Wednesday, November 15, 2006

And then they write themselves

At first, this whole writing a blog post everyday idea, was smooth sailing. Especially with the election and the memes that are on some days of the week. But, it not been all peaches and cream, since sometimes it just feels like a mental block. But, hey, Fox News always knows how to pitch in and help.

The Huffington Post got leaked this memo today about how Fox news would spin the election results. Including, involving the looking for celebrating insurgents at the Rumsfeld resignation. Now, I always knew Fox was a tad bit slanted, I didnt need the Daily Show or MSNBC to tell me this. I just hope this shows more people out there how screwy they are. Of course, as I was searching, apparently this is not new information when it comes to the The Fox Memos, since I found many many results through one google search, heck from 2003 even.

So, when it comes to Fox, it really should be They report, You decide to change the Channel.