Thursday, July 31, 2008

Now why couldn't the Phillies pull Griffey?

If you are a slugger, like Ken Griffey Jr, who has not really tasted the playoffs since you were really a Junior in Seattle, you would think the Phillies would be high on your list of teams to get traded to. Nice small ballpark to hit in, and you have to be a better outfielder defensively, even gimpy, then Burrell or Dobbs.

Yet, you find yourself with the White Sox, for two players that are being traded for the 2nd time in 2 years and a boat load of cash. The WSox are clinging to a lead in a weak division and possibly 3rd or 4th in the Wild Card chase. Not exactly a lock for that ring is it?

Though here inlies the true problem, when it comes to money, the Phillies and the Eagles have the same mindset. Don't spend it.


Anthony said...

The Phillies were never really interested in Griffey. He'd have to play either center or right, and unless they trade Victorino, Werth or Jenkins, that wasn't happening.
Burrell is an underrated left fielder. He leads the NL in outfield assists and has one of the most accurate arms in the big leagues. He's slow, but not gimpy.

As for money, they spend it - albiet in the wrong places sometimes, but their payroll approaches $100 million, which ain't bad. 12th in the majors, I think.

For the record, Dobbs has only played a handful of games in the OF. He's a 3B and pinch hitter at this point. Bruntlett plays out there more than Dobbs.

They needed pitching. Offense is nice, but pitching and defense win championships. This team might win another division, but beyond that, they'll get beat by either Milwaukee or Chicago.

The Gal Herself said...

Funny, but the White Sox fans I encounter feel that Junior just may be THE MISSING PIECE that will propel them into the Fall Classic. As a Cub fan, I treat them with the noblesse oblige they deserve.

Valtool said...

Exactly my thoughts, they have no need for Jr. because they need starting pitchers in a bad way. The same held true last year, and again this year no one in the NL has any starters to spare in trading.