Thursday, September 30, 2004

Reviews of debate

ok so this is not the most partisan expression, since its stolen from the Kerry-Edwards blog, but Joe Scarborough is not the most liberal commentator in the world so i will take it
The First Reviews are In
The first reviews are coming in, and they're great!

“As far as the debate goes, I don't see how anybody could look at this debate and not score this a very clear win on points for John Kerry." -- Joe Scarborough

"I thought the President was repetitive and reactive." - Kate O'Beirne

"It was John Kerry's best performance ever." -- Joe Scarborough

“The president was remarkably angry seeming"—Mark Halperin

"Bush appeared perturbed when Kerry leveled some of his charges, scowling at times and looking away in apparent disgust at others." Milbank and VandeHei


Kerry: 45

Bush 36:

Tie: 17

Ok now I am a teensy-weensy bit excited

Kerry Vs Bush

There was no knockout blow, no "Mr Vice President, your know John Kennedy moment". Bush did his typicl resoulute song and dance, and Kerry finally came out and looked like he had some sort of backbone, some plan, some idea that he could be presidential. I know alot of people may know go from anyone but Bush to Kerry for President. My question is where does GW go on the domestic policies??


Does anyone think that the President's message going forward is that, "its hard work"

Merck withdraws arthritis drug Vioxx

Merck withdraws arthritis drug Vioxx Why does this just not sound good for pharmaceutical company everywhere

Yick/People Watch

It is totally disgusting out right now. feels very humid, its grey as hell and it looks like the skies will open up at any minute. This not going in any way shape or form help me to become motivated to clean out my car. Of course I did crap yesterday around here, the dishwasher still needs to be empited, theres a pan from two days ago still in the sink and the trip is fast approaching.

GF went to the mall to get her nails none yesterday and I was a good boyfriend and accompanied her. I also took it as an opportunity to get some last minute supplies from Target and stuff for the camera at Best buy. I also took an opportunity to particpate in one of my favorite pasttimes, people watching. I love to watch the people who seem to be on a date, or at least a get to know each other session, as they act all awkward, and the high school punks (is it me or are they becoming punkier every year) wander the malls aimlessly, looking cool and insercure all at the same time. And the working women, enjoying the free time from sons and daughters, or annoyting husbands, or that boss they wish they could have killed already. People are just so cool.

Debate countdown, 10 hours or so, to see if the election will be worth following anymore!


Got this quiz fromBaby'sblog, who got it from someone else, though it is a bit accurate

You represent... naivete.
You represent... naivete.
So innocent and trusting... you can be very shy at
times, but it's only because you're not sure
how to act. You give off that "I need to
be protected vibe." Remember that not all
people are good. Being too trusting will get
you easily hurt.

What feeling do you represent?
brought to you by Quizilla

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

In honor of Move On Concerts for Change Pt 1

Figured I would include some lyrics from some of the artists that have performed. Crosby Stills and Nash was in Phoenix last night with Jackson Browne, Bonnie Raitt and Keb Mo (Keb Mo?) Anyway:

War Games-Crosby Stills & Nash

Words and music by Stephen Stills
Can you stop your instincts
Can you man your thought control, sir?
Will you give the last command
Or lie to a good soldier
I'm a doubter
I'm a fool
Let me be -
All that I am
I am not so sure
What you want me for
Either your machine
Is a fool, or me ...
Now there is no time to wait
No time to think it over
Take the path, believe the math
You'll tell me when it's over
I'm a fighter
I've a question
Won't you answer me?
I have earned the right to know
And tell you what I see
I am not so sure
What you want me for
Either your machine
Is a fool, or me ...

Tuesday, September 28, 2004


First off I must place a disclosure before this post, i could possibly be drunk:

My gf came up with a brillant reason why this election is going the way it is (god help us all)

"We would rather vote for the evil that we know as opposed to the evil we don;t"

Please tell me how scary thatis???

Im No Hurricane Schwartz

Since its now teaming - US Current Weather

Quote for discussion

a quote that my mother sent to me. It is kind of scary when politics has come down to both sides actually possibly thinking this way.

"The people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to greater danger."

-Hermann Goring, Nazi commander

Nelly - My Place/Flap Your Wings

I am not agreeing with this review of this song, just because it is a fun song to listen to. Yes the beats sound kinda weak and It smacks a bit of an Outkast rip off, but its still a fun song. Does every song need to be brillant?Nelly - My Place/Flap Your Wings - Single reviews - Music - Well I think not!


Well I finally pulled it off. I was persistent and was able to get the gf into Cinderella's Royal Table for some sort of feeding, in fact it is lunch. She really wanted to get in, but was very disappointed when there were no reservations when she called. I guess that the hurricanes were good for something, since I think alot of people canceled. But I am happy to make her happy.

Its been grey and miserable in the city of brotherly love today, remnants of Jeanne. But at least there is no flooding!

Stole this from here likesunday though it is fitting Posted by Hello

Monday, September 27, 2004

Someplace so beautiful and dangerous all at once-Mt St Helens

I do not understand how people still live there, or at least near there.St. Helens quakes concern scientists Its not like it hasnt had problems in the recent past, well at least recent to my 31 year old mind. It is a gorgeous place to visit and look at, but for my money if we are going to mess with volcanos I will take Fiji or Hawaii anyday.


Well this is better news then having them be out by like next week, which would make getting home problematic. But why do taxpayers keep having to pay for there screwups?Philadelphia Inquirer | 09/27/2004 | US Airways says it could be out of business by February

Lookin Good

Looks like everything is still a go for our trip this week, which is good news for everyone. Our friends really need a vacation, especially after ther weekend that they just had and we will not have to worry about trying to switch flights or anything at the last possible second. Land of the Mouse here we come...(keep your fingers crossed)

Sunday, September 26, 2004

Wish I had my camera

Driving home from the game today, right around the Trenton Makes what the World Takes Bridge (which I hope they do a good job of fixing, since its one of the few things I like about Trenton) I saw this odd cloud, airplane exhaust formation. The sun had just gone over the horizon so it was setting and these clouds had formed an X right where the sun was going. It wasn't one of those cosmic moments, but it was one of those cool things that I wish I could have just pulled over with and taken a picture of. Of course, its RT 1 so no place to pull over, and the camera was sitting in my carryon bag at home, but you do get the idea.

Looks like Fall

Ok it certainly does not feel like fall, it was like 80 degrees and sunny today, more like June then late September. But it sure looks like fall. The sky has a tint of orange to it when the sun goes down, and it is darker alot earlier then it has been in a while. Just a weird feeling of seasons changing I guess.

Went to the Giants game with the Mike's and Galella's sisters boyfriend. So far the Eli Jersey is good luck as the Giants win easily. It was a good time, thats for sure, especially when the Giants win. Plus I got to have Pork Roll Egg and cheese, a NJ tradition.

Friday, September 24, 2004

She is terribly cute Posted by Hello

The things I should be doing besides sitting here

Calling about the twon car for the airport
Calling WDW
Getting new sneakers
A shower might be nice
Looking for that thing I am supposed to be looking for
Setting up my ipod on this pc
any other ideas?

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Crybaby Gordon

Childress puts R. Gordon on probation This guy has always been a hothead, a crybaby and really not very talented. I mean the only thing he's known for is racing in both the Indy and Pepsi races on the same day, and really what is so special about finishing in the middle of both races?

Wednesday, September 22, 2004


TBN Scandal - Scandal, sex and sanctimony My goodness I had to go to freaking New Zealand to find anything worth reading on this still simmering scandal. Get them off my Comcast!!

Political Rant

Ok, very simply, I have decided the masses are lemmings. They will follow anyone anywhere with some sort of political message that can be found on a bumper sticker or the side of a Mickey D's box. Agree with one position and that is who you will vote for. Its sad, that so many people are so uneducated, either way republican leaning or democratic leaning on what the issues, ploicies and major decisions that are facing this country are. Oh to be young and carefree again.

On a lighter note, Law and order is back, over 10 years of mindless drivel, and it still goes on and I eat it up like Pop Rocks

Damn Cindy

Now it seems that the gf will be totally disappointed if she does not get to eat in Cinderella's Castle. Of course, she figures this out on 9/20 when we leave on 10/2. Now what in the heck am I supposed to do to make her happy. Guess we all know someone who will have a phone glued to there ear tomorrow don't we. Wish me luck

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Sounds like a new reality show to me

Taken from the Philly Daily news Blog

Girls just want to have "fun"

We've never gone through a hazing. Nor will we.
It's an appalling, dangerous tradition, and this item is a case in point.
At a prestigious prep school in New Hampshire, some female seniors have been suspended after "allegedly" forcing new female students to simulate oral sex, eat whipped cream and answer explicit sexual questions.
The younger girls were first blindfolded with sanitary napkins, which we think is an odd name for that particular product. Doesn't it make you think of eating warm chocolate chip cookies and drinking milk on a pleasant autumn afternoon, sitting at your kitchen table with plenty of "sanitary napkins" on hand to wipe away the white mustache?
But as for the hazing: Now that we've read about it, we think someone should turn it into a reality series, maybe call it "Purple Haze," challenge young ladies to survive ritualistic torture by older girls.
But let's make it pay-per-view. The games can be so much more fun that way.
Doncha think?


WIMBLEDON Saw this one over the weekend, gotta say it is good for both guys and girls. Not only is Kirsten Dunst pretty hot, and I am sure the other guy is not bad for the ladies, but it also mixes the romance angle of a movie very well with a sports movie. Plus it is by the company that put out Notting Hill, 4 Weddings and a Funeral and Love Actually, and those all were really good flicks. So I reccomend this one as well. Wow, 2 good movies in a row, I should start writing a column, or buying a lottery ticket.


Well, something odd happened yesterday for a Giants fan, but I actually rooted for the Eagles last night. Ok it was a selfish effort because I needed 22 pts to win my fantasy football game this week and I have McNabb and Westbrook, but I have never really liked the Vikings anyway, or at least that is how I can sell it to myself. They did look pretty impressive, though the game was a little bit ugly and sloppy. Philadelphia Inquirer Bill Lyon | Reversal of fortune suits BirdsWatched the whole thing, which was good since it caused me to get a good nights sleep. I have been tossing and turning too much so far. Everyone says its because I have not been doing too much during the day, but my motivation does not kick in until like 1 pm, whats a boy to do?

Monday, September 20, 2004

Ryder Cup Pt 2

Well, I am so glad that I looked forward to that terrible stuff all day. It certainly was no where near worth teh wait. I mean, my rational mind had already thought to myself that it was all over already, can't play terrible for two days and then turn it around so rapidly can you? So another time the cup heads back to Europe.

Cleaned and painted at house today. Painting ceilings can be a real pain in the arse, especially when its not your house. It is coming together though, you should have seen how it started and where it finished thats for sure.

Any suggestions what we should have for dinner tonight with the Football game?

Friday, September 17, 2004

Called Back

And goodbye $3500! I still don't understand how we should have to rent an apartment starting in mid November, when we do not move into the darn place until Dec 1? Corporations, bah!

Ryder Cup Pt I

Ok so the Americans are down already and I don't think it ever is a good sign when there is real emotion showed for a half point. But I am just excitred about the fact that at 8AM this morning there was real live sports for me to watch in my jammies with my coffee! And that Monty, he is so clutch....

Why won't that apartment lady call back, banks do close you know grrrr

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Its not too Late

Philadelphia Daily News | 09/13/2004 | CAN KERRY SAVE HIS CAMPAIGN? Ok so maybe this is coming a bit too late, but I believe the information in this OP-Ed piece from Philadelphia is write. Its time for the closer Kerry to close and its time for Democrats to realize the Reds will win at any, I mean any cost!


Well I was up late last night watching the storm coverage. I don't even know why I get transfixed by this stuff I just do. Plus I like ABCNews Now because they give you a local report of wherever the hurricane is. Its funny to see these people vamp and stall when they have very little to say, especially last night when the power went out in there studio and they lost all there weather gadgets. I will say the people at CNN are nuts, I mean they were intentionally sending themselves out into the wind, one guy was at the eye of Crazy Ivan. I mean theres getting a story and then theres lunacy.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Bush v Kerry

I saw Bill Maher on Larry King either early this week or lat last week, the days run into each other. He spoke very intelligently about the election and the two parties, though it is already kind of obvious that the Republicans will do anything and everything to win and that the Democrats are still too wishy washy. I mean there attack ads seem very wishy washy even, except for the stuff that Move On is putting out. If you read the Jeffrey Toobin book about the 2000 election (name escapes me at the moment) you will see how the Reds were determined to use any means necessary to win and how the Blues were just wanting to let the system do its thing. Um hello, you gotta work the system to your advantage!

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Rest of the weekend

Well I shared my Friday night with you already, minus mentioning dinner at Red Robin after the movie on Friday night. Plus, how many times can the Seminoles end up losing to the Canes?? but i digress...

Lets see, what else did my weekend entail. ahh well, watched some football on Saturday while GF went to get her nails done. Not that any of the games were exciting, but more exciting then getting my nails done (not that theres anything wrong with that.) Then we went out with some of our friends into Center City. We 1st hit The Black Sheep - Philadelphia's Favorite Irish Pub which was pretty loud and crowded. I guess we all maybe getting too old for a bar on a Saturday night, but it just was not really any fun for any of us. Plus the food was terrible, besides the hummus appetizer. We were met by one more partier, made a vote and shuffled off to Mahogany, a cigar bar on Walnut Street. Ok, that was more like it for us, quieter, where you could actually hear yourself think, plus some pretty good bourbon. Needless to say I was more than a little bit buzzed. After shuffling out of there at closing time, as well as some mishap with one of the party goers cell phones, we for some odd reason decided to go for breakfast. It was my 1st experience with scrapple, pretty tasty actually, though it was 4 in the morning, so who knows how much of a culinary expert I was at that point!

Sunday was just football in NJ, watching the giants get hammered, stunning I know.

Over the weekend entertainment

Saw this movie over the weekend, and it was really quite good. Ok I am one of those people that loves those thoughtful young angst things like Good Will Hunting, but it was really a good move, even my GF said so and shes picky about her movies. Garden State-The Movie There are some funny parts that only a Jerseyan would love especially one that may have lived in Central or Northern Jersey, and the soundtrack is great. 3.5 *** out of 4 from me.

Friday, September 10, 2004

Troy Pulls one

I dont know about you, but I think this a monumental upset. Though it is like I have said many times before, this is why in college sports the big boys never go to play at the little fishes bowl, they usually end up getting eaten. - NCF - College Football - Game Update

A beer for everyman

cobbled this from, where I get all my pertinent information (ok maybe back in college thats what happened, but I am more well rounded now adays. )

Point After;">When thirsty in Utah, it's not all milk and water anymore. The Dash recommends a bottle of an archly named Salt Lake microbrew, Polygamy Porter (40). The slogan on the bottle: "Why have just one?"

Current Electoral Vote Predictor 2004

Current Electoral Vote Predictor 2004 Well this one is certainly quite disheartening, looks like the knowledgeable ones could not swing things in Arizona. Though it does look a bit more promising in the Pacific Northwest then it did last time, its still a bad sign, because incumbents always gain as the election gets closer. And what is NJ and PA thinking. Well I know the problem with NJ, damn you Gov. Mcgreevey and your boyfriends, damn you!

Thursday, September 09, 2004


Ok so it hase taken me forever to come back to this thing, maybe because there was very little excitement over the weekend. Anyway, the after nearly killing myself on Saturday moving dry wall (and its not even my basement) we watched Love Actually off of Comcast. Another terrific movie by those guys who did Notting Hill, etc. Yes a bit sappy, yes a bit contrived, but its a movie PEOPLE!!

Hmm, only other thoughts that popped into my head, besides what a liar and a avoider (is that a word) Bushie is, I think I maybe becoming a bit bored from this extended vacation, not enough to do anything about it though.

Oh and we got the place in Feasterville, so there will now be room for my stuff, yeahhh.

Friday, September 03, 2004


Enjoyed a lovely dinner at Chike and Pete's last night. Ok, it wasn't lovely, lovely is a better adjective for a 4 star restaurant, but I must say the Crab Fries there are magnificent, a must try for everyone out there at least some time. Plus it helped me to avoid all of those blow hards at the RNC. And then the ASU/UTEP game helped me to continue my avoidance, so I went to bed happy. Gotta say though, Kerry better bring it harder then he has, with some specifics or its going to be a long 60 days! Edwards is becoming a good attack dog though

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Zell Miller

I think he should just truly go away. If you are not going to respect and serve the people that elected you, by staying the way you were supposed to be, then just become a Jim Jeffers already. The man could never say thet things he says and hope to win could he?

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

By the way

Did you see the Yankees get spanked by 22 runs last night?? 22 runs!!! And I wasn't even pitching!


Ok, its there turn I know, and I am just a died in the woool Democrat, but i had to subject myself to "Sex in the City" reruns last night to avoid the compassionate dog and pony show!