Saturday, May 28, 2005

Weekend Musings

Welllll, its been a while ain't it.

Hmmm, life is still rolling along the same right now, but I have had a few things pop into my head.

Going to see Sarah McLachlan tonight in Atlantic City. I think shes playing at the Taj. I am really looking forward to it, though the trip back to Philly will not be that much fun, just cuz its late. I should probably plug some information into Mapquest, just so I figure out how to get there since I only know it from Central Jersey.

I have become addicted to Pogo. Those sick and twisted people that invented this website, its sheer brillance. I mean they attach little rewards to these games, like little carrots. They dangle in front of you and you just have to get them! Scary really. So, dear readers, please dont get addicted. And if ya do, avoid the game Backwater Bayou, since it is numbingly boring.

I was looking at the so called Ab-Lounge today and had a revelation. It might be still on the market because well, it looks like it could be some sort of sexual device. Just watch the commercial carefully next time, look at it closely and see where your imagination could take you.

Happy Weekend everyone!!

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

The Runaway

Well, first off, yes I am glad that the woman in Georgia was found safe and sound and it has at least a happy ending for her family at least. Now, I was neutral on the fact of whether she should be charged with a crime, filing a false police report or some sort of conspiracy techinically. Ok thats first question, what the hell can they even charge her with besides being an idiot?
Anyway, I say I was on the fence, until we learned that she bought the bus ticket one week before she actually disappeared. That makes her little adventure a premeditated act, which means I have alot less sympathy for her. Same thing, you want to tell me that none of the hotels that she stayed in on her little foray into Vegas and Alberquerque did not have CNN?? We have been spending days on end on this story and she waits until the last day to let her fiance off the hook?
I know FuW said that I would be dead way before having any chance of her taking me back if I pulled a stunt like that. Thats why I can not believe the jilted fiance in this whole things is staying so calm and cool about it. I know how I would feel, Johnnie Walker and I would become close friends for a weekend or so.

My luck naturally

So, for 2 days in a row now, I have been getting up nice and early to await a repairman to come and fix my toilet. Hmm, been up since 7:46, and hey its 9:45, guess what, no repair man! And this is day two without a toilet in the main bathroom. The jokers have one hour and then I will be making an angry phone call. Ok who am i kidding, they have an hour before I make a pleasant phone call, since it usually takes alot more for me to get angry. Can someone say nap though?