Saturday, June 25, 2005

Back from the Abyss

Well, I have great reasons why I have not posted in a while, and if ya dont think so, then well, i like making excuses.

1. The beloved super Kittie is super no longer. She leapt off a 3 foot high table about 3 weeks ago and snapped her back leg. The only way to fix it was to amputate it, so 2000 dollars and plenty of worries later, we now have decided to change her name to Cassidy (as in Hopalong). No worries now folks, she is doing just fine now, but it was a stressful two weeks.

2. Just after Kittie was all set to get released from her home caging, the author pulled a muscle in my back. Pain shot through me along the lines of a spike being driven into my lower back. In fact I almost passed out!!! Lord that was the worst feeling I have ever felt. So I was laid up for a little over a week and high on codeine for the first few days of that. So while i ramble on like a Republican Pundit sometimes, I doubt anyone would want to read a Blujackit on acid post.

So are those excuses good enough for ya?? If not I might be able to dig something else up.

Future topics, more a reminder for me then you.

1.Sarah Concert
2.Afleet Alex
3.D & D Wedding
4.My best recipe in the last week

Looking forward to it yet????