Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Ive finally figured out Anne Coulter

Besides the fact that she really is just a miserable shrew!

But, my theory is that she gets a question from an interviewer, thinks about what the answer would be for someone on the left wing, or even in the center and says the exact opposite. Though I really do think if she was asked, Do Republicans think the sky is blue, she would answer no its red!

Monday, June 26, 2006

H-Moon Sightings

So, not only was the honeymoon so relaxing I could have felt my spine melt, but it also gave the both of us the opportunity to have a few famous people sightings. I guess when you stay in places that celebrities would want to stay in, it kind of makes sense that it would happen.

In Maui, Horace Grant was poolside, not 5 feet away from where we were lounging. Probably one of the most unassuming people I have ever seen in his interaction with the public. Yes, he was not or is not that famous and NBA star, I mean not since Jordan retired, but still very recognizable. And nice guy as well, just like a regular person. When a kid threw up right outside his cabana, he was the first up to offer the kid a towel to clean up with, even before his mother! Heck of a guy!

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The other one we saw, Mrs D actually spotted first, which was amazing in itself. She is not the most observant person when it comes to some things. Ask me about our engagement sometime. Anyway, sitting in the Lobby Bar of the W Seattle, and guess who comes running through the lobby, taking steps two by two, but none other then It for now Newsman, Anderson Cooper. It was the day he was doing 360 from Seattle, and we were like, I wonder where he is standing. MD almost bolted after him to get an autograph, or to just tell him how much she admires him and his work, but he was a shot and gone. Funny, never thought anyone could move that fast not running from the police.

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not so famous I know, but a heck of alot more famous then Vernon Odom. I think I am going to do a seperate honeymoon blog in the future, what does everyone else think?


Well, Ladies and Germs, we have some not so breaking news to share. Now going forward, FW will be referred to as Mrs Duck, Mrs. D or MD, since for some strange reason I really can not explain, she decided to go through with the wedding and we are now officially hitched! Poor thing LOL