Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Rest of the weekend

Well I shared my Friday night with you already, minus mentioning dinner at Red Robin after the movie on Friday night. Plus, how many times can the Seminoles end up losing to the Canes?? but i digress...

Lets see, what else did my weekend entail. ahh well, watched some football on Saturday while GF went to get her nails done. Not that any of the games were exciting, but more exciting then getting my nails done (not that theres anything wrong with that.) Then we went out with some of our friends into Center City. We 1st hit The Black Sheep - Philadelphia's Favorite Irish Pub which was pretty loud and crowded. I guess we all maybe getting too old for a bar on a Saturday night, but it just was not really any fun for any of us. Plus the food was terrible, besides the hummus appetizer. We were met by one more partier, made a vote and shuffled off to Mahogany, a cigar bar on Walnut Street. Ok, that was more like it for us, quieter, where you could actually hear yourself think, plus some pretty good bourbon. Needless to say I was more than a little bit buzzed. After shuffling out of there at closing time, as well as some mishap with one of the party goers cell phones, we for some odd reason decided to go for breakfast. It was my 1st experience with scrapple, pretty tasty actually, though it was 4 in the morning, so who knows how much of a culinary expert I was at that point!

Sunday was just football in NJ, watching the giants get hammered, stunning I know.