Thursday, November 30, 2006

A TT Addendum

Yes, I realize now looking over the list, I missed Ralphie and the rest in "A Christmas Story." One of those classic movies, I blame the missing entry on the fact that I was lacking in caffeine this morning when I put the list together. There are so many great lines in this movie "Bumphuses!", the Major Award, the fact that Ralphie learned curses from his dad, but had to blame his friend instead. The list goes on and on and on.

So, to all the Christmas Story fans, and all those hacks at TBS who would have loved me to plug there show, my humblest apologies. Though who am I kidding, no one at TBS reads this thing, and you all know about Christmas Story already.

TT #11 Holiday Stuff

Thirteen Favorite Christmas Movies and Shows

In no particular order, besides the fact that they made the list itself.

1….Frosty the Snowman (1969) (TV) a classic little cartoon that features the voice of the great Jimmy Durante.

2.Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer (1964) (TV) Based off the classic christmas song, this TV show was special for a few reasons, first it had that claymation/metal posing setup and it introduced me to Burl Ives!

3."Roswell" A Roswell Christmas Carol (2000) Not only is Roswell a TV show that introduces us to Katherine Heigl of Greys Anatomy fame, but this particular episode just helps you to believe in the power of miracles.

4.Everybody Loves Raymond: The Toaster Not only is it a great christmas episode that shows how freaking hard it can be to buy for ones parents, it also has one of the greatest lines uttered in the shows existence. Marie: I am not just some trophy wife. Frank: (after a long pause for one of his faces) Trophy Wife? What contest in hell did I win?

5.The Year Without a Santa Claus (1974) (TV) Four Words: Heat Miser & Snow Miser.

6.Love Actually. Not does the movie have a great pedrigree, done by the people that did Bridget Jones and Notting Hill, but it is also one of the first date movies I can remember watching with Mrs Duck.

7.A Charlie Brown Christmas I loved this one more when I was a kid, now I feel it might be a tad too preachy, or its the fact that I actually enjoy the commercialism. But, it still brings back great memories so on the list it goes.

8.Army-Navy Game. Yes, its not exactly a Christmas thing, but as I was growing up this game was always the last one just before the bowl games. It gives you a holiday feel because its usually bitter cold and occasionally snowing. Now its a big deal in this house because I have always grown up rooting for Navy and my lovely wife comes from an Army family.

9.Christmas Vacation (1989). A classic modern Christmas movie, again something that shows how much fun family can be at times. Clark's rant at the end of the movie with the "Wheres the Tylenol" still makes me laugh.

10.Noël The West Wing was always known for its Christmas Episodes, and this in my opinion was the best. An episode about friendship and an appearance by Yo Yo Ma!

11.White Christmas. Simply the greatest Christmas movie ever. If you dont get a little bit choked up when the General comes down to dinner, you dont know what your missing.

12.Miracle on 34th Street Now I must admit I have never seen any version besides the 1994 version, but the girl is so cute in the movie, and Richard Attenborough made a great santa, so I think I will always be slanted to this version. Plus ladies theres Dylan McDermott

13.Christmas at Rockefeller Center This used to be the signal that is was Ok to put up the Christmas tree, until Mrs Duck came into my life and allowed me to have my holiday spirit much earlier. The show has gotten a little lame over the years, but you still stop to watch the lightining. Click on the link and you can get a live look at the tree.

Yea! The Holidays are here!!!

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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

A nice little holiday meme

A Southern Girl tagged me for this one, ok, she tagged anyone that stopped by, so I will do the same, if you like it, just send me a comment and ill check ya out.

1. Egg Nog or Hot Chocolate? Egg nog is holiday like, so I will say that. Plus Miss Kittie adores it, on the level of cant have anything else but Egg Nog if she smells it.

2. Does Santa wrap presents or just sit them under the tree? A litte of both. Santa wraps some, but Mrs Duck NEEDS to have wrapped presents under the tree, so Santa gets some and I get the rest.

3. Colored lights on tree/house or white? White on the outside, because its so damned expensive to change them out, colored on the tree, though the mantle has white. Eventually u will see.

4. Do you hang mistletoe? Yes, though closer to Christmas day itself, I get enough kisses.

5. When do you put your decorations up? Depends on the weather, the last two years it was the weekend of Thanksgiving, because the ground was still soft. The tree is always up right after Turkey Day.

6. What is your favorite holiday dish (excluding dessert)? Stuffin, though the brussel sprouts with pancetta I made for thanksgiving is a frontrunner.

7. Favorite Holiday memory as a child: Two of them. One is the fact that my parents would give my brother and I a present Christmas eve, so we would be out of there hair so they would be able to wrap the rest. The second is the lights, just lights anywhere, and driving around to see them. Probably why our condo looks like you could land a plane in the front yard.

8. When and how did you learn the truth about Santa? Santa's not real???

9. Do you open a gift on Christmas Eve?One present each, a tradition we still continue now.

10. How do you decorate your Christmas Tree? The personal ornaments are up already, the random colored balls come later, when we feel up to it. Or get sick of the boxes.

11. Snow! Love it or Dread it? Hate hate hate it. Snow is dangerous to Mrs Duck and just a pain in the you know what to me

12. Can you ice skate? If Im wearing Hockey Skates yes I can, though my ankles tell me no the next 3 days.

13. Do you remember your favorite gift? Well, I remeber getting the TV for my bedroom when I was a teenager, even today I still remember that, we were so excited we danced around. Im wearing last years favorite gift, though its a replacement since I wore out these slippers.

14. What’s the most important thing about the Holidays for you? Family and the total smiles on there faces

15. What is your favorite Holiday Dessert? Turtle bars, a cookie my mom used to make and I still miss.

16. What is your favorite holiday tradition? White Christmas on Christmas Eve.

17. What tops your tree? Just some white shining star from Wal Mart. Its not special, it just lights up.

18. Which do you prefer giving or Receiving? Giving. You dont know Mrs Duck. She loves loves loves presents, like a little kid. She just gets so giddy, its hard to not love giving her stuff.

19. What is your favorite Christmas Song? Oh Holy Night by either Kelly Clarkson or Christina Aguilera. For instrumental I love the Hark here the bells song.

20. Candy Canes! Yuck or Yum?? Hate them, remind me of toothpaste.


Its amazing what a little vodka and a little nookie will do for ones outlook on life

Hmm, ya know whats beginning to irk me...

The fact that people say I am overqualified for the jobs that I have been applying for. Even the fellow that interviewed me today said that, which deep down I do not think is that good a thing. That or the fact that the interview lasted about 15 minutes. One would think that being over qualified is a good thing, because you would not have to teach this person very much to do, since they seem to be coming in and getting it. But, I'm not getting that warm feeling about today, which will mean one thing, I may have to start applying for a job at the (insert a string of explexitives here) bank, doing what I used to do and loathe so much.

Yep, I need a drink and to go bake something really gooey.

Crisp and Clean

Grey suit pressed-Check
Tie picked out to match the shirt-check
Dress shoes-crud better go look

Time to hop back on the interview carousel, yippee

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

More Glitter Gun Nonsense

Glitter Gun - Yep, nothing says holiday peace like "busting a cap in your tree" Its a question now that its pulled off of the website, will it be still available in the fun stores?

Decisions Decisions

Usually, my big decisions for a day is what to make for dinner? Do I know that number on the caller id? Daily Show or Colbert Report? Well today, its a bit more of something then that.

Ya see, Miss Kittie has been off. I mean she has to be 15 years old by now, so of course she is going to be a little off. Plus, lets not forget the poor thing only has 3 legs, so the getting around happens less and less. But, we have been on the carousel of the vet over the last month, yet there does not seem to be much that can be done in general. She might have an infection in her teeth, but she is probably too old to risk any kind of surgery just for that, the whole anethesia thing. And last x-ray, the Vet saw a shadow on her chest, it could be something it could be nothing, but now of course I am noticing that the little princess seems to wheeze? So, two fold questions. First, can Cats catch there own kinds of colds? That could explain the whole wheezing thing since her blood work came back with no cancers, and I have heard that whole shadow thing before over my ownership.

And second and more importantly, if you knew something was wrong and there was nothing you could do about it, would you want to know about that something? Or would you just want to try and enjoy the time that you have without thinking, oh goodness this is the last Christmas, this is her last birthday, etc etc etc.

Oh and Im asking because we are headed back to the vet tonight supposedly.

What Kind of Reader Are You?

Im a good literate citizen. Its a pretty accurate quiz, though some of them would be better if they had some more specific choices.

Credit goes as credit is due to Suspension of Disbelief for finding this one.

Glitter Gun Problems

A nice little controversy here is the fact that Urban Outfitters is selling a glitter gun, all sparkly and stuff for $6.00. Its a Christmas ornament, and to alot of people it might be going alot beyond the irony that they say the glitter gun is supposed to be portraying. They arent embarassed by it at all, or so the corporate hacks say. Except for the fact that the gun has been scrubbed from the website.

This is one of those things that will eventually balloon out of control, more for the parent company of Urban Outfitters, though really where they could get hurt if there was some sort of protest is in the Anthropologie stores, because everything, well most everything is priced at 3 times over almost everything in the Urban Outfitters stores, especially since the Anthro stores cater to the mothers that hand out the credit cards.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

I was all ready to post a story about how Andy Reid was an
idiot for not playing AJ Feeley, and how he should be
running the ball with Westrbrook more. But, until that last
fumble/interception whatever the heck its was, Garcia was
not that shabby and Westbrook and Buckholder made a
statement, just seems like the Eagles Defense decided not to
rememeber that Joseph Addai was still not playing for LSU
and you might want to stop him. So, to get over the
depression that was this Eagles game, enjoy AJ Feeley's on
again, off again girlfriend. Yummy

Friday, November 24, 2006

Random Stuffing

Get it stuffing?? Hah, I crack me up...

Why do they put MSG in chinese food, all it does is make you thirsty, it doesnt even make a difference in the taste?

Why does the University of Oregon football team still have the same problems on Defense they had 8 years ago, they still cant stop the pass?

Why have they canceled Charmed? Is it because I have finally discovered it?

Why does it seem like the only channels we watch in this house, besides the Big 4, are ESPN and HGTV?

Why aint we hit Powerball yet?

Why does Kittie insist on sleeping on Mrs Ducks lap, whats wrong with mine?

Why is Jeff Garcia starting?

Why did it take them so long to create Baileys Irish Cream with a hint of carmel? And why did it take so long for me to buy it, yummy?

Well yes they should be

What Kind of Reader Are You?
Your Result: Literate Good Citizen

You read to inform or entertain yourself, but you're not nerdy about it. You've read most major classics (in school) and you have a favorite genre or two.

Book Snob
Dedicated Reader
Obsessive-Compulsive Bookworm
Fad Reader
What Kind of Reader Are You?
Create Your Own Quiz
Your Eyes Should Be Brown

Your eyes reflect: Depth and wisdom

What's hidden behind your eyes: A tender heart

Since that is what they are already. I bet its just the laws of averages.

Thanks to Mikala for going first

TT #10, nothing like a leftover

Thirteen Things about Thanksgiving 2006

Some of the highs and lows from yesterday...

1….We flipped between the Philadelphia Thanksgiving parade and the Macy's Parade. The Philadelphia one is sponsored by Boscov's, which kinda of eventually showed.

2.The Boscov's parade Santa was a pathetic joke in comparison to the Macy's santa. His beard didnt match his mustache and it was obviously a fake beard, while the Macy's Santa looked like he had lived with his white beard and jolly belly for most of his life. Goes to show what happens when a parade is sponsored by a cut rate department store.

3.The Lions lost again on Thanksgiving, some things never change.

4.The turkey was a hassle. We had probably not given it enough time to defrost, so there Mrs Duck and I wrestling over the heart and gizzards stuck inside. But what really surprised us was the fact that the neck was still attached!

5.The turkey itself was spiced with rosemary, sage, coriander, cinnamon and cumin. We also placed some bacon over the top and basted it with a maple syrup/water mixture.

6.Mrs Duck was in charge of the stuffing and again this year it came out splendidly. And yes we stuffed the Turkey.

7.Sarge and the Life Cereal kid were over early. While we werent even showered when yet, it was actually good since Sarge could get the neck off.

8.Eventually, Life Cereal Kid said my turkey looked disgusting. I might have had a slight meltdown then. Yes he's only 10, but there are still certain things one shouldnt say.

9.The Brussel Sprouts came out awesome! Probably the best thing I made for dinner. Ill share the recipe later.

10.The Turkey itself was a slight bit overdone, the white meat towards the top was very dry, but down deeper, it became fine. And the dark meat came out good.

11.Everyone stuffed there faces.

12.The Apple Butter Pumpkin Pie was a big hit. Though, the recipe was from the great Paula Deen. So you know she is gonna know how to make desserts.

13.Everyone left happy, Spice girl and Beau after Sarge and Life boy, and Mrs Duck and I just collapsed right after 11:00pm. I cant think of even eating leftovers right now.

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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Turkey Coma


Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I voted for legs

Now, its not the first thing I notice on a woman, but it is definetly the thing that I think is one of the hottest things on a woman. Vote here, but leave your vote in the comments.

Whats so attractive about guys or girls?

Created by InTooDeep48 and has 60078 votes on Bzoink

When you first look at a guy's/girl's body, what do you find most attractive?

View Current Results

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Which Deadly Sin Are You?

Created by iamcool and taken 139959 times on Bzoink

Your sinLust

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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Thanksgiving Sacriledge

So, we finally settled the entire Thanksgiving day menu, a little bit of Mrs Ducks wishes, a little bit of mine, though actually I think I am still waiting for the final ok on the mashed potato recipe. Though now that I think of it, I have one more thing to work out.

Anyways, there was a discussion yesterday about what to do about Green Bean Casserole. Now you all know green bean casserole, that vegetable dish with the cream of mushroom soup and french fried onions etc. Now I understand that not everyone loves this dish, probably because its been a staple of many family functions.

Well, Mrs Duck is one of those who is not a big fan, though I dont think she has really experienced it too much, and we had a youngster make it last year, and it was plain awful. But, the wife's solution was not one too much better. "How about substituting cauliflower, or broccolli?" Yea, how about tofudogs for the fourth of july!

So we came to a compromise. This year its green beans with special butter, and I have to find another veggie idea, either brussel sprouts or something with corn. Next year, the family favorite Green Bean Casserole.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Disaster strikes for the Iggles

The season has been one of a roller coaster already, with exciting wins over the Cowboys and the Niners, but tempered by horrible losses to the Giants and Titans. But this could be the end of the year for them. McNabb tore his ACL, on a play that was actually not that crazy a play. The Eagles are looking at AJ Feeley (a past hottie BTW) and Jeff Garcia, who is older then me. But, its the NFC, so they still may sneak into the playoffs. The real kicker is that the Eagles have probably passed on drafting a QB in the last few years so they dont damage McNabb's fragile ego. Understandable, I guess, since he is the face of the team, but if they dont pick up a QB for the future in this years draft, in the first 3 rounds, then they are just pulling the wool over there own eyes and there fans.

Must be a Canadian study

A study conducted by UCLA's Department of Psychiatry has revealed that the kind of face a woman finds attractive on a man can differ depending on where she is in her menstrual cycle.

For example: If she is ovulating, she is attracted to men with rugged and masculine features.

However, if she is menstruating or menopausal, she tends to be more attracted to a man with a spear lodged in his chest and tape over his mouth while he is on fire.

No further studies are planned

Friday, November 17, 2006

Go Blue Shift

I was all set to do a post on all the horrible jokes out there about Michigan and Ohio State football fans. Well at least the jokes they tell about each other, alot involving the stupidity of each set of fans. But then Bo Schembechler had a heart attack and passed away today and it kinda took the juice out of my thoughts. Coach Bo was one of the first larger then life college coaches that I can remember, older and irascible, like his mentor Woody Hayes. The Detroit Free Press had a great article about even after pacemaker surgery, the old glimpses of Bo could be seen. So, no jokes, just quiet thoughts for a great old coach on the eve of what could be one of the greatest meetings between these two schools.

The Top Song from this Random Friday

Not as good as the album version, but you get a sense of her anger.

Random Friday, though it aint Fall Like

Back at it again, though it seems like I am kinda hit or miss with this list, maybe cause the same stuff comes up all the time. Well, heres the 10.

1.Lullabye (Rockabye)-Shawn Mullins-no clue on the album.

2.Rhythm Nation-Janet Jackson-Rhythm Nation 1814

3.Crazy Train-Auburn University Marching Band-Found it on Myspace somehow

4.Father Christmas
-Greg Lake-The Atlantic Years-I guess its too late to clean out the Christmas Music this year.

5.St.Theresa-Joan Osborne-Relish

6.Jesu, Joy of Mans Desiring-Karl Munchinger and the St Louis Orchestra-Essential Bach

7.867-5309-Blink 182-a Cover of Tommy Tutone

8.Theme from the Hunt for Red October-The Boston Pops-Red October Soundtrack

9.Everybody is Free to Wear Sunscreen-Baz Luhrmann-No idea on the album

10.A thousand Miles-Vanessa Carlton-Sessions @ Aol

Favorite Song-St. Theresa by Joan Osborne. It is one of those songs that just has this great beat underneath it, thats different then anything I have ever really heard before. And the words are open to so many meanings. Great Song.

Worst Song-Lullabye by Shawn Mullins. Its not that bad, but, I dont know if I was sick of it when it got overplayed on the radio or what, but I still find myself skipping it more then listening to it.

Seen in Concert-The Boston Pops. The play the Mann every year with there travel orchestra. We usually look to see what songs they are playing before deciding to go. Mrs Duck used to work with the 3rd violinist I think, and she has seen the Pops in holiday concerts in Boston in front of only like 200 people, now thats the way to see the Pops.

And for your enjoyment, here are some more Random Fridays...

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Join in and Ill link ya too.

My Mind runs sometimes

So, we were watching the Winter Forecast preview tonight on our 11:00 news, good old Action 6. So as Cecily Tynan (shameless plug for some extra hits) goes into talking about El Nino's and the dips in the jet stream etc, she also mentioned the chance of a quite a few Nor'easters. So how come now, I have been singing Downeaster Alexa by Billy Joel, at least since the news ended?

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Thursday 13 #8-The TV version

Thirteen Things about Sparky's TiVo

A very simple list this week, the next 13 shows my TiVo will record. (duplicates removed)

1…. November 16-2:30pm 4:The Brett Favre Interview The NFL Network-The Legendary QB has a conversation with his first pro coach Steve Mariucci. The show is from last year, so I think it might have been edited a bit, since one of the big questions is always, will you come back to play next year. Based on this years stats, I bet we got one more year of Brett coming up in 2007.

2.November 16-5:30pm Pardon the Interruption-ESPN-Opinions and analysis of the days sports stories. With Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon. Mrs Duck doesnt like this show very much, she says they yell too much, an opinion apparently shared by my Sister in laws on both sides of the family. I just hate it when Dan Le Batard is on because hes a nimrod.

3.November 16-6:30 & 7pm Judge Judy-WFMZ 69 out of Allentown,PA. Tonights highlight of the show Mrs Duck hates with a passion: Rejected Sexual Advance; a lovers spat ends in violence, a broken windshield and a dispute over rent. Its Jerry Springer without the nudity.

4.November 16 9:00pm Grey's Anatomy-ABC-Meredith determines to have a more positive outlook on life. Hmm, I love the show, but that plot sure sounds like 5 or 6 other episodes from the last year.

5.November 16 11:00pm-The Daily Show with Jon Stewart-Comedy Central-Tonights guest Muhammad Yunus. Yep I have no idea who he is either.

6.November 16 11:30pm-The Colbert Report-Comedy Central-Tonights Guest:Richard Linklater. The way Colbert has mocked the Fox News recently has been priceless.

(editors Note: we have another Pardon the Interruption on Friday at 5:30)

7.November 17 5:30pm-The King of Queens-TBS-Carrie (who is hot for someone not in her 20s) insists on using her Christmas bonus to invest in Internet Stock. Hilarity ensues I am sure. Is this show still on regular TV?

(Editors note 2:and more Judge Judy)

8.November 17 11:00pm-Real Time with Bill Maher-HBO-Guests are Richard Dreyfuss, musician Tom Morello, journalist Dana Priest, Norman Lear and Dan Rather. Now if that is not a diverse group of individuals, I dont know what is.

9.November 18 6:00pm-Roseanne-The Oxygen Network-"Thanksgiving '93", a fight, a revealed secret and a fleeing grandmother mark Thanksgiving. I was never really a huge fan of the show, but there Thanksgiving episodes were sometimes classics.

10.November 18 7:00pm-Roseanne-The Oxygen Network-"The Last Thursday in November" The Conners attend DJ's school Thanksgiving pageant. By the way, thank goodness for TiVo cuz I would never be able to find the Oxygen Network.

11.November 19-10:00am-The Sports Reporters-ESPN-Guest Reporters offer their opinions on current sport topics. A Sunday morning tradition for me since I was a teenager. It used to be unique, like Meet the Press for sports, though it has lost some of its edge over the years.

12.November 19-5:00pm-Sell This House-A&E "Haiku, Hawaii" An uncared for rental unit prevents a Hawaiian pole-house from Selling. Now the way I love football, Mrs Duck loves these home shows, though I dont know how hard it could be to sell a house in Hawaii. I mean cmon, its HAWAII.

(guess what more Judge Judy & PTI)

13.November 20 7:00pm-Everybody Loves Raymond-CW57-Debra opts for Thanksgiving fish to avoid competing with Marie's cooking. They do great great great holiday episodes. If this doenst get me into the Thanksgiving spirit, nothing will.

There you have it, yep pretty dull, though in the interest of full disclosure, we would have probably taped Close to Home and Las Vegas on Friday night, and that Barbara Walters special after Grey's tonight, but it hasnt been set yet, and I though that would be cheating.

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A quick two step

Now, I was not one to watch dancing with the Stars. I dont know if you could pay me to watch that show, though on second thought, you could pay me, just not cheaply.

Anyway, I was glad to hear that Emmitt Smith won out over all that stiff competition. And the biggest reason probably is that Mario Lopez struck me a one major S.O.B. Arrogant to the end, he was on our local news last night, almost whining because he lost, saying in effect "I thought it was supposed to be a dance competition." So, Emmitt was more popular overall. Puhleaseee, its a B-List celebrity popularity contest, and for whatever reason, Mario, your dimples and shining smile didnt bring you through this time. Boo freaking Hoo.

One thing I will say about Dancing with The Stars is that I like it as a contest a tad better then American Idol, since these contestants are already stars or celebrities of some kind, while A.I. can destroy a career that hasnt even started yet. All these silly shows are popularity contests. As soon as the world votes, thats where they go.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

And then they write themselves

At first, this whole writing a blog post everyday idea, was smooth sailing. Especially with the election and the memes that are on some days of the week. But, it not been all peaches and cream, since sometimes it just feels like a mental block. But, hey, Fox News always knows how to pitch in and help.

The Huffington Post got leaked this memo today about how Fox news would spin the election results. Including, involving the looking for celebrating insurgents at the Rumsfeld resignation. Now, I always knew Fox was a tad bit slanted, I didnt need the Daily Show or MSNBC to tell me this. I just hope this shows more people out there how screwy they are. Of course, as I was searching, apparently this is not new information when it comes to the The Fox Memos, since I found many many results through one google search, heck from 2003 even.

So, when it comes to Fox, it really should be They report, You decide to change the Channel.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Well I can't decide-The Black Parade

First off, this is one of the songs that has been getting alot of playtime on my Ipod, and this was before my funk settled in. Its Welcome to the Black Parade by My Chemical Romance (Jersey Boys BTW). The video is depressing looking, but if you listen to the words, its more of an uplifting song, so I cant decide if its making me darker or lifting my spririts. Eh, it could just be a great song and leave it at that.

Music Video Codes by VideoCure

Monday, November 13, 2006

The Fog

This weekend, at least to me starts the holiday season in my book. My brother is an alumni of The Ohio State University (apparently the The is important) and there biggest game is this weekend, one that we always would watch together in some way shape or form. It is always held the weekend just before Thanksgiving, and its always been the last day I could really relax before starting prepping for the turkey. Then there is the slight lull into December, where the first few weekends are what am I going to get for A and B as opposed to Have a Holly Jolly Christmas. But, I must admit, I have always loved the rush of the holiday season. This is easily my favorite time of the year, or at least one of them.

This year, im not that excited about it at all. I mean, the game itself, sure, but the lead and build up to the holiday, its just making me more nervous as opposed to giddy with anticipation. I know its because of the job, or lack thereof. Last year, we had the money from the sale of my condo, so it was a nice cushion. This year its gone. Whats not been helping at all has been the interviews I have been on. Its not the jobs themselves, they are things that I know that I would be good at or at least qualified to do. Its the hoops that the interviewers/employment agencies make you go through to get to these jobs. I have worked for 10 years in one spot, run a multi million dollar office, I can do almost anything, quit making me feel like I am an ex-felon who is out on there first interview since getting sprung from the joint.

I feel like im kind of in the dark. Not necessarily depressed, at least clinically. I do know I am down though. I know the weather is not helping, its been grey and rainy for two freaking days already. But I am running out of time, I need to find some way to get peppy again, so I can try and go through the hampster wheel that is selling myself to prospective employers.

Thats it, I figure I get it out, it might help. Know of any employment agencies/headhunters on the East Coast, send me the names. Any ideas im missing, jot em down. Ok, that was just kinda pandering wasn't it. Oh wooooee is me. -rolls eyes-

When did I move to the mountains??

Ok, on an earlier post, I talked about how I am not a nature freak, I in fact have never been camping before. It is official now though, it seems Feasterville has become the new home of Grizzly Adams or DAVY CROCKETT. I was outside doing my usual smoking before the wife gets home, and since its been pitch black and wet all day, I had the porch light on. Guess, what pulls into Mrs Duck's parking space. No it wasnt here Honda Civic, but it was a big ass fox. Now I had thought I had seen him before this but it was pitch black. The thing was almost as big as a coyote or something in the wolf family, which makes sense, since I think they are in the wolf family, but holy cow. If you dont think we are developing too much of our land, then come and stand on my front porch and watch a fox look at you and try to decide whether your foot would make a good snack.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Gator Gimicks

Its now the fourth quarter of the Steve Spurrier homecoming to the swamp, and the Florida Gators are frustrating. First off, they make so many mistakes and then when they get down to the red zone, the pull every trick in the book to get a touchdown, as opposed to just drilling the ball in the end zone. Coach Meyer, this junk may have worked against the Wyoming's of the world when you were at Utah, but this is the SEC and your supposed to be the 6th team in the nation. Play like it.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Food for thought 4-From my man G. Garvin

He is a really cool chef, with a cooking show on TVOne/BET. Check him out sometime, his recipes are simple to make most times, and tasty. Plus there are lots of different spices used, something I love.

Meat Lovers Stew

1/4 cup olive oil
2 tablespoons chopped shallots
3 tablespoons chopped garlic
1/2 pound boneless chicken sliced
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon pepper
1/2 pound steak cubed
1/2 pound lamb( I used pork, dont like lamb)
2 large potatoes cubed
3 tablespoons curry powder
3 carrots chopped
2 zucchini sliced
1 yellow pepper diced
1 onion chopped
5 garlic cloves
1/2 pound Italian sausage sliced
1 cup white wine
1 cup beef stock
6 cups water
1 cup grape tomatoes cut in halves
8 ounces green peas (fresh or frozen)

1. Coat pot with olive oil and place over medium heat.

2. Add shallots, garlic, chopped chicken, ½ teaspoon salt, ½ teaspoon pepper. Stir until chicken starts to brown.

3. Add cubed steak, lamb, potatoes, and curry powder. Mix well.

4. Chop carrots, zucchini, yellow peppers, and onions. Add to pot. Stir.

5. Add ½ teaspoon salt and ½ teaspoon pepper.

6. Add garlic and chopped sausage.

7. Pour in white wine, beef stock, water and stir.

8. Add grape tomatoes, peas, salt and pepper.

9. Cover with lid. Let simmer on low heat for 20 – 30 minutes until tender.

10. Mix with a large spoon and let sit for 5 minutes.

11. Serve with your favorite toasted bread or over white rice.

R.U. Remarkable

I dont know if you can really comprehend how surprising yesterday's game was. Its Rutgers, if your from Jersey, your used to them making a minor run someplace, and then falling flat. This time though they bore down and came back. Ray Rice should go to NY as a Heisman trophy finalist at least. It was a remarkable game, though Im sure the SEC and the other big conferences will be crowing now that they were right, Louisville wasnt that good to begin with. Think of it this way, in almost every state, there has to be some team college or high school that you or your significant other pays attention too. Now, after asking him or her or thinking on that team yourself, imagine that in one magical year they won the State Championship. Thats close.

If your a Rutgers Alumni, bask in this, because there is now way I would have thought there would be a light like this on the official University of NJ.

Photo Theme-Orange

I know its late, but this is truly my favorite Orange.

if your wondering what this post is all about check out Photo Theme for Thursday and see.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Biggest Game ever on the Raritan River

I am a transplant from New Jersey, Central Jersey to be exact, which we call the real New Jersey, but this is not a post about whats New Jersey and whats not. Growing up about 20 minutes from New Brunswick, though it was closer to an hour because Route 18 is just as bad as Roosevelt Blvd, I always at least paid attention to Rutgers. You could never call yourself a Rutgers fan, because they were terrible, always!

But tonight, this game is Gigantic! A Monster game! The fact that Rutgers and Louisville are undefeated at 8-0 and both nationally ranked is something that I would have never thought I would have seen, I mean c'mon, its Rutgers!! But they have Ray Rice and some very fast receivers. They have a decent defense, and they will be playing in front of the home crowd in New Brunswick. And I can bet, the fans are crazy, they have been thirsting for this. Plus, there is the whipping that Louisville gave them last year 56-5, which should be some incentive.

So, if your bored tonight, do what I am going to do, tune in at 7:45 pm on ESPN and give Rutgers some love. No I didnt graduate from there, but its NJ and we always always stick with our own.

Thursday Thirteen #7

Yes yes long awaited I know :)

Thirteen Things Sparky always gets at the store

My job in the house is shopping at the Supermarket. Naturally really, since I am the one that does almost all the cooking. I almost always take the list, though there are things I always pickup week by week.

1.Those small plastic cartons of chopped celery and onion in one container. I always need onions in almost every recipe and I hate chopping onions. And I had a bad experience once with celery, didnt clean it enough I think, so I like the prepared ones.

2.Pepcid. I can almost guarantee you that I have some sort of acid reflux, though I am not going to a doctor unless im bleeding somewhere, the Pepcid helps at the end of the day.

3.A main necessity that has become a nuisance to get now is CLARITIN-D. Im not a meth head, Im just addicted to being able to breathe. Some stores dont even have it anymore, and the lines waiting at Customer Service or the Pharmacy are enough to make me get Excedrin at the same time.

4.Soda! Coca-Cola is the family favorite, and Mountain Dew is a personal fave, but its great, they always have 3 for $9 sales on something.

5.Breakfast bars, usually either the Caribou Coffee bars, or the Nutra-Grain bars, or one of each, one for me, one for Mrs Duck.

6.Broth, especially now adays since my casserole/stew fetish is kicking in again in the cooler weather. Almost always 2 cans of Chicken Broth and one of Beef Broth.

7.Jarred Spaghetti Sauce, usually either Francesco Rinaldi or Barilla. I think they have some sort of scam going one week, Rinaldi is 5 for $5 and the next week its Barilla. Not that Im complaining.

8.Tide or Era Detergent. Era is usually cheaper, and those small little bottles are better for Mrs Duck to use when she's doing the laundry. Not as heavy. :)

9.I love love love the new Downy Simple Pleasures fabric softener. That scent stays for a long time in the clothes, and Im convinced that the Lavender really works. Ok maybe thats not every week, but every month for sure.

10.Coffeemate, usually either the Coconut Creme or the Vanilla Thai spice. Though with winter fast approaching, joy of joys, the have eggnog.

11.Tissues, though for the life of me I can't remember the brand, I know its usually not Kleenex. And there the ones with Aloe. I know them when I see them, Im just blanking presently.

12.Turkey Hill Iced Tea, the greatest bottled Iced Tea in the world. And its usually dirt cheap, $1.25 a bottle and thats for a quart. Mrs Duck is addicted to the Orange Tea, I vary between the Blueberry Ooglong and the Lime Tea, though all of them are tasty.

13.I have been banned from buying anymore until the Freezer gets cleaned out of the ones we have, but I always look at the price of Blue Bunny Ice Cream. If its the right flavor and the right price, I think wifey will let me slide.

Just be sure to steer me clear of the cookie aisle. Any body else have suggestions of stuff I need?

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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

There will be a list

Its just going to be a little later then usual. Another interview tomorrow, they keep rolling in, they just dont keep calling back. But, I wont let it get me down. The main point is that the Thursday 13 will be in the afternoon, I have things all set up, just not a full 13. I do hope you come back to check and see though.

Oh, and now that Virginia looks over, I promise not to be so political. Hell, I think I even have election fatigue, and my party won.

Ok, Maybe one Duck Walk

Dont worry Little Jimmy, we kinda feel the same way about your daddy too

Act like you've been there before.

I was raised in the idea that you dont gloat over your beaten opponent. Yes, some exuberance is fine, but there is no reason to spike the ball on the losers head, plant a flag at midfield, or do some sort of Deion Sanders chicken dance.

But, I cant help but have a few quick tidbits about last nights election that do make me a wee bit happy and need a little crowing.

First, my vote did count, since the difference in the Pennsylvania 8 was about 1500 votes or so. Think about that 1500 votes, probably the amount of people that walk through a Target on a Saturday. And Mrs Duck and I voted for the winner, so we meant something.

Some of you might remember a T13 I did last week, about all the races that I was interested in, and things went surprisingly well on that little list actually. McCaskill, Casey, P.Murphy, Menendez, and even Webb (fingers crossed still) came through. Heath Shuler realized that name recognition really can help. And the Phoenix area is getting a little more blue, just a few years later then I thought it would, take that Hayworth, you crazy blowhard. Or as Imus said this morning "Sports at 6 and 11"

Now, it is possible that as a country we wont be run roughshod over. That if you disagree with the party in control of the White House, you may not be declared the enemy. Or, this is just a flash in the pan, that could fade away in the next two year, but for now, for me at least, I am going to soak up all that heat.

Gotta love being in Philadelphia, especially when your blood is blue.

Hey Hey Hey Goodbye

Wow, that was quicker then I thought it would be, but the one I feel sorriest for is the poor clown tapped by the President to try and clean up the mess of Rummy! Victory sometimes can be ohhhh so sweet.

If your looking for a good laugh

Look at the Free Republic Forums. Its really kind of comical and scary all at the same time. Comical because, well, alot of these posters on this message board sound out of there minds nuts. Scary, because it still looks alot like the message board over at the DailyKos four years ago.

Now, I dont hate all Republicans, alot of you let me have my views if there coherent and backed with facts and I let you do the same. These nutjobs however do paint the Elephant in a horrible light.

Good Night John-Boy

I am signing off on a happy note, with the victory of McCaskill in Missouri. I can go to sleep with dreams of a recount in the Commonwealth and Montana pulling through and defeating a man that in not just name reminds me of a character from the The Simpsons.

I think we in the Philly area got 2 of the 3. But, based on what im hearing, its going to go to a recount anyway.

Good Night and Good Luck.

Whatcha Talking About Arianna

Arianna Huffington has a great blog, no question. But I can never understand a word she is saying when she speaks. She reminds me of a barely more intelligent Gabor sister.

Dang it Allen!

Your Father could never win a big game, and now you have to string me along like some sort of tailgater at a Redskins game because your tired and your losing!! Oh, I think I might be getting a little sleep deprivation here, though honestly I am getting a little bit sick of Election Nights becoming like an episode of Lost, neverending!

Dang Tennessee!

JaMarcus Russell throws two td passes against ya and you take it out on Harold Ford?? (Ok Ok its just a joke, but i needed to write something while I wait to see what in blessings name happens in Virginia)

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Thats One

So longgggg crazy Mr Weldon (hmm now im humming Mr Wendell by Arrested Development).

The news stations are giving the 6th to Admiral Joe Sestak

Michael Barone of Fox News

needs a sensitivity training class. Speaking on what districts were still left to be reported in Virginia.

"I have been looking at the state of Virginia's election board website to try and figure out where the outstanding precincts are out....But on the one hand you have a set of precincts in the 3rd congressional district thats the black majority district between Hampton Roads to Richmond..."


Giddyness tempered

I am trying my best to keep everything in perspective, since the Senate is still in the hands of the Reds, things are rolling along nicely. I like the way RI was never a state that was discussed until 3 days ago, and it looks like those folks are as liberal and ticked off as I remember them. I am getting bleary eyed watching these House races in District 6 (Lois Murphy) 7(Sestak) and 8 (Patrick Murphy), since I get most of my information from the Philadelphia Inquirer website. Damn, we need one more surprise someplace to really take the Senate.

Oh, and just getting hit with a rumor that there could be some shenanigans in 8. Surprise, surprise

A sign that cats are against democracy?

Or more likely, some people out there are really really really coming unhinged.

Voter smashes touch-screen machine in Allentown

If nothing else its blog fodder

Blog seeds, blog pucky, you pick, but apparently up until the last second some Republicans in some closer states then here, ohlike Maryland, are still zigging when they should be zagging.

Im In

Philly Transplant: Dona Nobis Pacem...

Mimi Writes.......: Dona nobis pacem in the Blogosphere

Dona Nobis Pacem...

Monday, November 06, 2006

Election Day 06

Vote tomorrow because she told you so. Or, Vote because the way the culture is going right now, she has too much power to tell you to vote. Just Vote

Which is worse?

Is it worse for the President that most candidates are running like cats from a bath, even the ones running for Governor of states where his own brother is the exiting governor? Or is it worse that you do the same thing to your own Senate candidate in the same state that the candidate for Governor did to you?

The Good News from Saturday's Breeder Cup

Well, at least for me that is. I dont know how you bet.

My first winner actually came in the first race, with Dreaming of Anna. I honestly loved this horse. I loved the way she looked, I loved the fact that she had gone out as a 2 year old and beaten some stallions. And I loved the story, she is named after the Breeder's sister, who died of Cancer almost 10 years ago. I just wish that it wasnt the first race, I would have bet more and won more.

In the next few races, we broke even. Honestly, it was not very hard to pick Ouija Board in her race, she is a living legend. I wont even count that as a right pick. Our next hit though was Miesque's Approval. I honestly can not tell you why I picked him, he did not have any of the markers that I usually look at when I have no idea. But, Miesque's Approval ran away with his race Saturday and came in at very good odds!

The next winner we hit on was Round Pond. Really a no brainer for me, and I should have put more money down on her. She had always finished in the money. She is trained by the trainer of Barbaro, and was trained by John Servis of Smarty Jones fame, so those were very strong Delaware Valley connections, as well as the fact that her last big win was at Monmouth Park, which was my home track. In the end, her victory was subdued (see the Pine Island story below) but I was still happy for Matz and Prado and the horse of course.

My last winner was Red Rocks, though I am not going to take alot of credit with him. I had to find something to bet against English Channel and Cacique, since there odds were very very low. I loved his name because of Sedona, Arizona Chris Fowler had mentioned him on a website that I read before the race and his Father was named Galileo, a very very important song to me in my college years. Sometimes, winning is just luck. I like this kind of luck though.

We also won some money on Invasor, but that was just a cover bet, since we lost almost all of that money on exacta bets on Bernadini, who deep down I really really really wanted to win. But, as usual it seems in horse racing, here at least in America, the chips down fall in the "Superhorses" favor.

At the end of the day, I totally broke even, I think I had $20 more then when the races started at noon, but in the 4 months between the Kentucky Derby and the Breeders Cup, the last big betting day, we tripled our opening amount, so I would say that was a pretty good track record! Try to get that from a savings account.

Mimi Writes & Has a good idea.

A lovely idea, since when it all shakes down, no matter which way we lean, where we are, or even if we realize it, bloggers are a community. Check out this post at Mimi Writes.... Now, you know I wont be able to stay silent tomorrow, but if nothing else, it will get my day off to a good start.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Reverse Sexism

Ok, just a warning, this one is BWI, so the spelling maybe off.

On Thursday, I went down to a Philadelphia neighborhood for an interview. It was for an administrative Assistant position, though I am sure they could not have really afforded my asking price. But, there was another person interviewing before me. SHE spent at least 45 minutes in with the boss. She was cute and italian, which would have worked well for this group. But the biggest problem for me was that she was young and cute. She would have looked good in a short skirt, while I would have not. I dont think I got much of an interview, because I could just see the boss picturing her in heels and a miniskirt. This is not the first time I have felt this wall, heck every once in a while, there are Craigslist postings that ask for a picture or a body description. What the hell?? Now, I have no problem really with sexism, since I benefited somewhat from it in my last job, but I am annoyed by it being that obvious.

And another thing, what is with this Blogger Chicks? Im a blogger and I am in touch with my feminine side. I think of myself as being kind of metrosexual, at least when it comes to sharing my feelings. Why am I excluded?? I may need to call Jesse Jackson.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

I prefer to say Progressive

You Are 16% Republican

If you have anything in common with the Republican party, it's by sheer chance.
You're a staunch liberal, and nothing is going to change that!

This is too low, although Clinton was a better President in my book and the Shrub is an idiot, not a criminal.

You Are 44% Democrat

You aren't a full fledged Democrat yet, but it's likely the party that fits you best.
You probably consider yourself an independent Democrat. You usually support the party, but you also think for yourself!

Good Day with the ponies gone bad

I am a big fan of horse racing. Not only is the excitement of betting a rush, I also think that they are truly amazing animals when it comes down to it. A living thing that just loves to run and gets up to speed at 40 miles per hour is amazing to watch. But, they are very very fragile, hundreds, even thousands of pounds on legs that look like matchsticks. Today, we were reminded of how fragile and tragic races can be, with the loss of Pine Island. She broke down in the Distaff today at Churchill Downs and had to be put down. Her ankle dislocated and broke through the skin of her leg, a injury that is almost always fatal. Luckily her jockey only absorbed bumps and bruises from the fall and avoided a more serious injury, probably from sheer luck.

Pine Island was run out of the Phipps Stable in Kentucky. She had raced 6 times, all as a 3 year old and had been in the money all 6 times, with 4 wins. She was gangly and small, not one of those magnificent horses you see in the movies, but she had a certain style that worked for her, and made her a brilliant racer as a 3 year old. Plus, apparently, she had quite a personality, almost friendly, at least according to her trainer. I think that is what will be missed the most, the fact that she was not a frenetic racer, with a poor temperment and bad attitude. She was a stable pet. Racing is always dangerous, but when its on such a grand stage as the Breeders Cup, its almost even worse, because its a loss that is shared by many.

Here's more information on Pine Island and I know that my thoughts are with her owners. As evidenced by the amazing actions that have been taken to save Barbaro, alot of these horses become like family in the stable. Just so so sad.

Tomorrow, the good news for Sparky on the Breeders Cup...

Friday, November 03, 2006

Family Something

In an election cycle that keeps getting worse and worse for the Republicans, you had to know that things had to be bad for Congressman Sherwood when he was fine with having President Shrub by his side. And now this little payoff comes out and its just shows how desperate Big Don must have been. Nothing like a family values Conservative trying out his hand to neck exercises and then trying to sweep it away.

Food for Thought #3

I searched and searched yesterday for a recipe to make in honor of the big game last night in Louisville, Kentucky. Though the game was actually kind of dull in the end, I could not actually believe that beyond mint Juleps, there are not many Kentucky recipes. Though I thought this one was close enough since BBQ seems to be a big deal down there.

Easy Baked Barbeque Country Style Pork Ribs

* 1 1/2 to 2 pounds boneless country-style ribs
* 3 teaspoons Cajun seasoning
* 1/4 teaspoon garlic powder
* 1/2 teaspoon onion powder
* 1 medium onion, sliced
* 1/2 cup barbecue sauce

Wash ribs and pat dry. Combine Cajun Seasoning, garlic powder and onion powder in a small bowl. Rub seasoning along the ribs. Line a shallow baking pan with foil, Pam, or oil and arrange ribs along the bottom of the pan. Place sliced onion pieces along the top of the ribs and cover with another piece of aluminum foil. Bake at 325 degrees for an hour and fifteen minutes or until they are tender. Remove the foil and cover the ribs in barbecue sauce (i found that 1/2 cup was not enough) and bake 15 minutes longer, or broil for 5 to 7 minutes. (I actually cooked for 10 more minutes and then broiled them for 7 minutes and the came out tender and crunchy). Serves 4.

Gooooood Stuff

Random Tidbits

1. Its been a really long week, especially for Mrs. Duck. I soooo wish Blogger had a private button so I could rant about what has gone on, and the usual people could see it without it being all google available.

2. I already have my idea for the Friday Food for Thought

3.I watch wayyyy too much MSNBC coming up to the elections.

4.Its freaking freezing outside. Its no wonder everyone gets sick, on Halloween it was 75 degrees.

5.I love Bourbon

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Well Pfffttt NaBloPoMo

You cant stop me, you can only hope to contain me. I am en fuego! I will post everyday, whether I make it onto your little list or not. Its not like you can take away my laptop.

Rant over, if you want to see why Sparky has gone off the deep end, check out Fussy | NaBloPoMo

Love Thursdays

A great idea, which I found at Lil Duck Duck, and really, it makes sense since this week has been a very long week for my own Mrs. Duck. So here goes my first foray into Love Thursday.

Love is the perfect sunset with the perfect wife

Catch more love Thursdays at Chookooloonks

A little help please...

If anyone reads the fitness magazines, I have a small activity for you, so please drop me a line if it a mission you would choose to accept.

Scroll down for the Thursday 13

Thursday Thirteen #6-Politico

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Thirteen Races toWatch Election Day

If you knew me, you would know that I am totally a politcal junkie, a wonk even. I watch Hardball, I donate money, I can recite the Daily Show word for word from the last major election. Heck, I even have Frank Rich and Bill Maher's books. So you can see why next week is like a mini Super Bowl to me. So as a way of helping, here are the 13 races I will be paying some sort of attention too next week, so you can have your own Sparky Cheat Sheet

1. Rick Santorum* (R) vs Bob Casey Jr (D)-
PA Senate Race- As things have gone along, Casey has opened up a decent lead and has never really been threatened. The debates two weeks ago pretty much sealed the deal. Santorum now is being Santorum. A combined look at the latest polls has Casey up by 11.

2.George Allen* (R) vs James Webb (D)--VA. Senate Race. This has been an interesting race, heavily covered by cable news. Alot of people think of Allen as a stand in for Bush, so if he loses, its will be an indication of how the country feels about our president. The race has pretty much submarined any chances of Allen running for president 2 years from now. Latest polls pretty much has it at a statistical tie.

3.Bob Menendez* (D) vs Tom Kean Jr (R)-NJ Senate Race-Menendez has been a fixture in NJ politics. That can be seen as a good thing or a bad thing, since NJ politics is one of the most corrupt in the country "allegedly". Kean is also helped by the name recognition of his father, a former Governor, who was popular with Dems and Repubs alike. Somehow, and I still dont know how, its seems Menendez right now is holding on, up by 4.

4.Jim Talent* (R) vs Claire McCaskill (D)-Missouri Senate Race-another interesting Senate race, because Missouri is considered a bellweather state. How Missouri goes, is usually how the country goes. Two virtual unknowns, Talent is an incumbent, but only after being in office for 4 years. Right now, shockingly, the say its a tie.

5.Jim Gerlach* (R) vs Lois Murphy (D)-PA Congress 6th District-One of the 3 congressional races that seems to be surrounding me in my lovely little home. Gerlach barely one last time, by about 4000 votes, in a very purple district. Murphy is back to try again, and Gerlach has seemed to have alot less footing this year. Plus, it doesnt seem that he has alot of money, I have seen both positive and negative ads from Murphy, while Gerlach has just gone negative, I dont even know what this man sounds like. Latest poll was the 29th, with Murphy up 5.

6.Mike Fitzpatrick* (R) vs Patrick Murphy (D)-
PA Congressional District 8-OK, I am going to admit I am alittle biased on this one. Not only is the race for my congressional seat, but I also know people working for the Murphy campaign. Plus, I have that lovely little button off to the right there, so I am just going to say that Murphy seems very green still and Fitzpatrick, well I have no way to form an opinion on him since I never hear him speak or see positive ads of his. Latest poll had Murphy up by 3, but that poll seemed a little wacky, so Im still thinking this one is a dead heat.

7.Curt Weldon* (R) vs Joe Sestak (D)
-Pa Congressional 7- And this one I am biased on because I was briefly involved with the Sestak campaign. But, I really have to wonder if Weldon forgot how to run in a close election. He was a 2 term mayor in his hometown in Delaware County, and now he is looking for his 10th term in Congress. This is the first time he has been seriously challenged in 25 years, and this has shown in some of his missteps, like complaining about Sestak's daughter not being treated in Philadelphia for a brain tumor, instead of where she was treated at Walter Reed in DC. The problem with that statement was that was where her doctors already were, and since her father was a Admiral in the Navy at the time, it made sense to stay where she was with doctors that knew her. I think the main factor in this race is change, and how many times Weldon can put his foot in his mouth. The latest independent poll was 2 weeks ago and it had Sestak up by 8.

8.Charles Taylor* (R) vs Heath Shuler (D)-N.C. Congressional 11-Ok, I admit, I only find this race interesting is because Heath was a well known NCAA and NFL Quarterback. And while he was famous in Tennessee, his district hes running in in NC is close enough to the Blue Ridge Mountains for him to be remembered. Zogby has Shuler up by 5.

9.J.D. Hayworth* (R) vs Harry Mitchell (D)-AZ Congressional District 5-Well, this one was not on my radar until today actually. A new poll came out today that had Mitchell ahead by 2, for the first time in this entire race. Hayworth is well known, a popular guest on talk shows, and for being a Republican he is not that bad. He also won by 22 points last time. I have no idea who Harry Mitchell is, but I also know that Arizona is changing, especially since I think this district is near Phoenix, where alot of Californians are moving too. Honestly this number shocks me.

10.Christopher Shays* (R) vs Diane Farrell (D)-CT Congressional District 4. Shays has been around for a while as well, but he never struck me as that great a campaigner. He is now getting swept up in the fact that alot of Democrats are going to come out for the Lieberman/Lamont fiasco and surely will push alot of the Dems along with them. Latest poll has Farrell up by 8

Speaking of...

11.Joe Lieberman* (I) vs Ned Lamont (D) vs Alan Schelsinger (R)-CT Senate Race-Yep, one of those very weird races. Lamont ousted Lieberman from the primaries, but Lieberman kind of knew it was going to happen and got the signatures together to run as an independent. Now, Joe is up by 9, one of the biggest mistakes was Lamont taking a 2 week vacation after winning the primary, giving Joe two weeks to get his Jomentum back. Schelsinger is a sacrificial lamb in this liberal state.

12.Bill Nelson* (D) vs Katherine Harris (R)
-Florida Senate Race-This one is on the list for strictly comedic purposes. There are many *cough* including me *cough* that blame Katherine Harris for the loss of Gore in 2000. Ok maybe not full blame, but she is a great spokesmodel for the 2000 election debacle. She cant lose by enough points, and right now accoring to polls she down by 26!

13. Bob Corker (R) vs Harold Ford Jr (D)-Tennessee Senate-A very dirty race, with negative ads flying all over the place, centering on themes of incompetence, porn, white/black race relations. Its been very very enterntaining if you like watching this stuff, but if I lived there I would have been sickened a long time ago. Right now, Corker seems to be up by 2. Oh and it looks like Frist made the right call, retiring to run for President as opposed to staying in office and having to absorb two elections in 2 years.

Honorable Mentions

I would have paid more attention to the Governor Race in Pennsylvania, but it hasnt been a race, Swann is a horrible candidate. Rendell will win easily. I also thought the Minnesota Senate Race would be close too, but Klobuchar is a great campaigner and I still havent heard a straight thought from Kennedy that wasnt muddled in some way. I am looking at the race to replace Foley in Florida. I even feel sorry for the guy who is the Republican replacement, since Foley's name will still be on the ballot. Explains why the Democrat is up by 8. Im also going to keep an eye out of Rush Holt in NJ, though I dont think he is running against anyone strong.

There ya go, a long list, you know what I will be doing Tuesday now!

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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

John Kerry's D'oh Moment 2006

I am sharing a story that I think Shelley breaks down brillantly, so I will just share my comment I placed on her post...

"Im sure he misspoke, since he has delusions of running for president again in 2 years. But, a bleeding heart liberal democrat, I could just want to shake him senseless for giving Fox News and the Repubs some fodder so close to this election! Its not all about him!!!"

Nothing like giving the wrong side a little help!

I Hate...

Feeling like a quitter, but the money is no where near enough to feel unhappy in a temporary job, nor is it a good feeling to work at someplace that I feel mislead me in the first place.

Oil Painting Day 1

Have you ever thought you were going to get or do something, and then when you get there, you realize its nothing like what you thought? Kind of like the first time I got a Star Wars action figure spaceship. I ripped it open and say "hey it really doesnt fly!", heck the first one I got, it was too heavy to even make fake fly.

Well, thats kind of what my experience was on day one of yesterdays little foray into the political world. You think you are going into something that will make some sort of difference in the upcoming election, when really, Im not going to make a change from the people Ive been getting in touch with. Especially the way the country is right now, if your a Democrat, your going to know who your voting for, and even if you dont like your candidate, your so sick of the way things are going, that your going to go against the Republican no matter what (kinda like alot of peoples feelings on Casey, but I digress).

If I wasnt partnered with someone else, I would have been quite nervous, and not because of going up and knocking on peoples doors, but because I could easily get hit walking down this road without sidewalks and not be seen for weeks, or run into the Masked Maurader of Villanova and have him hack off one of my hands because I didnt say the magic words or something (ok it was Halloween, the imagination runs when your in the total middle of nowhere)

And I realized I might have been one of the few people in this little group that truly cared. Well, the boss, she cares, and the other people working with me seem to care, but deep down I also think that possibly if the Repubs paid $100 more, they would be doing the talking for him. I just feel like I have been sold a bill of goods that is not at all what it should have been.

I think I will go back today, partly because they need some documentation to be sure I get paid, but if I come home tonight as annoyed as I was last night, this is so not worth it. Especially when I think the candidate that were are working for would have absolutely no idea we were out there anyway.