Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Wheres Chuck Woolery when I need him?

So, when I am not cruising craigslist or careerbuilder to try and find some employment, or doing my research for my fantasy football leagues, my brain tends to wander. What should I make for dinner? How quickly can it go from a drought to a flood? Does George Bush really not care about black people? On one of those flights of fancy, I fettered off into some matchmaking. I came up with a brilliant match actually. Right wingers need love to don't they?

So, a duo that could produce some really lovely and angelic children, blonde hair, blue eyes, god fearing children who curse and yell at you if you disagree with them at all. Oh, and are big for giving the finger when they are jeered. Anyway, a perfect combo would be Ann Coulter and the stuffy Christopher Hitchens. Think of it, the children would be ones that David Duke would drool over. So Aryan and Aristocratic all at the same time. Though you do hope for there sake that they pick up on there father's accent, makes the junk they would spew go down all the smoother.

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Lady Jane Scarlett said...

It's hard to figure out who has the larger Adam's Apple-Ann or Christopher.

Anonymous said...

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