Monday, July 04, 2005

Live 8

Well 1st off no we did not go, standing around with 750,000 to 1 million of my closest friends without any acess to a bathroom was not my idea of a good time. I do know though that if I did not have AOL I would have een darned ticked off. MTV/VH1 did a totally terrible job of covering the concert, cutting up and not even showing to many full performances. Now how is that going to be able to help people learn anything. From the stuff that I did see Kanye West had one of the better performances. Though he is probably going to be the next P. Diddy, i sure hope not.

other thoughts
1.Apparently Tim McGraw is quite hot
2. REM has totally gone off the deep end, well at least Michael Stipe has
3.Pink Floyd still sounds as good as they did before they had whatever there issues were
4.London had the best set of performers. Any show that opens with U2 and Paul McCartney, features a performance of Bittersweet Symphony with the Singer from the Verve and Coldplay (which can be found for download with some digging hint, hint) and has a Pink Floyd reunion can overshadow anything that any other venue could put together.
5.those politicians are quite smart, the G8 summit is happening over this weekend, or at least started over this weekend, when Americans would have noooo clue what was going on.
6. They had better sell more versions of songs or a DVD of the performances!!