Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Review #2

Good Night, And Good Luck. Film Site

A good film becuase it stuck to the historical aspects of the movie to begin with. Though filmgoers now would have rather seen a more dramatic fall for McCarthy, thats not historically accurate. Though it did seem to drag a bit, the use of black and white and the jazz music was brillant.

Movie Review #1

Pride and Prejudice

an excellent showing of a classic book. While the best actress category might have been weak this year, I do understand why Keira got the nomination at least. Not only is she beyond gorgeous, heck even FW said that, she really is a very good actress. And there was alot of humor as well, though for the life of me, I can not figure out where I have seen the slutty sister before.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Degrassi Ripoff

Ok first off dont ask me why I am watching this, or better yet, blame the FW, but anyway I am watching one of the Degrassi Next Generations she has taped, or was watching actually the other night and lord all mighty the Take on Me episode is a totally knockoff, or omage to The Breakfast Club.

Look for yourself!

Lost in Lost

Alright I have really been trying with this television program. What can I say, I am one of those linear people who likes things to go from point A to point B, especially when it comes to my television watching. A bad guy does something, gets caught and while he may or may not be punished, we at least know he or she is the bad guy. Your sitcoms with the crazy kid thinking of stealing, and all the wacky fun that ensues!

Now of course theres lost, which is nothing linear at all. Heck, alot of the plot is told in flashbacks for petes sake. But as I have said before, and might be repeating myself again, people like to have at least something resolved. It doesnt have to be the main plot, but goodness one of the satellite off shoot plots that could be giving us information in regards to the Island, it would be nice if they wrapped one of those up at least. Because right now, Im thinking the damn thing is like Supermans Bizzarro world.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Now thats a World Cup!

A tidbit graciously taken from BookBitches, who found it someplace else."'Mr. Switzerland" to entice women during World Cup - Yahoo! News

Question of the Day

Though I am going to save my response to another post but:

What if any is your opinion of porn in a commited relationship? (explanation?? well is it healthy or something that should not be necessary. And I dont mean strippers)

Update and Shift

Yes I know there are probably not that many of you left, but hello fellow reliable readers, here's what I have been up too.

Still Waiting on word from the latest interview I had, though I still think I am at least in good shape, since the HR person calls me once a week to give me an update with what is going on with the position. So that means they at least want me to still be available! So thats good, I think. Just dont want to get my hopes up and be disappointed again.

Nice little screw up on the banking end has a nice chunk of change still floating out there that should be in one of my accounts. A word to the wise, when you have something important to go into your account, do not go to one of those in Supermarket branches, since it seems they do not hire the swiftest of tellers.

With only 6 and a half weeks to go, I do see this blog going from a ranting and raving about the screwed up things of the world, to the stress and keep your fingers crossed, not screwep up things with the planning of a wedding. Along those lines, can anyone give me a good photo program to put pics in this blog?

These Crazy Kids Today

Now, I really have to ask, how did I miss this in college. I was friends with alot of Sorority girls in College, and I dont recall hearing about this at all! Hmm and its a Christian College in Tampa Florida, one of the more conservative corners of the state, Interesting..