Thursday, August 31, 2006

Last Hottie of August-Angela Keathley

Ok, so she is not really an unknown hottie. She is a member of the dynamic duo of cheerleaders that was caught in that bar in Tampa, um hmm, checking the oil. Though really, I dont know why in the world this poor darling would have been fired. She was not the one that did the punching, Angela was just an innocent "toilet" stander. And, I blame the Hollywood for this whole thing anyway, since its obvious that the two Topcats were just trying to live up to the image of cheerleaders portrayed in The Replacements

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Thanks to for reminding me of this story. I went back in time and checked out both culprits and honestly, I dont get why some people say she has a "butter" face. When I was single, I would not have kicked her out of bed for eating crackers.

Oh and here's a recap of the story


Is my favorite nickname from this article about A-Rod. Though I often find myself turning to the Village Voice for my sports information. I do that as often as I go to my cat for stock market information!

Violent Night

We had a seriously violent night here in the Delaware Valley last night and it just continues to show how the Mayor and City Council is doing absolutely nothing to stop it. I also think that some of it, especially the strange almost drive by shootings, is definetly gang related. One of the latin gangs is already overruning Trenton and Camden, and there have been rumors of the Crips as well. In the end, its really just very very scary, because its creeping closer to Center City itself, and also sliding out into the Great Northeast, which is supposed to be the safest place.

One of the interesting or humorous things is the fact that some of these neighborhoods who have the worst violence have the cutest names. How bad does a place called Strawberry Mansion sound?

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Wheres Chuck Woolery when I need him?

So, when I am not cruising craigslist or careerbuilder to try and find some employment, or doing my research for my fantasy football leagues, my brain tends to wander. What should I make for dinner? How quickly can it go from a drought to a flood? Does George Bush really not care about black people? On one of those flights of fancy, I fettered off into some matchmaking. I came up with a brilliant match actually. Right wingers need love to don't they?

So, a duo that could produce some really lovely and angelic children, blonde hair, blue eyes, god fearing children who curse and yell at you if you disagree with them at all. Oh, and are big for giving the finger when they are jeered. Anyway, a perfect combo would be Ann Coulter and the stuffy Christopher Hitchens. Think of it, the children would be ones that David Duke would drool over. So Aryan and Aristocratic all at the same time. Though you do hope for there sake that they pick up on there father's accent, makes the junk they would spew go down all the smoother.

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Another sign the country is obese

or if nothing else, attracts really obese tourists You cant make this stuff up. Florida Dolphin Freed From Speedo

Friday, August 25, 2006

Hottie of the Week-Sasha Cohen

She is actually kind of forgotten to me until I stumbled across her again. I guess you do lose track of skaters in the summer months but Sasha Cohen does strike me as a girl you would find on Charmed, if she could, ya know, act

Holiday Nuisance

One of the biggest pains in the arse when it comes to the holidays came up for Mrs Duck recently. First off, I have to say, its a bit early for everyone to be figuring out when they will be taking off for Christmas and New Years, but thats another story. Anyway, one of her coworkers always takes the entire week between Xmas and New Years off, as well as the day after New Years. Its great to ask for, but if you are in a work place that only on person can have off at a time for the holidays its quite unfair. And her reasoning, which is a reasoning that has always driven me mad, she has children and grandchildren.

And there in lies the rub actually. What is so special about the fact that some of us have children that they should expect to have the holidays off. I have a family someplace else and a family here, and I sure would like to spend time with them over the holidays. Just because your Momma or Grandpoppy doesnt mean Christmas is your time!

I told Mrs Duck to stand up for herself, to be sure to at least get the day after New Years off, just to make the her coworker have to come back, because in the end I just think its quite unfair!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Who said the Mandolin was wimpy??

So Im sitting here watching some VH1 Classic and who pops up but The Hooters one of Philadelphia's least appreciated bands. Looking at the video in comparison to the website, they have not aged too well, but it still is amazing how many great songs that first album had!

Give me a home??

This happened last week, but im just getting to it now, sue me! Loose buffalo bring ‘Old West’ to Cowpath Road | Intelligencer If nothing else it was a great work excuse. "Yea Mr Finley, I was late because of a Buffalo Stampede"

Citizen Bank Tiger

Ok, its a tricky title to the post, but would you honestly read a post that was titled the "Last Few Days"? I think not.

So, its been a busy few days actually. First was the trip, well two trips to Citizens Bank Park to watch the Phillies and the Mets. The first game was actually a speedy one, though with Jon Lieber and Tom Glavine pitching, I should not have been to surprised. The seats were great, and the game was just over two hours. Thanks Red for getting them.

The second day, was hot as all hell! Subway and I actually took the Subway, a totally different experience when it comes to Philadelphia, as opposed to New York. Its actually clean and there was room to sit. Plus, no homeless, though I can understand that one since it was hot and humid down there, probably safer on the street itself. A pleasant surprise on this visit was Bull's BBQ. Highly, Highly recommended!! The BBQ sauce actually tasted like something you would have down in Virginia or North Carolina, though now I am sorry I did not try the kielbasa sandwich. After catching up with the Father in Law and watching the Mets bomb the Phils in the sweltering heat, a shower and some relaxation was so needed.

Next stop was Champs Sports Bar. One word:overrated! Fox & Hound Restaurant is 10 times better, with better food and sightlines. Plus it was just for some exhibition football, how much fun can that really be?

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Over the weekend, it was golf and more golf. I have to say, Tiger Woods is a phenomal player, probably the best that I will ever see. However, watching him is becoming dull. I still want to see him have to comeback and win a championship, something he still has not done yet, just ask Ben Curtis! In my own foibles on the golf course, I have to say there was good news as well as bad news. The good news, I shaved off 22 strokes from the last time I played. The bad, you say? Well it was still a 135 and I pulled some rib muscles in the process. Now I can surely say why its amazing that Nascar drivers do all that racing with rib and chest injuries. I thought I might curl up into the fetal position just making a simple left turn!

Friday, August 18, 2006

This weeks little, well sorta known hottie Lauren Houck

Lauren Houck, who I actually remember back from some of those FHM pictures with her friend in the shower, just seems to get better and better as time goes along. Enjoy.

Icky Shuffle

Titled in honor of the fast approaching and always damned exciting football season. But, I digress, here we go with Friday's 10.

1.Come & Talk to Me-Jodeci (U&I)
2.Mystery-Indigo Girls (swamp ophelia)
3.People Get Ready-Alicia Keys (Glory Road Sdtrk)
4.Ave Maria-Perry Como (Twas the Night Before Christmas)
5.Gin & Juice-Sublime (cover bootleg)
6.All I ever Wanted-Jim Brickman
7.University of Delaware Fight Song
8.Existentialism on Prom Night-Straylight Run (MTV Live)
9.Seein Red-Unwritten Law (Elva)
10.All I want is You-U2 (Rattle & Hum/Reality Bites Sdtrk)

Favorite Song:Existenialism on Prom Night-A beautifully written song, very light on othe music beyond a piano, except it builds as the song goes along it something more, with the cathartic chorus at the end. the perfect song for teen angst

Least Favorite Song-All I ever wanted. Yea, I dont think I have ever listened to the song all the way from start to finish, so I dont even know why its there.

Favorite Album-Since theres not many albums really listed, alot of these songs were bootlegs or single releases, I would go with Rattle & Hum, by a hair over Swamp Ophelia. Just skip the songs that The Edge sings.

Saw Live-Indigo Girls (1992) U2 (2006) & the University of Delaware Marching Band (1991-1995)

The Clarett story gets weirder and weirder

Maurice Clarett was a brillant college football player, especially for the size he was. But, after his brillant freshman season, he made many many mistakes, that derailed the chances of a professional career. Now while I do throw a small percentage of blame on the NCAA, because there rules are so arcane, especially for an organization that takes in money hand over fist and still claims to have the atheletes best interest at heart, most of the blame does fall on Clarett, just because he did not mix with the right kind of people from day one. Anytime I would have heard that Suge Knight is involved, I think I might have steered clear as opposed to gotten entangled with him and some of his "interesting" friends.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Vegas billboards part 2

oh yea and this is the blog for the picture Baby Girl found That Girl Emily

And you thought the Vegas Billboards were funny

Though somehow, for "Steven" I doubt that this was hilarious. Baby Girl found this picture and blog, and I for one am looking forward to some interesting reading today. It gives a peek into a womans psyche, plus, makes me count my blessings for Mrs Duck. I wouldnt have to go through all this humiliation, if I was this stupid. I just think I would be dead, BIL Duck is licensed to carry fire arms.

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Amber Alert for Ridley Twp, PA

Amber Alert Ridley Twp

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I hate McAfee

Though, I am sure my tirade is not going to send the stock crashing downward into some sort of spiral. I dont see CNBC posting headlines "Dow Tumbles on comments from a Blog" But, nevermind that! I really really think the McAfee and there Virus scan product is just a scam. All it does is suck up memory on my computer. Oh, and the amazingly annoying update your program now pop up items. Those are really really special. Now, I could be having one of those paranoid moments, but I swear, its just Bill Gates trying to figure out how many times I visit or I need to find a new virus program. I have already fallen in love with Firefox, and the next step to break away from the hold of "the man" will be replacing McAfee. Whose with me!!!!

Monday, August 14, 2006

Hilarious neigbors

Ok I have no idea if this is true or not, but I found this to be utterly hilarious. And just in case some of you dont have access to Myspace, heres the blog, chomped from Trista.

Today I met the person who lives directly behind me in my building. We share our bedroom walls, actually. Why is this important to you? Just let me tell my story, okay?

I have not been the most social neighbor since I moved into my building a year and a half ago. In fact, I have not socialized at all. Sure, I have exchanged niceties with a few people, especially the ones I see every day. But no lifelong bonds have been made here. So anyhow, yes, I finally met the person who lives in the apartment behind mine. Since our entrances are nowhere near each other we had not crossed paths. But today I was in the office of the building and it just so happened that she was too.

I had finished my business with the building manager and was leaving. She came out behind me. The following is our conversation, I am in red, she is in blue.

"You live in 50-1407?"

"Uh huh?" (Who is this chick and why is she following me?)

"I live right behind you, 50-1412."

"Oh, hey. How are you?" (Okay, what did I do?)

"Yeah, DIRECTLY behind you. Like we share a bedroom wall."

"Ummm...okay, cool..." (Okay, what the hell??)

"Yeah, my husband and I hear you sometimes..."

"..."(Oh fuck!)

"We hear you a lot, actually."

"Oh! Shit! Im sorry, shit. I...uhhh..." (Would it be bad to just run?!)

"No, dont be! This is going to sound so weird, but I have to say it. We, well, we owe you a lot."

"Owe me?" (Please don't tell me they taped me or something. Oh god! I wonder if the complained and got rent knocked off. I bet the entire building knows...50-1407, that's the loud sex girl!)

"This is so embarrassing, but heck, I am just gonna say it. Our sex life had pretty much disappeared. We did it a couple times a month still, but it was real boring. Then one night we were laying in bed and we heard you, well, going at it. We didn't know what it was at first, just a lot of banging noises. So we started listening harder and heard you shout out and stuff. Before I knew what was happening we were getting it on too! And it was good too!"

"" (Oh my god!I am having threesomes...through a wall!)

"Oh geez I am embarrassing you, huh? I just wanted to thank you, cuz you know, we have more sex now, it's like sometimes we can hear you and it reminds us or something..and ummm..."

"Weellll...great! Err..keep up the good work!" (Keep up the good work? What are you saying, Trista?? )

"I am so excited that I got to see what you look like. We had a feeling you'd be pretty! My husband will be so excited!"

"Aww, thanks Listen, I gotta run, I am late, but it was nice you..." (Your husband will be excited?? Why? Oh god...please dont ask for my number!)

"Okay, well, see you around! I'm Lynn by the way."

"Okay, bye!" (Screw it, I am running...I did say I was in a hurry...)

So that was my morning! Am I still going to have loud, enthusiastic sex in my bedroom? Yes, yes I am. But this is yet another reason why I am glad to be moving out of this building at the end of this month...

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Friday Adventures

Last night was my first trip to what is apparently an old stand by in the NE Philadelphia area, Curran's Irish Inn. Though I still cant totally figure out why, since the drinks, while free were watered down terribly, the sandwiches for Happy Hour were 3 days old or at least tasted like it and the music was too loud. I would reccomend the place if you won a free Happy Hour, since you could probably get a very good buzz going on $20. But, unless you are looking to meet a biker chick or some sort of tattoo artist, steer clear. Yes Im a Happy Hour snob, I grew up at the Shore!

A positive was the visit to Chink's on Torresdale. In my opinion, easily the best CheeseSteaks in Philadelphia. They really make Geno's and Pat's look silly in comparision, plus no gastrointestimal issues later on! Plus the only place I can find a Chocolate Coke.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Spice, this weeks unknown hottie

Showing my age here, but I still remember this girl from 10 years ago. Goes to show even when I was younger, I had a type.Sugar & Spice enjoy!

Cheating not cheating ?

Well, I am going to do this one backwards, since you could see my comments before checking out the post at The Book Bitches but it does show an interesting divide between men and women.

1.Flirting on the internet-not cheating if it is done once in a while to be funny or cute. Its just like flirting in person, once in a while is just being human, flirting often is the onramp to the cheating highway.

2.cybersex-most definetly cheating, though not an end the relationship offense.

3.Kissing-yep, very very cheating. With caveats of course, since there are some relationships that are open enough to allow this.

4.Porn/Masturbating-NO way! both are natural things, and damn needed sometimes

5.Emotional Affair-hard to have a definitive answer to this one. I have girls who I know online only. They are friends, and we support each other from time to time. I would be hurt if something happened to one of them, but we will never meet/speak in person and they will never surplant Mrs Duck. Was that a good non-answer answer?

6.Oral Sex/Petting-soooo cheating, though lap dances from strippers on either side arent.

7.Sexual Fantasies-I would have a problem if it was someone I/we knew, just because that can be creepy. Celebrities, as long as its not needed for sex is not cheating

8.Having sex on a break-no not cheating but not the way to rebuild a relationship.

Space Shuffle

The new Friday feature, which sadly I missed last week due to Hilton being a pain with there internet connections, the Friday Ipod Shuffle...

1.Return to Innocence-Enigma (MTV Party to Go 2?)

2.All Out of Love-Air Supply (Air Supply Greatest Hits)

3.I Give all My Love to You-Keith Sweat (Keith Sweat Live)

4.Black Balloon-Goo Goo Dolls (Live in Buffalo)

5.J.A.R.-Green Day (Angus Soundtrack)

6.State of Love & Trust-Pearl Jam (Singles Soundtrack)

7.Living on a Prayer-Bon Jovi (Slippery when Wet)

8.Bartender-Dave Matthews Band (Live at Folsom Field)

9.Stagger Lee-Southside Johnny & the Asbury Jukes

10.When I look into Your Eyes-Firehouse (Firehouse)

Favorite Song-State of Love and Trust. Its just one of those great songs that builds from the get go. A great Friday, driving home from work on the Turnpike song.

Favorite Album-Singles Soundtrack, by a nose over Bon Jovi. More for its place in history then for anyone singular song on the album. It is what really brought the new grunge sound home to me.

Least Favorite Song-Stagger Lee. If you hear the Lloyd Price version, it shows how much this version really pales in comparison.

Saw in Concert-Bon Jovi, 7/06. One of the top two concerts I have ever seen in my entire life. They played for almost 2 hrs in oppressive heat, and hit every song that you would know and love.

Dont Ask what Air Supply is doing there. I blame Mrs. Duck...

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

From Playboy model to Coed

As poor ok, poor may not be the right word to describe it, more like unlucky timing in the life ofPaul Lo Duca, the New York Mets catcher and resident chick juggler. First, I do not think there is anything to fear in discussion of his gambling problems, since apparently, he is a horse racing freak, which is not exactly the grouping for people named Tony that break legs. But, how good does this 19 year old have to look if it gets you to stray from a Playboy model who is your wife?? NSFW and mature audiences only, but geez this 19yrs old better be something, though thinking about it...


I can not recall the last time I felt this surge of glee over a primary for a Senatorial Candidate in a state I have absolutely no attachment to. But, Joe Lieberman had to go. I know that he is not the only Jewish Representative in Congress, but he sure does seem to make sure that everyone knows he is a Jewish Representative! I have always thought that Senator Lieberman never really fit in with the Democratic Party, now of course, the man won't take his beating and go away. Democrats are just lucky that the Republicans of Connecticut never trot out anyone but a sacrificial lamb, becuase Lieberman as an independant would be better then some Republican Hack. Nice job Ned Lamont

Thursday, August 03, 2006

New Channel 6 Action News opening?

Now this would be a shocker at least wouldn't it.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Fly Away Hawk

Was reading the Daily News yesterday and there was a small blurb in there about the purchase and format change to come for 97.5 The Hawk a classic rock station in Mercer County that reaches into Philadelphia proper. Now, I was not a huge fan of the station, I get my classic Rock from 93.3 and 102.9, heck this station is not even in my presets. But, one thing I do hope is that they dont switch formats to another rap/R&B station. One thing we dont need in this city is more 50 Cent and Emimem!

This weeks little known hottie...

Though, she is not as little known as I thought, though if you are reading this in California you may have no idea who Erin O'Hearn is and that is why I feel the need to share this stuff. Though I must say, the choice of pictures is much worse then last weeks choice.