Monday, April 04, 2005


So, did you ever have a friend, that cool friend who was like in the in crowd, really good at everything you wanted to do and just someone that everyone seemed to love? Did you ever get jealous of this person when they were off doing something with the cool kids and you were at home watching reruns of the Fresh Prince of Bel Aire? And did you ever think that when this friend, who was so great to you, included you in things with a large group of people or something they were doing with people that you did not necessarily know, did it feel like some sort of pity invite? Like they felt sorry for you? How did you handle it? Or did you continue to just go along with the flow, and take what scraps you could get from the pretty girl, the jock or the best actor in every play?


Miss Margo said...

A person who makes you feel like less of a human being, or less cool or insecure is not really your friend. I know some pretty cool people, but I only hang out with them if I happen to bump into them, I almost never accept their pity invites.

That's just me. But then again, I'm terminally cool

Anonymous said...

no. if it was a pity invite then they were not a friend to begin with.
michael @

supine said...

Hmm, it sounds like when you're hanging out in one of these big groups of people you're not really hitting it off with any of them, or with the person who invited you. That sucks, I have been there. It is no fun hanging out with people who just don't gel with your sense of humor or whatever. Personally, if it felt like work being with them, I wouldn't do it, even if it's not a pity invite.