Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Force with Force Bill

Ok Ok, 1st off, i know its Florida, and it a well known fact that the people down in Florida are just generally crazy. I mean not Texas crazy, but not very normal either. But does anyone esle think that this bill sounds like a recipe for disaster besides myself. Basically, the bill says that if you feel a threat of bodily harm, you are free to use force, up to deadly force to stop the other person.

Now everyone read very carefully, who oh who was backing the bill??


The Associated Press
Posted April 26, 2005, 11:59 AM EDT

TALLAHASSEE -- With a lobbyist for the National Rifle Association at his side, Gov. Jeb Bush signed a bill today intended to make it clear that people have a right to defend themselves on the street, meeting "force with force" without fear of being prosecuted.

The measure, the NRA's top priority, which passed the Legislature overwhelmingly earlier this year, says that people who are under attack don't have to retreat before responding.

People already have that right in their home. The bill (SB 436), which takes effect Oct. 1, extends the right to public spaces, including on the street or in a place of business.

Case law and statutes dealing with the issue vary from state to state, but supporters said the measure brings Florida in line with a number of other states.

"To have to retreat ... defies common sense," Bush said.

Ok, anyone else think this is just plain nuts!!!!

Monday, April 25, 2005

Need a good laugh?

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Long Week

Well, its been a little while since I have posted, but I think have a good excuse for it.

FuW had an operation on her mouth and her jaw and that had me in a worried tissy. Everything went according to plan, but I have had to strap on my nurse helmet for the last week or so, fun fun fun. She has been a good patient, but the steroids she takes to help with her healing do make her darned grumpy. But overall things are looking up and I believer she will be back to work tomorrow. Lets just say we have eaten alot of pasta and rice this week.

Now for some reviews. Last weekend, not the one that just passed we saw the movieSahara (2005). While not exactly Oscar award material, it was a good movie overall, a combo Indiana Jones, James Bond and a political intrigue filled movie. Overall, a thumbs up.

While waiting around in the hospital, and then in the next few days after, I finished the book Something Borrowed. I think that Steph does a good job of baring down the good and bad points of the book, but if you are looking for some easy reading, I'd select this one. Steph's Book Reviews - Something Borrowed

Hey, someone please tell me, what happened to the warm weather??

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

weird weird world-Cat Hunting

Wisconsin Considers Legalizing Cat Hunting

MADISON, Wis. (April 12) - Feline lovers holding pictures of cats, clutching stuffed animals and wearing whiskers faced-off against hundreds of hunters at meetings around Wisconsin to voice their opinion on whether to legalize cat hunting.

Residents in 72 counties were asked whether free-roaming cats - including any domestic cat that isn't under the owner's direct control or any cat without a collar - should be listed as an unprotected species. If listed as so, the cats could be hunted.

The proposal was one of several dozen included in a spring vote on hunting and fishing issues held by the Wisconsin Conservation Congress. The results, only advisory, get forwarded to the state Natural Resources Board.

Statewide results were expected Tuesday.

La Crosse firefighter Mark Smith, 48, helped spearhead the cat-hunting proposal. He wants Wisconsin to declare free-roaming wild cats an unprotected species, just like skunks or gophers. Anyone with a small-game license could shoot the cats at will.

At least two other upper Midwestern states, South Dakota and Minnesota, allow wild cats to be shot - and have for decades. Minnesota defines a wild, or feral, cat as one with no collar that does not show friendly behavior, said Kevin Kyle with that state's Department of Natural Resources.

Every year in Wisconsin alone, an estimated 2 million wild cats kill 47 million to 139 million songbirds, according to state officials. Despite the astounding numbers, Smith's plan has been met with fierce opposition from cat lovers.

Critics of Smith's idea organized Wisconsin Cat-Action Team and developed a Web site - dontshootthecat.com. Some argue it is better to trap wild cats, spay or neuter them, before releasing them.

In Madison, about 1,200 people attended the Monday evening meeting at the Alliant Center - more than the 250 or so in a typical year, but less than the 3,000 or so who took part in a debate in 2000 over whether to allow hunters to shoot mourning doves.

One of the attendees was Katy Francis, who wore cat ears, whiskers, a cat nose and a sign that read, ''Too Cute to Kill.'' For Francis, ''The cat hunting thing brought me out because it was very extreme.''

MishMash of thoughts

Hey everybody, been a little while, hasn't it?

Anyways, have had some thoughts running thru my head, so this post will be a little crazy

1.How gosh darn popular is the restaurant Carraba's? FuW and I tried to go there on Saturday night at 9PM and there was still an hour wait! At 9 pm on a Saturday? How normal is that?? Its not like its a 5 star restaurant for pete's sake.

2.Watched the Masters the other day, it was quite exciting, though I was rooting for Chris DiMarco and not Tiger Woods. I was kind of annoyed at the beginning of the coverage of the Masters, because they made it look like the Tiger Woods Shootout, all Tiger all the time. It was just too bad that Chris could not catch any breaks at all, but that is why Tiger is Tiger.

3.Just finished the Book, Guilty Pleasures by Laurell K Hamilton. Would definetly give the book 3 stars, read it in under a week. A book that is combination between Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Kay Scarpetta novels, so if you like one of these characters, I would recommend Anita Blake!

4. An old thought, but Philadelphia Radio took another hit with the change of format to 100.3, which used to be called Y100 for another rap station. That makes I believe 5 here in the Philadelphia area. I dont mean to be crass, and I listen to rap and R&B music, but there are more then just black people living in Philadelphia!!!

Monday, April 04, 2005


So, did you ever have a friend, that cool friend who was like in the in crowd, really good at everything you wanted to do and just someone that everyone seemed to love? Did you ever get jealous of this person when they were off doing something with the cool kids and you were at home watching reruns of the Fresh Prince of Bel Aire? And did you ever think that when this friend, who was so great to you, included you in things with a large group of people or something they were doing with people that you did not necessarily know, did it feel like some sort of pity invite? Like they felt sorry for you? How did you handle it? Or did you continue to just go along with the flow, and take what scraps you could get from the pretty girl, the jock or the best actor in every play?