mind to wander too much. It could even be too much bourbon, but thats not here or there now is it?

Anyway, the revelation I discuss is politically naturally. When you can't think of anything, your mind does wander to the world of politics. Thats about the only time your mind should wander that way.

Last week, the signing of the funding bill was a much ballyhooed occurence. By the way, one thing that was not glorified in the game of chicken between the President and the Senate was the fact that the minimum wage was raised to over $7. I am sure some of the small business lobbys were just thrilled beyond believe that this snuck under the radar. But, I was sitting here wondering what the hurry was? Why did the bill have to get through before the Memorial Day break? I thought it was common knowledge that any money for the troops was laid out and set aside until at least the end of June. Oh, wait, it dawned on me on Monday.

Their were plenty of stories and specials about those most recent soldiers who need to no be honored on Memorial Day. So, it was really about calculation. the President did not want to have the idea of whether their should be a plan to get those troops out of Iraq hanging over him like an albatross, especially on the one weekend alot of people are focused on the sacrifices the soldiers had made. Gotta be sure you need to keep the Sunday news programs talking about what if as opposed to what can be.

Cherry on the Sunday

As we mentioned earlier in this lovely holiday weekend, our A/C was on the fritz and the house is filled with fans. Not that awful, but not that great either, since as they always say, its more the humidity then the heat.

Sunday though, the moons seemed to be cursing Chez Duck. A storm blew through, a whopper of a storm and just after I finished cooking up dinner, a nice bolt of lightening decided to explode a transformer. So, lights out! Lights and fans out actually.

After finishing up our bratwurst by candlelight, and a few rousing games of 20 questions, which Mrs Duck is better at then I am actually, we just looked at each other and said we should just go to bed. It was possible that if we had sex, knowing our luck, someone would get an eye poked out.

The temperature broke this morning, and it is very very comfortable now. We did try and keep an eye out for the locust and frogs from the sky on Monday.

I do hope everyones weekend, holiday included or not, was a good one.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Well, this is just ducky

I don't know how often I have mentioned it, but I hate, hate, hate the company that runs this apartment that we rent. Not only are the outlets in the wrong place, the windows drafty and leaks are allowed to fester and grow, surely producing mold in the future. But, they are also notoriously lax on keeping up with things.

The furnace got a new air filter in February, even though the heat had been on since Thanksgiving or so. The fireplace has not been cleaned or inspected in the 3 years that we have lived here, in NJ its manadatory to have it at least inspected every 2 years. The landscaping the provide is shoddy at best, one lawnmower and some guys with leaf blowers, yet they allow weeds to grow so out of control that in a rain storm they blow into the satelitte dish.

And now the piece de resistance, its 90 degrees and the air conditioning does not work!! One would think that inspection to make sure that you have enough freeon would be something that the management would want to make sure of. Especially since they charge extra money for the kitties! So, the compressor overheated, splendidly, and even if we did have freeon, it probably would have melted down by now. So, fans are cutting it, but not cutting it. I AM OFFICIALLY CRANKY!

Friday, May 25, 2007

I still Claim to be a Screaming Liberal

Your Political Profile:

Overall: 45% Conservative, 55% Liberal

Social Issues: 50% Conservative, 50% Liberal

Personal Responsibility: 25% Conservative, 75% Liberal

Fiscal Issues: 25% Conservative, 75% Liberal

Ethics: 25% Conservative, 75% Liberal

Defense and Crime: 100% Conservative, 0% Liberal

Mostly Sunny, Slight Chance of Meme

I was tagged by the Gal over at One Gal's Musings. Well, what else would the blog be called, Jeff's Restaurant? Anywho, I am buried under meme tags actually, but since I got this one first, its the first one on the docket.
So, a meme about Me!

What were you doing 10 years ago?

I was doing what a kid fresh out of college usually does, working on making my life work in some sort of an adult way. I had a job that looked like it might lead to a career (idiot that I was) and a girlfriend, who I may or may not have been engaged to. Sometimes you try to put some things straight out of your mind. 10 years ago I did not picture myself divorced, married for a second time, out of work in another state then the one I was living in at the time. Whirlwind, eh?

What were you doing 1 year ago?

One year ago, we were in the last throws of preparing for our wedding. Memorial Day weekend was our last sort of free weekend, because the things that could be prepared were done, and the last minute details that could not be done yet were still waiting. So, it was a simple family picnic and sleeping late. My, how fast a year has flown by!

Five snacks you enjoy:
1.Cool Ranch Doritos
2.Thai Peanuts from Trader Joes
3.Those fruit snacks that come in the shapes of Nemo and Spider-Man
4.The occasional grape
5.Little Debbie snack cakes, especially the brownies or the oatmeal pies

Five songs that you know all the lyrics:
This one is a hard one.

1.The National Anthem
2.Actually, two national Anthems since I know O'Canada as well
3.Over my Head by The Fray
4.Poison by Bell Biv Devoe
5.Galileo by the Indigo Girls

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire:

1.Pay off all my debts as well as the debts of Mrs Duck
2.a month in Maui
3.Donations to the Shriners Childrens Hospital and Action Aids
4.a house, or two. We so want a house.
5.Eagles and Phillies season tickets, gooood Eagles and Phillies tickets

Five bad habits:

1.cigarettes (though I don't think its bad yet)
2.procrastination on sentences
4.Judge Judy
5.not finishing laundry-I am great at starting it, but awful at folding and putting it away.

Five things you like doing:

2.Reading all sorts of books
4.Visiting a new place or location
5.watching football, any kind of football, even those awful games called NFL Europa

Five things you would never wear again:
Yea, thats me, a fashionista

1.plaid pants, luckily my mom cant find the picture
2.those Members Only jackets
3.tighty whiteys
4.anything showing support for the NY Yankees (i had a Yankee satin jacket when I was younger, before I got smart)
5.Those Ocean Pacific graphic T-Shirts

Five favorite toys:

2.Ipod wok
4.TiVo digital camera, its so much better then the last one I had

And Now for the important stuff...

Remove the blog in the top spot from the following list and bump everyone up one place. Then add your blog to the bottom slot, like so:

-The Blog, yep, the blog
-Dogs Eye View
-Inside Mo's Mind
-One Gal's Musing
-Philly Transplant

OK, I think, looking over some of the other posts, that I am supposed to tag 5 people. And since I have not seen this one floating around my groups of blogs I frequent, that should be easy.

3.Ms Congeniality
4.Lady Jane Scarlett
5.anybody else who wants to let the world know more about themselves.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

All Engines Reverse, Mr Tidy Bowl Man

Ok, first on a quick note, be sure to scroll down to my Thursday Thirteen. Their are some pictures that I am really proud of and loved sharing.

Now, back to the title, which was my thoughts at about 8:30 this morning. And before you jump to conclusions, my prayer to the porcelain god had nothing to do with overdoing the bourbon the night before. I was bone dry on the alcohol front, I had to pay at least some attention to Lost.

But, their I found myself this morning, after a fitful night of sleep where it felt to me that my stomach had expanded out to about 5 months of baby size, no small feat. I did not get in depth to what exactly was being spewed out of my body, though I can for certain confirm it was pizza related.

And, there is the rub. A few weeks back I determined I was quite lactose intolerant to ricotta cheese. Now it is beginning to appear that I might be allergic to all white cheeses of Italian decent. Which hurts, well beyond the pain of vomitting, because I love pizza, chicken parm, eggplant parm, actually any kind of parm. I can confirm that I might have had one itsy bitsy piece of pizza too many last night, but no more then my usual sitting.

So, what do I do? I am doubting my local hum drum supermarket is going to offer me a large variety of soy based mozzarellas! And while I can and do take lactaid, when it comes to the pizza it may actually call for a carton of Lactaid, which does not sound healthy to me on many other levels. So, all you vegans, vegetarians, moms with kids who have food allergies. I am looking to you for guidance. And maybe to clean up the bathroom??

Oh and by the way, I am feeling better right now, thanks. All set for some cheeseburgers and fries!

Thursday Thirteen #36-The Longwood One

Thirteen Pictures from Longwood Gardens

Ok, get your minds out of the gutter. Last summer, Mrs Duck and I went on a weekend road trip down to Delaware and the key part of the trip was Longwood Gardens, which is technically in Pennsylvania. Please enjoy Thirteen pictures from that trip, though for the life of me I can not tell you the names of any of these flowers, beyond the banzai plant.

1.TT 5/24 1
These were all over the place. I think they were called lollipops?

2.TT 5/24 2

3.TT 5/24 3
I need to do some doctoring to this one

4.TT 5/24 4

5.TT 5/24 5
See, I told you, Banzai!!

6.TT 5/24 6

7.TT 5/24 7
Plumeria I think

8.TT 5/24 8
Thank the Goddess that these are bananas

9.TT 5/24 9

10.TT 5/24 10

11.TT 5/24 11

12.TT 5/24 12
Yep, still Kennett Square, Pa 5/24 13

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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Attraction and Lust

On a post last week, I went on and on about the amazing thing that is a red headed woman, or at least this specific red headed woman. And yes Rhi, you are right, more Rachel Morgan than Merry Gentry. But I think Scarlett Johansson will always be Merry to me. But, getting back to where I was, I was joined in my appreciation for red heads. At least by most folks, even some of you ladies in the audience.

But, as usual, Anthony gets me to thinking. He was all for the dark hair, dark eyes bit. And, that was how I got to thinking. The first Mrs Duck, brunette, the real Mrs Duck, brunette. The poor rebound girl, brunette. The one that got away during my newborn single life, brunette. In fact, every girl I have ever had some sort of infatuation for has been a brunette. Now, I love the redheads, I have even hooked up with a red head or two, but the ones that seem to make me want to be a tad more permanent, dark hair!

Now, its not all about sex, but is it? When a man sees a woman in a bar, dorm party, park, or some other scoping joint, the first thing they notice is not the hair color. We do not want to get you naked because of your lovely shade of platinum. But, when you are being more settled and looking to find a mate, you are drawn to other qualities.

Of course, the question is why? Why do hormones kick in when you are in heat, in lust, but the qualities are different when you need a mate. And don't be denying it, you women out their do the same things. Your hookups are based on the ass, or the smoldering eyes. I even think that woman search deeper, for that meaningful connection. Will they provide for me, will the make a good father type person? Men, don't go that far, but I can say for 100% certain that we do all have a type. For me, it seems to be petite brunettes.

Wheels Up Again

I have been unmotivated. Well, not unmotivated since I have thought everyday, I really need to get back to my blog. The problem is, I have not really had too much to say. I highly doubt anyone would want to hear about my golfing weekend and how exhausted I was afterwords. Goddess, I would not even want to read about that. But, now I am back and I figure while I have no mind bending posts, I do have some stuff to share, so away we go.

If Jordin does not win American Idol, it shows how wacked up that show is anymore. Blake and Jordin were both quite even through the first two songs, but Jordin's final performance just blew me away. And I was able to catch Mrs Duck getting a little choked up after she was finished. So, it made some sort of impact on her. Plus, we voted, so sheesh, that has to show how much we think Jordin should win. When Mrs Duck breaks down and falls for this popularity contest, and votes 10 times, thats a big deal.

I was back on the interview train yesterday. This time it was a job that I am hopeful of getting and have a small feeling of actually wanting. Though the pay scale is low low low, it would be a start, which is what your favorite feathered friend is looking for. So, heres to another week full of wait.

I have not been keeping up with too many details of this Gonzalez thing down in DC. But, when you are trying to slide around the back door to get the last attorney general to sign off on something while in a drug induced stupor, you may not be the most responsible person that should be in charge of the countries justice system.

Another thing that is a little bit scary is the fact that I am jonesing for Papa Johns pizza! Of course, that addiction will be taken care of later on tonight at dinner. Yipppeee!!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Yankee Fans hope fading

I have been biting my tongue on this issue, because I am a firm believer in the idea that if you crow to early, then you can jinx things. I guess that comes from being a Red Sox fan, as well as a resident of Philadelphia, where sport teams always feel jinxed.

But, Yankee fans, cmon. Things are looking dire. When you fall 10 and a half games back before Memorial Day, that is not a good season. When hapless Tampa Bay is behind your team by one game in the loss column, that is not a successful season. When you have to hang you hopes on a pitcher who is closer in age to AARP as opposed to MVP, that is not a good season!

Ha! Okay, I can't help but gloat just a little bit. And their is your sports news for the day. Don't worry, I will come up with something more well rounded later, I promise.

Eastern Division W L PCT GB
BOSTON 29 13 .690 -
BALTIMORE 20 23 .465 9½
TORONTO 19 23 .452 10
NY YANKEES 18 23 .439 10½
TAMPA BAY 18 24 .429 11

Friday, May 18, 2007

Merry Gentry/Rachel Morgan Hottie

I have talked many a time about my love for both the Merry Gentry series by Laurell K Hamilton and the Rachel Morgan series by Kim Harrison. When I get into a fiction book and especially a series of books, I picture the characters in my mind like I am watching a movie or a TV show. For the last few times, I have pictured either Alicia Witt or Nicole Kidman, but that will now change.

Allow me to introduce, Serena Star, this weeks hottie you have never heard of. To me, she fits Merry Gentry perfectly and she is fresh enough to replace Alicia Witt as Rachel Morgan, at least in my mind. Or until some other fresh faced red head comes along.

and yes its true, guys dig redheads.

Serena has alot more pictures at her myspace page, as well as her own personal website, so if you like, go check out more.
another credit goes to Rhian, who challenged me to put up this hottie, just to balance out the hottie that she has been showing off day after day after day.

Maybe the best cake Ever!

I am not the baker in the family. I don't know if it is the lack of patience, or the fact that occasionally my cookies turn out like rocks. I will admit to making some Christmas cookies every year, but that is more out of either boredom, or the need to work off some pre holiday energy then out of some need to make sugary confection delicacies.

That may have changed now. First, with the addition of the Kitchenaid Artisan Mixer. What a wonder machine that is. Flour does not fly all over the kitchen, and creaming butter is one of the easiest little tricks in the world. I don't know how we ever survived without it before. Big hugs and kisses to Mrs Duck, since this was the one kitchen item that she wanted desperately before the wedding. And she even got it in the brilliant yellow color.

As for cake, Dragon's Kitchen had a great new recipe for a Lemon Blueberry Bundt cake. Oh my goddess, Dragon is a super genius. This cake came out so light and airy, with that hint of lemon. Most times my bundt cakes are good, but as heavy as Rosie O'Donnell. Not this time, it was more like Calista Flockhart. I think it might have been the buttermilk, but I am not sure. Next time I make it more blueberries. Surf around Dragon's website, she has alot of great recipes their. This is the second one I have tried and my intial foray, a pasta carbonara, was just as delicious.

Back to the cake, it calls for Limoncello, which is not always the easiest liquer to find. I mentioned this to Dragon and she said that you can substitute more lemon juice in the glaze. Do yourself a favor, find some Limoncello though, it only takes a little bit in the recipe and you can store the rest in the fridge. It tastes great all frozen chilled on its own.

Now, to get more blueberries for next time!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #35 The Cookbook One

Thirteen of Sparky's Favorite Cookbooks

I am a cookbook junkie. I am always asking for them at any chance I get and whenever we are in a bookstore, I have to just stop and drool. So, here are Thirteen of my favorites, that I use all the time.

1. Biker Billy Cooks with Fire-everything he does is Hot Hot Hot
2.X-Trememe Cuisine-A cookbook that I got on sale, featuring recipes from many X-Games stars. Amazingly, they can cook.
3. Seminole Fan-Fare-a collection of recipes from Florida State University Alumni. Some great tailgating food ideas.
4.Cooking Round the Clock by Rachael Ray-My first foray into the 30 minute meal phenomenon. The start of the RR addiction.
5.Food to Die For by Patricia Cornwell-A gift a received from a now departed friend. I have not used it for cooking, but it still stays on my shelf.
6.Mr Food Cooks Real American-My first cookbook, which has been well used. This is obvious from all the grease splatter stains and sauce spots on it.
7.Express Lane Meals by Rachael Ray-Rachael shows you how to cook a meal in 30 minutes with just a few ingredients. What can't this woman do?
8.Moosewood Restaurant Cooks at Home-A vegetarian cookbook that doesn't taste vegetarian. Try the fish packet recipes!
9.A Taste of the South Carolina Coast-a little mini cookbook that features some great recipes from Low Country restaurants.
10.365: No Repeats by Rachael Ray-Ok, I may be over addicted to RR
11.Cookshelf Mexican-I got this book for $2 at a Michaels Craft Store. The recipes so far have been worth 10 times that.
12.Every Days a Party by Emeril-Not an easy cookbook to use, but if you have patience, the food is great, fattening, but great.
13.Top Secret Restaurant Recipes-Wanna know how to make a Moon Over My Hammy? This is the book for you!

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Honored Guard

43. Private Ruben Estrella-Soto 18, El Paso, Tx. Army
44. Master Sgt Robert J Dowdy 38, Cleveland, OH. Army
45. Lance Cpl. Donald J Cline 21 Buffalo, NY USMC
46. Cpl Kemaphoon Chanawongse 22 Waterford, Ct USMC
47. Pfc. Tamario Burkett 21, Buffalo, NY USMC
48. Sgt. George Buggs 31, Barnwell, SC Army
49. Lance Cpl Brian Rory Buesing 20, Cedar Key FL USMC
50. Sgt Michael E Bitz 31, Ventura CA USMC
51. Sgt Edward Anguiano, 24, Los Fresnos, TX Army
52. Spc Jamaal R Addisom 22, Roswell, GA Army
53. Major Gregory Stone 40, Boise, Idaho USAF
54. Spc Gregory P. Sanders 19, Hobart, Ind Army
55. Sgt Bradley Korthaus 28, Scott, Iowa USMC
56. Sgt Troy David Jenkins, 25, Ridgecrest, CA Army
57. Cpl Evan T James 20, La Harpe, IL USMC
58. Lance Cpl Thomas Blair 24, Broken Arrow, OK USMC
59. Lance Cpl Patrick T O'Day 20, Santa Rosa, CA USMC
60. Staff Sgt Donald May, Jr 31, Richmond, VA USMC
61. Pfc Francisco Martinez Flores, 21 Los Angeles, CA USMC
62. Corpsman TC Michael Vann Johnson, Jr 25, Little Rock AK Navy
63. Major Kevin Nave 36, Oceanside, CA USMC
64. Spc William Jeffries 39, Evansville IL Army
65. Lance Cpl Jesus Suarez Del Solar, 20 Escondido, CA USMC

Philadelphia is nuts for Nutter

Last night, in a resounding victory, Michael Nutter cruised to the Democratic Primary victory in the mayoral race of Philadelphia. That's significant in Philadelphia because a Democrat would have to actually murder someone to not get themselves elected. Nutter came back from a flagging 3rd place and I think about a 20 point deficit in the last 2 months, though the debates and his advertisements that featured his daughter helped his cause. They made him almost appear to be a sweet and fluffer Nutter.

Nutter was also helped by these facts.
-Bob Brady came off as a bit to connected to the Unions, and not the upper class unions. When the teamsters look like they may start threatening people at the polls, thats not gonna help your cause.
-Chaka Fattah's wife is much more famous in Philadelphia.
-Dwight Evans has one of the most power positions in the Pennsylvania State House of Representatives already, so alot of people, including Governor Rendell wanted him to stay put.
-Tom Knox had lots of money and lots of campaign commercials. But, after watching him in the debates, their were times you were left wondering how many takes it took to get the Tin Knox to get out the five lines he was supposed to speak.

Plus, Mayor Street hated Nutter, which for most people would have been a feather in Nutter's cap.
Now, their is a Republican candidate, though I can't tell you his name, still, and Sam Katz is threatening to run as an Independent. One problem for Katz is that he lost to Street twice already, and Street is a boob. How can he think he will be someone that has not come off as a boob. Plus, no offense meant, but their is the religion factor in Katz camp. It might make for an interesting summer if you are into politics, but I do get the feeling that the best show has already come and gone.

Another little music meme

This is the second time I am getting tagged with this meme, but being the Ipod Pro that I am, I could not resist. Tiff and then Biff tagged me (though Biff was one of those chain letter, all skate tags). If thats not synergy, I don't know what is. Its the 7 songs you are into meme, and then tag seven more people. Well the tagging will wait until the end, but I will select 7 songs on my Ipod that I have spent some hard earned cash on.

1.Daughtry-Home. This is one of those songs that has like 18 messages in it. Listen to it and try and figure out which one of those 18 themes you hear in it. Oh, and Taylor Hicks who?

2.Bocelli & Sarah Brightman-Time to Say Goodbye. Now this is the kind of song one should end a wedding on. Oh, you want to know what our last dance song was? Guess.

3.Hang on Sloopy-Ohio State Marching Band. I so can't wait for football season to start.

4.Pink & the Indigo Girls-Dear Mr President. My much more articulate then I could ever come up with STFU moment in regards to our lovely administration.

5.Cold War Kids-Hang Me Up to Dry
. A great song that you want to spend your time jumping around in your underwear playing air guitar to. A group that Letterman helped me discover.

6.Nelly Furtado Featuring Timbaland-Say it Right
. I dare you to find a song that Timbaland has produced that you don't find your head bopping to or your toes tapping to. Cmon, I dare ya.

7.Free Bird-Lynyrd Skynrd
. Enough said I think.

Now lets see who I tag. And if I do tag ya, let me know when its done and I will swoop into your musical tastes. I am going to try and mix in some new blood.

1.Twyla-She is almost always available for finding 7 more songs, even though I have tagged her once already.
2.Pam. If for no other reason then the fact that she will love the Pink song.
3.Haley-O. Yea like she needs more publicity ;)
4.Wylie Kinson. Because she does need publicity. She has a new book coming out SOON
5.EC. Becuase we Red Sox fans need to unite!
6.Sarah at Still Life with a Soup Can.Because I really should visit her blog alot more then I do.
7.Mrs Flinger. For the same reason as above.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Tarot's may or may not know me

You are The Lovers

Motive, power, and action, arising from Inspiration and Impulse.

The Lovers represents intuition and inspiration. Very often a choice needs to be made.

Originally, this card was called just LOVE. And that's actually more apt than "Lovers." Love follows in this sequence of growth and maturity. And, coming after the Emperor, who is about control, it is a radical change in perspective. LOVE is a force that makes you choose and decide for reasons you often can't understand; it makes you surrender control to a higher power. And that is what this card is all about. Finding something or someone who is so much a part of yourself, so perfectly attuned to you and you to them, that you cannot, dare not resist. This card indicates that the you have or will come across a person, career, challenge or thing that you will fall in love with. You will know instinctively that you must have this, even if it means diverging from your chosen path. No matter the difficulties, without it you will never be complete.

What Tarot Card are You?
Take the Test to Find Out.

Their is a part of me that is not surprised by this. I know the deep ticks and whistles deep inside me, because sometimes they make enough noise that I can hear. Its not addiction, its more a need to let go of the power sometimes. Of course, this is even weirder to see written down now. It could just be where my life is at present, because I did this quiz at another time and I was death. That did not strike me as good either.
As usual, Rhian gets me thinking.

The OCMD Experience, postscripts

Some minor thoughts that I might have forgotten, plus I keep hearing a clamoring for details.

-As usual, I grasp onto something and just worry and worry and worry all over it. This time of course, it was what to wear to the wedding reception. Luckily, the choice was made very easily. The weather never rose above 65, so I was able to wear the long sleeve button down mint green shirt, the tan khakis and the sport coat, which was quickly stripped off just after the first dance. The most casual thing worn was some very nice Tropical print shirts, so all was right with the world.

-You could tell where the Philly people were sitting. We were the loud side of the room.

-As for "The Incident" I am not going to get all macho or conceited here, but my best attributes have always been on the lower half of my body. I have always gotten butt compliments and I even know my legs look good, in a runner/soccer player sort of way. So I guess my butt was just irrestiable in those khakis. The slapper got more wallet then anything else and I was not her only victim. So I would guess it was in the fun joking way. It was just odd because we are really not in this girls crew of friends, so it was totally out of a drunken haze of nowhere. And, I think it may have been better that Mrs Duck was tipsy. She didn't get near as pissy as if it was a sober incident.

-Ocean City was nice, but I don't think I will be heading back any time soon. I might be a beach snob or something, but it just didnt have that shore town feel. And it was way too cold to feel like a nice resort town.

-and now to figure out how to share the pictures without the whole internet seeing em.

Monday, May 14, 2007

The OCMD Experience, Part 2

If you are curious about Part One, just click here.

Some people have asked why more then one part. Well, I have found that when I get a bit too wordy, people lose interest and just skim. Why have that? Plus, it was a nice enough time to go in a few parts.

So Saturday was the only day that the two of us could manage to get enough sleep. We ventured off to breakfast, where the foursome (Mrs Duck, The Senator, Red and your feathered friend) had some of the biggest omelets I may have ever seen. And they were tasty too. Good times, though maybe not on the cholesterol front. Then, it was seeing some of the sights, searching for a hat for Mrs Duck, since she left her sunglasses, prescription no less, at home. I was stunned I did not get blamed for that. Though, we never did see the boardwalk, we did see the beach, again Brrrrr cold!!

After a near alarm malfunction, thankfully fire girl woke us up, we shuffled the whole crew off to the wedding. The ceremony itself was beautiful, right on Assawoman Bay. It would have been nicer if the sun came out, but everyone was just thankful it did not rain. The future Mrs Terrapin was very nervous, you could see it from how her hands were shaking, but her honey seemed calm and cool and did a good job of keeping her calm. Plus, the officiant was just like Judge Judy in voice and demeanor, which added a nice dose of levity.

The reception was nice as well, with plenty of food and heavy heavy pours on the drinks. The food was unremarkable, but also edible. Nothing really stuck out in my mind, besides the roast beef which was near perfect. Their was a moment when we were seated at our table, the group of 10 and we all sort of had this thought, this was the last wedding. It made us feel old, as well as pushed us to make sure we kicked the evening up another notch.

The Bride was beautiful, the toasts made me verklempt, the DJ was good, though you should never end a wedding on Last Dance by Donna Summer, because it is just too fast a song. Their was an odd moment when I got my butt slapped, and not by Mrs Duck. I have a nice ass, I know, but sheesh, its not a piece of beef that needs to be tested out for tenderness. Mrs Duck was none to pleased, and in her drunken state later on, she mentioned something to the Slapper. Luckily, no one came to blows, though I know the Philly crew would have had her back.

Only one of us threw up at the end of the night, though I think we were both drunk when we woke up for the breakfast buffet. That by the way, was a mistake, all breakfast buffets should be avoided when its Mothers Day.

Congratulations to the new Mr & Mrs Terrapin. They both provided everyone with a special weekend to enjoy their happiness. I will post some pictures in the coming few days, once I give them all a little touch up.

So, would you have gone after the Slapper?

The OCMD Experience, part 1

As you can see, we are back safe and sound from our little weekend sojourn to Ocean City, Maryland. As I usually love to do, I will provide you, my faithful readers, with a travelogue, so you can see how much fun we had and also so I can give my memory a little jump start in the future. So, away we go...

Traffic in Center City Philadelphia is always bad, now with all of the construction and walkers. Traffic on a sunny Friday afternoon is even worse. Traffic on a sunny Friday afternoon, after a political rally in Love Park is at its most possible worst! So, it should not be at all surprising that I was a tad bit cranky by the time I picked up Mrs Duck from her Center City office at a little bit after 1:30 pm. I could have already used a drink! Luckily, their was little issue getting out of the city and then the state.
Then, their was Delaware. If you ever travel on I-95 you think Delaware is just a little blip on the map that you could easily miss while snoozing. Oh contrare! When you have to drive the whole state, Delaware is just as long and as boring as cutting through New Jersey. Mind numbing 2 and a half hours. And once you get south of Dover, their is very little going on. The lack of Target/Wal-Mart/Lowes makes the chances at a rest stop less likely. I now see why when I was in college, Northern Delaware people could easily make fun of Southern Delaware people. All that was missing was a kid on a porch with a banjo.
One good decision I, the navigator as well as main pilot, made was to take 113 south as opposed to Route 1 south. We were able to avoid the stop and go traffic of Rehobeth and Dewey Beach, which made us able to arrive with a chance to freshen up before the happy hour on the bay at Macky's. Which was nice, because by the time we got there, I could have used a drink (as I mentioned above) Free Drinks are even better.
It turned into a beautiful night, spent catching up with the Senator and Red, The Cardinal family, the Judge and Fire girl and all the rest of the cast of characters that Mrs Duck has known for many years even before I graced her life. Plus, we were able to smoke at the bar, something unheard of in the city of Brotherly Love. Drinks, a good dinner at the Shark Restaurant and a chance to get to bed before midnight all made for a nice start to the weekend of celebration.

Now, I know your wondering, how was the wedding and what did your favorite feathered friend end up wearing. Oh, I guess that will have to wait for part 2, now wont it?

Friday, May 11, 2007

Question of the Weekend...

The Shirt decision for Ocean City will be a gametime decision. I am leaning towards the sports coat with the button down shirt, but will make a final call once I see what everyone else maybe wearing and also the weather. Can't be sweating like a hog can I?

Happy Mothers Day to everyone, be sure to sleep late, even you mommies to furballs.

So, last minute stuff to do before we hit the road, so I leave you with this question.

How do you pack? Is it minimalist or maximum? Does you significant other think you're nuts when you pack?

Way Back, Back into time pt1

So, I found my old journal on livejournal, the one that I actually started blogging on back in 2001. My writing sucked then. I mean horribly sucked. Plus, looking back on some of those old posts, I was such a fool. But, when you are blindsided by some things I guess you should be a fool. So, for your reading pleasure, see how much my writing sucked in January 2002

Thursday, January 24th, 2002
8:01 am
Real Quick
Is there a way to build a time machine so we could fix stuff way way way back?? If so, please feel free to contact me, cause I am worried that it may be my only hope

Saturday, January 26 2002
2:35 pm
Rc Tycoon
My life has become a major series of ups and Downs. I think I will have to reacquire m,y roller coaster Tycoon game, since I am becoming such a fuckin expert. I wish I could get everything out, but I'm never really sure what I am saying anyway. I just have to keep plugging along, praying and hoping. I will never ever take this time that we have for granted ever again. If only

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Stop the Presses, Sean Hannity and I agree on something

Ok, I can't take credit for finding this, Sarge Charlie got it from Skittles, who got it from Erika Jean, but its sickening enough that I have to share it my own darn self. Now, of course, I am not in God's top ten list of cheerleaders, and I am not on Sean Hannity's Christmas card list, but goddess, their has to be some time when even enemies agree. And I can safely say that we can all agree that this lady is a whack job, and look we all get to witness her mental breakdown on Cable TV. Its like a train wreck you can't turn your eyes away from.

Religion Gone Too Far

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Ok, its an old video, but its still a train wreck. Look she has those "Carrie" sort of eyes even. Survival of the Stupid I guess.

Thursday Thirteen #34-The Cover Me One

Thirteen of Sparky's Favorite Cover Songs

The Ipod is my favorite little invention in a long long time. And, its full of hundreds and hundreds of songs. I also love cover songs, some people take some classic songs and sometimes make them better. So, here's 13 of them I love.

1. How Soon is Now by Love Spit Love. This is a cover of an original song by Morrissey. The song was also featured in Charmed, where it became a real big hit. It is also one of the only songs I can not find to download to my Ipod.

2.Two Thousand Miles by Coldplay. Its a Christmas song and a cover from the Pretenders. But their is just something so haunting and brillant about the song, its the only Christmas song I listen to year round.

3.We Are Trying to Stay Alive-Wyclef Jean. A great cover of the Bee Gees Staying Alive. Its a hipped up version that still keeps the original feel.

4.Rocky Top by Love Seed Mama Jump. A classic Delaware cover band that brings back some really hazy memories. This is a cover song for the University of Tennessee band and I did not even know there were lyrics to this song.

5.Landslide by the Smashing Pumpkins-This is a Fleetwood Mac cover and the Smashing Pumpkins did a great job of allowing the haunting lyrics of this song to come through in their version.

6.Time After Time by Matchbox Twenty
-Its odd to hear a cover of a song from the 1980's but this cover of a Cyndi Lauper song is great. Rob Thomas puts a great twist on it.

7.Supernatural by Live
-This song is on the Sweet Relief II compilation CD in a tribute to Vic Chesnutt. I would not have known this was a cover song except for where I found it. Though I can't find it anywhere to share.

8.Turn the Page by Metallica-A cover of a Bob Seger song, though they make it sound even more raw then he did. The video is also very raw and may not be safe for the kiddies.

9.Daniel by Fuel. A cover that is totally different from the way it was presented by Elton John. Much rougher then the sweet piano version that Sir John did and it also makes an explanation behind the song much easier to grasp too.

10.Dancing Barefoot by U2 A cover of a Patti Smith song, though I did not know it was a Patti Smith song originally. Heard it first on the soundtrack for Threesome.

11.All Along the Watchtower by the Indigo Girls
-A kickass live, rare cover of a Bob Dylan/Jimi Hendrix classic. Amy Ray gives a rough growl to the entire song and it sounds like those acoustic guitars are on fire.

12.Tiny Dancer by Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters
. The greatest version of this song ever.

13.In Your Eyes by Jeffrey Gaines. An amazing cover of Peter Gabriel, though of course we would think its amazing, since it is Mrs Duck's and I's wedding song.

Well, there is the list, though it took me alot longer to put together then I thought it would. If anyone would like this list burned to a CD, I have all the songs but the first one, so just drop me a line and we will do some music swapping.

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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Honored Guard

Call me a cynic. Call me a bleeding heart liberal. Call me a chicken. In the end, I am just tired.

1.Spc Curtis Carter, Lafayette, Louisiana 25 Army
2.Lance Corporal Antonio Shield, Hillsborough, Florida 20 USMC
3.Sargent Michael Barry, Overland Park, Kansas 29 Army
4.Specialist Brian Clemens, Kokomo, Indiana 19, Army
5.Specialist William Tracy, New Hampshire, 27, Army
6.Chief John D Smith, New Hampshire, 32, Army
7.Specialist Rodrigo Gonzalez-Garza, Texas 26 Army
8.PFC Spence McNeil, Bennetsville, SC 19, Army
9.PFC James Dillon, Grove Park, PA 19, USMC
10.Petty Ofc Jason Profitt, 23, Charlestown, Indiana, 23 Navy
11.Staff Sgt Kendall Waters-Bey, 29, Baltimore, MD USMC
12.Corporal Brian Kennedy, 25 Houston, Tx, USMC
13.Capt. Ryan Beaupre, 30, Bloomington, Indiana, USMC
14.Major Jay Aubin, 36, Waterville, Mass., USMC
15.Lance Corporal Jose Gutierrez, 22 Los Angeles, Ca, USMC
16.Second LT. Therrel Childers, 30, Harrison, Michigan, USMC
17.Spc Brandon Tobler, 19, Portland, Oregon, Army
18.Capt Christopher Seifert, 27, Easton, Pennsylvania, Army
19.Lance Cpl. Eric Orlowski, 26, Buffalo, NY, USMC
20.Lance Cpl. Alan Lam, 19 Snow Camp, North Carolina, USMC
21.Sgt Nicholas Hodson, 22 Smithville, Missouri, USMC
22.Chief Warrant Officer Robert Channell Jr, 36 Tuscaloosca, Alabama, USMC
23.Chief Warrant Officer Andy Arnold, 30, Spring, Texas, USMC
24.Lt. Thomas Adams, 27, La Mesa, California, Navy
25.Lance Cpl. Michael Williams, 31, Phoenix, Arizona, USMC
26.Sgt Donald Walters, 33, Kansas City, Missouri, Army
27.Lance Cpl. Thomas Slocum, 22, Adams, Colorado, USMC
28.Private Brandon Sloan, 19, Cleveland, Ohio, Army
29.Corporal Randal Rosacker, 21, San Diego, California, USMC
30.Sargent Brandon Reiss, 23 Natrona, Wyoming, USMC
31 2nd Lt. Frederick Pokorney, 31, Nye, Nevada, USMC
32.Pfc. Lori Piestwa, 23, Tuba City, Arizona, Army
33.Corporal Patrick Nixon, 21, Gallatin, Tennessee, USMC
34.Chief Warrant Officer Johnny Mata, 35, Amarillo, Texas, Army
35.Spc. James Kiel, 22, Comfort, Texas, Army
36.Staff Sgt. Phillip Jordan, 42, Brazoria, Texas, USMC
37.Pfc Howard Johnson II, 21, Mobile, Alabama, Army
38.Private Nolen Hutchings, 19, Boiling Springs, SC USMC
39.Cpl. Jorge Gonzalez, 20, Los Angeles, Ca, USMC
40.Private Jonathan Gifford, 20, Macon, Illinois, USMC
41.Cpl Jose Garibay, 21, Orange, California, USMC
42.Lance Cpl. David Fribley, 26, Lee, Florida USMC

The names must be remembered

Sparky Plays Dress Up

This weekend, we are off to Ocean City, Maryland for a wedding. Its some of Mrs Ducks good friends, though we all have become at least acquainted and friendly by now. It should be a good time with some beach and booze.
But, here is the problem. Mrs Duck is not exactly terrific when it comes to helping me put outfits together. Her suggestion is always white and my goodness when I mention a tie, I can actually see the smoke coming from her ears. I understand that, ties are a personal thing for most guys.

Well, here is the makings of an outfit:
Fashion plate

With the jacket and the khaki's what kind of shirt would you or your honey wear. Long Sleeve button down, golf polo shirt, short sleeve (highly unlikely, I always picture my crazy Shop teacher in a short sleeve button down shirt) Tie or no tie? Like I said its a beach wedding, so its casual, which means it is totally throwing me for a loop.

Oh and one other question, how can someone so sweet, so cute, so petite snore so loudly? Discuss...

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The AI Virus

I finally broke down. Correctly, we finally broke down and watched American Idol. Though we did watch last weeks results show, though that was more for Bon Jovi as opposed to seeing who was going to get kicked off. I will say, if this is all we have left as the finalists for American Idol, Whitney Houston, we have a problem.

Melinda is still good, but at least tonight was not mind blowing. You can just tell the judges want to draw out some pop from her and I am not sure she can do it.
Jordin is the one who has the most upside potentially. Her first performance was good, her second not so much. She should be one of the final two.
LaKisha? She has talent, but I just don't think she can carry it off. And I am not sure she could get through an entire concert performance without collapsing.
Blake. Oy Blake.

Yet, the TiVo is set for tomorrow nights results show, because I want to see if I am right. Though the only way to watch Idol is to TiVo it, you skip so much of the awful filler.

Well This is Eerie

Well, eerie on a whole bunch of levels. As I came in to watch the news tonight, I absently rewound back to the start, to see them discussing an alleged terror plot on South Jersey and the Philadelphia outskirts. And then, my one email is from Maven, who must have been watching the 5:00 news instead of the 6.

Its not necessarily scary, or shocking in any sense that a part of Philadelphia would be in the sights of terrorists. Not only because of the many many historical artifacts in the city itself, but also because of the many bases sprinkled across South Jersey. If you don't know that Fort Monmouth, The Naval Earle in Colts Neck, Fort Dix, Dover Air Force Base and the Lakehurst Naval Air Station are possible targets, you probably don't live around here. And attacking the Army Navy game, or at least during is not a shock in the least either. Plus, Philadelphia itself is split by 95, with many ways to break off into different directions. Of course, the traffic on 95 would actually work in the governments favor as opposed to terrorists, but thats not here or there.

Oh, this is also eerie because Mrs Duck and I are watchers of Jericho, a show about home based terrorism. We were just discussing last night (we were still behind on the TiVo) how Philadelphia is a nice target for symbolism, though not a target like NYC would be as a financial hub. Anyone know a good attorney because after that discussion and this post, the FBI should be on my butt in the next 36 hours.

Nature's Alarm Clock

I really can not decide which might have been worse at 5 AM this morning.

-Mrs Duck clanking around the bedroom suffering from some indigestion. (ok, not the worst thing, really like a little jingle of fairy wings in comparison to other sounds)

-The cats, who we just paid another extra deposit for because we were caught having them, running up and down the stairs with a frantic pace. Their little legs also sounded like they were a herd of elephants thundering around downstairs.

-The Canadian geese, who have decided to find the patch of grass just outside our window to be to their liking. Its almost like they were milling around the Port Authority waiting for the Goose Bus to come by.

I vote for the geese, because I have absolutely no control over their noise. Mrs Duck will feel better and I can go down and yell, wait no, not yell, but sternly speak with Bettina and Lola. The geese just like to mock me.

Monday, May 07, 2007


In response to my Barbaro post from yesterday, Anthony asked an interesting question or two in the comments. You can find the comments with the post, but the general gist of the statement was do we assign attributes like beauty, gracefullness, determination and free spirited/free minded thinking, to horses, or do they understand it on their own. Its a good question and a question that also begs us to ask why we a human beings get so upset when we see animals injured.
I do not think that they understand beauty or being graceful. Or at least horses don't understand it in the same way that people understand it. Its an abstract thought and also a thought that is in the eye of the beholder. Look at modern art. I can't stand it, I think the abstract paintings of black squares on a green backboard is stupid and not worth the canvas it is printed on. Yet, their are others of us who would pay big bucks for a original Roald Dahl painting. So, your beauty may not be my beauty. Now, I can't say that if you showed a stallion a picture of NoBiz Like Showbiz or Go For Wand, that the horse would pick one over the other based on attractiveness, but Afleet Alex don't know beauty.
Determination is a whole different ball of wax. Horses have determination bred into them, at least race horses do. They know from the bell they are supposed to run. They know they are supposed to win. Plus, all horses have different running styles, some like being out front, others like being just over off the lead, and still others love to charge up from way behind. So, I firmly believe a horse knows how to win and will do whatever it takes to try and win. So, while it may not be determination as we see it, it is a form of determination, the need to win. Their are many stories of horses that could not run races anymore because after they were beat, their psyche could not handle it. Their are also many stories about underdog horses digging deep to beat a more qualified stronger horse, just because the will was their to do it. Hence, determination.
Now, free spiritedness is just something that we as people attach to horses, especially if we also link them in our minds with the wild horses of the old west. A horse, like every animal, has some sort of personality. So, they maybe acting free spirited, its just their personality, it has nothing to do with them thinking they are free. Of course, we all know the old adage, you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink.

Now, on a totally different side note, your favorite typing Duck did very well on the ponies over the weekend. Picking horses is something I have been doing for the past few years, and I have been watching the triple crown races since I was 16. So, I know a little something, and while I will not tell you how much I won exactly. I can tell you that I could pick up a Playstation 3 and still have some cash left over, if I was so inclined. Don't worry, I am not inclined that way, but it made for a fun Saturday night. Yes, it didnt take much to think that Street Sense was going to win, but it did take something to know who else would win.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Still Makes Me Cry

Ok, I know its totally stupid. Its beyond crazy to even allow an animal to let you get at all emotional. But we watched the Barbaro documentary taped from last night and I could feel myself getting emotional and choked up 2 or 3 times. The horse was brillant and while people may just think they are stupid animals, I think they determined and their is usually a certain intelligence in their eyes. So, about a year ago, give or take, was Barbaro's most spectacular moment. I just had to share.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Dear Most Recent Chris from American Idol

Their are a few musical icons from my era. Prince, the Indigo Girls, whoever came up with the New Jack Swing/Hip Hop and Bon Jovi. If you are going to sing one of the best known songs by any of these artists, you want to actually know the words to the song. So, this is how Dead or Alive is supposed to sound?

Thursday, May 03, 2007

I was just looking for a Golden Knight

and it just spun and spun and spun.

First, this is a post that has it connections to Amy and her Blog Scavenger hunt. Its actually been a lot of fun and a bit more work then I thought it would be. Their is still time to sign up (i think until Friday night) and she has some good prizes. Im in it for the Chick Fil-A swag.
The post itself is a bonus question, which I still don't get since she said it would not include points, but it was right up my alley so I could not resist. Amy's husband is a graduate of a Florida college and the challenge was to find a picture of his schools mascot. So, I found this...

No, she is not marrying the Golden Knight. The page I found this picture on was all about how the wedding was themed based on UCF, including the school colors and the Knight as one of the groomsmen. It sounded nice and all, but it made my mind start to ramble a bit. So, all you married types and those of you that are considering getting married, hitched, locked up, a question. How much would you let your significant others hobby, sport, favorite team, sneak into your wedding ceremony and reception? I myself had a Oregon Ducks rehearsal/grooms cake but I think that was about as far as Mrs Duck would go. Anyone braver out their?

Thursday Thirteen #33-Yes Another Sports One

Thirteen Final Draft Picks

Yes, more sports, sue me. The NFL Draft was this past weekend. Almost all of you, in the United States at least, know that JaMarcus Russell was taken first by the Raiders, poor him. And some of you know about Ramzee Robinson, Mr Irrelevant, the final pick taken. He gets a free trip to the closest Disney World to his home. But, who gives the rest of them some recognition. Well, I do in this list, along with the 12 other guys picked before him.

1.Clark Harris TE Rutgers (never heard of him) taken by Green Bay
2.Jason Snelling FB University of Virginia (yep never heard of him) taken by Atlanta
3.Marcus Hamilton CB UVA (yes I have heard of him, but I think I saw him intercept a pass against Duke, and I could probably do that) taken by Tampa Bay
4.Ken Darby FB Alabama (didn't he sing the song "Wishing Well"?) taken by Tampa Bay
5.Mike Elgin C Iowa (yep never heard of him, but most people don't know offensive lineman) taken by New England
6.Keith Jackson DT Alabama (I know Wooah Nelly Keith Jackson) by St Louis
7.Derek Stanley WR Wisconsin Whitewater (I never even heard of the school) taken by St Louis
8.Ahmad Bradshaw RB Marshall (Yeaaa!!! I have heard of him) taken by the Giants
9.Chad Nkang S Elon (Elon plays football?) taken by Jacksonville
10.Andrew Carnahan OT Arizona State (Hey, I have seen him play football in person) taken by Jacksonville
11.Nedu Nduwke S Notre Dame (I can't even pronounce his name) taken by Cincinnati
12.Jonathan Holland WR La Tech (Im not even sure Wordnerd knows this one) taken by Oakland
13.Ramzee Robinson CB Alabama (Mr Irrelevant!) taken by Detroit

I know you feel more informed now

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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

In Philly, We take our Football Seriously

So the draft came and went this past weekend. Nothing really shocking, unless you are a Brady Quinn/Notre Dame fan. The fall of Quinn was one of those train wrecks that had me at least glued to the TV until he got picked.
Oh yea, and the Eagles drafted a new QB in the second round. Ho Hum, no big deal. Have to plan for the future you know. Donovan McNabb is not going to be around forever. We all get old. What? Their was controversy? The coach called his #1 QB before and then after he made the draft pick to tell him not to worry? No one knows who Kevin Kolb is you say? (Well I knew, but I am a college football junkie). Now their is an uproar about Donovan's help, when the time for a change will come, what becomes of Kelly Holcomb, yada yada yada.
So, you would figure, someone in the McNabb family would want to quench the fire, not let it go into a fully engaged inferno? Right, good politics. Except the McNabb family is more of the slash and burn variety. Dear old dad went to the papers this last week and told the Philadelphia fans that his son is just an employee of the Eagles, nothing more and that Eagles fan don't appreciate what they have? Way to make sure the fans stay behind you. Why don't you just insult their mothers while you are at it. So, McNabb, as always won't be a leader and he is just biding his time. Sam, do me a favor and just keep counting that Chunky Soup money your wife gets, would ya?

And then, their is Alycia Lane of KYW3, our local CBS affiliate. Now, this is just comedy really, and comedy that some of you female readers of mine might actually find interesting. Big Hub Bub around town because Alycia got caught sending a multitude of emails to one Rich Eisen of the NFL Network. In the course of these emails, she happened to include pictures of her in a bikini (or for you google searchers out there, Alycia Lane bikini).
Of course, here is the rub, said emails, including the picture one, were intercepted by Mr. Eisen's wife. UHOH, not a good thing. Lets just say she was not happy and I can almost guarantee we all know the person that leaked this story and some of these pictures to Page 6. Cupie doll for the right answer.
So, the NFL still lives and breathes in Philadelphia, even though minicamps don't start until sometime in May. Though we do help ourselves in the news just a bit. Now here is the question, if you have not skimmed over the entire post, if your significant other got pictures in email from a single good looking gal, would you let him explain or just knife him/her on the spot?

Nostalgia Way Way Back Machine

Everyone needs to believe sometime.

Blog Rocking Beats

As for the interview, it went well. I kind of knew it would though, not to puff out my feathers or anything. It was for a job I am supremely qualified for within a financial institution. That can always be a problem, since they do not always like to hire the over qualified ones for fear that they will leave. So, we shall see, though it is a financial institution, and they are notoriously slow in their hiring practice.

Its also interesting how when you talk to people who work in banks, they all know how hard it is or how it has changed. The bankers of 10 to 20 years ago are dinosaurs now and if they have not moved up, they are probably on their way out. Take a look at your local branch sometime, and look at how many older workers there are, that aren't in management at least. Its because they are worked liked dogs, for minimal pay. Banking has become a job for the young, who can move on to something else once they realize how undervalued they are.

On the health front, I am feeling much better. I was feeling better yesterday, though thoroughly wiped out. Its amazing how much energy is sapped when you throw everything up but your intestines. However, I am still not ready for tomatoes. More good news, Mrs Duck does not have a broken jaw, which means no trying to figure out how to make Thai food into a milk shake. And before you go jumping to conclusions, I didn't do it!

Want more Sparky Duck? Well, I am one of the many fine contributors now over at International ______ Day. Check it out if you are so inclined, they even have writers that are more clever then me.

A little pirate, who has gone sort of kookily anime, whispered to me that the new White Stripes single is out. Time to fire up the Itunes.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

More Hearing Checks?

Surfing and watching the news is not always the best combination. Plus, its the mayoral primary in Philadelphia that they were doing a story about and since I am not a Philadelphia citizen and can't vote, I tune out.

Though, my head did jump up when I heard the Chaka Fattah was getting endorsed today by Akon. Now, why in the world would Akon even care about the Philadelphia Mayoral Race, doesn't her have enough legal troubles of his own? Oh wait ACORN not Akon. Ooops

Well, now that's disgusting

Those were the second thoughts that popped into my head, after of course the prerequisite oh god, oh god breathe deep, oh god. Turns out that I am so lactose intolerant that I can no longer enjoy the taste of lasagna, or at least the ricotta thats in lasagna.

So, my excuse for being very MIA yesterday, was because I was riding the porcelain pony. It was one of those times where you know that you have to throw up, but you don't want to do it. So, you let your body take its course and feel absolutely awful until that time comes. I will say I slept like a baby last night!

Better it happened yesterday as opposed to today, since I have another job interview today. I just hope I am not that pale.