Thursday, July 31, 2008

Now why couldn't the Phillies pull Griffey?

If you are a slugger, like Ken Griffey Jr, who has not really tasted the playoffs since you were really a Junior in Seattle, you would think the Phillies would be high on your list of teams to get traded to. Nice small ballpark to hit in, and you have to be a better outfielder defensively, even gimpy, then Burrell or Dobbs.

Yet, you find yourself with the White Sox, for two players that are being traded for the 2nd time in 2 years and a boat load of cash. The WSox are clinging to a lead in a weak division and possibly 3rd or 4th in the Wild Card chase. Not exactly a lock for that ring is it?

Though here inlies the true problem, when it comes to money, the Phillies and the Eagles have the same mindset. Don't spend it.

Monday, July 28, 2008

They all maybe Milf's

One of the benefits of the other office I was helping out in the last few weeks, was the fact that the talent that walked past the window was smokey at best. Sundresses and tank tops and things bouncing all over the place as they left the community pool. A fringe benefit.

Now that I am back at regular office *trying not to grit my teeth* the sights are a bit lacking. And one of the crazy things about the people walking outside my window, is that a majority of the hot ones are MILFs. Google that if you don't know.

Now of course, I am just looking, not touching, which of course makes it a spectator sport, but still I wonder, what does Milfdom say about the neighborhood I work in.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hurricane Alycia Lane trips Egomaniac Mendte

I am an Action News guy. I do not stray too often from the local news station that I watch, even though I find myself watching more of the regular primetime shows on other stations. Give me Jim Gardner 7 days a week, so I do not know a whole heck of a lot about Alycia Lane and Larry Mendte then just some fleeting glances or the occasional 15 minute overage because of Tivo.

But, Miss Lane was always good for some blogger fodder, after the Rich Eisen incident and then followed by the cop slapping in NYC incident, and my opinion of Larry Mendte has always been that he is a big phony. Now dont get me wrong, Mendte did alot of great things for Alex's Lemonade Stand after the big buildup by the drive of the stallion Afleet Alex and his 2 great Triple Crown Races, but in the end, he always struck me as someone that was just trying to imitate a news anchor in New York of the 90s and not his own person.

However, you do not see Chuck Scarborough getting indicted on Federal Charges all the time do you?

Alycia was actually wronged on this one, and not in the wrong, not that it will get her her job back with KYW. But now at least she is not that anchorwoman who sent bikini pictures around to the dude from the NFL Network.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Poetry Nearly Derailed by a Sinnerman

Listen to the voice and you would never think that the voice is actually a woman, not a man. But, it really is a close to classic song, that deserves its due. Plus, who doesnt love the Thomas Crown Affair?

Sinnerman-Nina Simone

Oh, sinner man, where you gonna run to?
Oh, sinner man, where you gonna run to?
Oh, sinner man, where you gonna run to?
Oh, sinner man, where you gonna run to all on that day?

Run to the moon, "Moon won't you hide me?"
Run to the sea, "Sea won't you hide me?"
Run to the sun, "Sun won't you hide me all on that day?"

Lord says, "Sinner man, the moon'll be a bleeding."
Lord says, "Sinner man, the sea'll be a sinking."
Lord says, "Sinner man, the sun'll be a freezin' all on that day!"

Run to the Lord, "Lord won't you hide me?"
Run to the Lord, "Lord won't you hide me?"
Run, run, "Lord won't you hide me all on that day?"

Lord says "Sinner man, you should've been a praying."
Lord says "Sinner man, you should've been a praying."
Lord says "Sinner man, you should've been a praying all on that day."

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Stumbling Around

I love the summer. I love the feeling of the warm air as it surrounds you. I love wearing less clothes, plus I love the fact that there are women out there who wear less clothes (I'm married, I am not dead). But, I one thing I do not love is the fact that the weekends become filled with so much stuff going on. The winter at least allows you to have a down day because it is so dark so early. Summer gets the social calendar filled so quickly, that you blink and the weekend is over.

Not that I am saying that I do not enjoy friends and family and stuff to do, but sometimes you need the chance to get you brain to focus and right now it seems like its bounce bounce bounce. Of course, I am just whining here, not the best thing for a duck to do.

By the way, did I wake up in the early 90s? Is Greg Norman really winning the British Open Championship again?

Monday, July 14, 2008

I may need to get out more

But yesterday, after frying ourselves in the heat of the sun, at a christening party that we decided not to swim at, all I could look forward to when coming home was playing my new baseball simulation game, OOTP 9.

And not only did I look forward to it, I was actually excited when replaying the Red Sox vs Yankees from this season, I actually got excited when Jason Varitek hit a walk off grand slam homerun. Lets remember, this is a computer game, not an actual game!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Hey, whats 663 miles amongst swing states

Yes, good ole Sparky is a blogger jumping on the McCain is too old bandwagon. Apparently, Senator McCain has been telling a story for the last 35 years that when he was held as a POW, he gave the name of the Green Bay Packers O-Line as his copatriots when captured. Admirable, trust me, beyond anything that I could ever do, being a POW.

Except when you use that history as a political talking point. Like this past week, where he said he used the Steelers O-Line as his fellow soldiers code names. Lets guess, shall we, where he made this statement? A prize for the first blogger that says Pittsburgh.

But, apparently, the honorable senator just sort of forgot.

Now, the distance, as per mapquest, between Green Bay Wisconsin and Pittsburgh Pennsylvania is 665 miles, give or take. Sort of a great distance to forget, but hey, they both have shitty winters.

Lets look at the Packer O-Line

LT Bob Skoronski 29 7 0

Green Bay Packers / 5th / 56th pick / 1956
LG Fuzzy Thurston 30 5 0

Philadelphia Eagles / 5th / 54th pick / 1956
C Jim Ringo*+ 32 10 14

Green Bay Packers / 7th / 79th pick / 1953
RG Jerry Kramer*+ 27 5 0

Green Bay Packers / 4th / 39th pick / 1958
RT Forrest Gregg*+

Looking really quick, I myself have certainly heard of Jerry Kramer, Forrest Gregg and Jim Ringo. Kramer and Gregg are football Icons.

And on to 1963 Pittsburgh

LT Charlie Bradshaw* 27 5 0 1 fumble recovered

Los Angeles Rams / 8th / 94th pick / 1957
LG Mike Sandusky 28 6 0 2 fumbles recovered

San Francisco 49ers / 4th / 46th pick / 1957
C Buzz Nutter 32 9 0

Washington Redskins / 12th / 136th pick / 1953
RG Ray Lemek 29 6 0

Washington Redskins / 19th / 227th pick / 1956
RT Dan James

Charlie Bradshaw has the same name as a really famous Steeler, who will come around about 15 years in the future and Sandusky is a town in Ohio. But, nope no reall hall of famers here.

The Packers went 11-2 and the Steelers went 7-4. Yep memorable I am sure to the Steel City.

I hate when my favorite sport is dragged into this bullshit, and then I hate more when it is kinda laughable.

Tony Snow at 53

Never really was a big Tony Snow fan. I always thought that he had been a kind of mouthpiece for the current administration and all there faults before he became the Press Secretary. But he always seemed to be a jovial guy, someone you could have a good conversation with as long as it was not about politics. And 53 is way too young.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Potent Potables

Things that would have been blog worthy, except for the fact that I have been too damned tired to post them.

1.It is never good when one of your office underlings says to you "I am bored" is it?

2.I have not watched OLTL for two good weeks, and except for the fact that I have no idea who the hell this guy is that is saying he is Sayed father, everything else falls into line.

3.Jesse Jackson, jealous or getting senial, discuss

4.Alan Webb has been a contender for the Olympic Gold medal in the mile for 12 years. When he finishes fifth in the Olympic Trials, you realize what the media does to some athletes.

5.Bill O'Reilly is a moron.

6.The Palmetto State is calling to me. I just have to hold on for another 7 or 8 months or so and we can possibly restart our lives. Maybe

7.The Puppy should be named Kobie

8. I guess the laws of the United States apply to everyone here, besides Karl Rove

Sunday, July 06, 2008

There are few things like Oregon Track and Field

Now, its the 800 meters which means any of these guys will be lucky to get a bronze medal, but for one school/track team to get 1 2 3 in the trials, with one of them diving his body across the finish to get the A standard time is amazing. The first video is amatuer, but gets the excitement #2 does a fine job of showing the race!

For Goddesses sake, my mom told me about this race, obviously its exciting

Friday, July 04, 2008

Country Music that is Thankfully not Toby Keith

And because it is the 4th of July and I live in the good ole USA, I can actually say that yes, naysayers, the Dixie Chicks are actually a country music band.

Happy 4th or Happy Canada Day (soon or in the past)

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #65-The Movie Speech One

Thirteen Terrific Movie Moments

Maybe ya need a little inspiration to get going, or to clean that grill, or to open your next bottle of vodka. Whatever it is, I hope I help.

1.James Earl Jones in Field of Dreams

2.Scent of a Woman

3.George C Scott was Patton

4.A Few Good Men

5.Remember the Titans-Defense

6.The American President-Press Conference

7.Good Will Hunting, The NSA Speech

8.Dogma-In the Boardroom

9.The Wedding Crashers

10-Freedom from Braveheart


12.Tiny Dancer from Almost Famous

13.Pulp Fiction Hamburgers

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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

It was a good day...

And then I talked to my home office and all the annoyances and drama and covert conspiracy operations washed over the phone. I should not have bothered, I would have enjoyed my Friday night, since I am not working anymore this week.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Sputtering Fits

Its been an interesting past couple of days, mostly in the evenings, listening to Mrs Duck as she rants and rants about work. Shortly, I believe she is going to revert into Daffy Duck, stuttering and spit all over the place as she discusses the lack of work effort, gumption, or even activity that her supervisors show. If the building is not metaphorically on fire, things don't get done. And for the type A personality that my wife is, that is not a healthy situation.

I just nod complacently and listen to her bend my ear, mostly because this is the same song and dance that has been played for months now, plus my normal place, since I am still helping out somewhere else, has many of the same qualities. So I can commiserate, but not fix. What I can fix her is a nice stiff drink.