Friday, May 12, 2006

Now this is a one stop shop for sure!

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And the true shocker is that its in Maine, not below the Mason-Dixon line

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

where to begin or better yet updates galore

1. Have had a second interview for that job I interviewed for over a month ago. I know I am dealing with a big corporate giant, but I think the polar ice caps move faster.

2. FW had her shower a few weekends ago. It was a lovely time for everyone, I think, and we got lots of goodies, though I will say, I believe FW was a bit disappointed at the turnout and some of the things that might have happened leading up to the day.

3. Less then 4 weeks to go, the two of us have not exploded at each other, yet, but we are both very tense with quick trigger fingers. I get the feeling its a good thing im not working, someone might get yelled at.

4. Engagement pics a few weeks ago as well, though still waiting for the final proofs. Though it has been harder to actually find a sign in board for the pics then taking the pictures themselves.