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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Throwdown at the Supermarket

Sunday is the day we shop. Yes, i know that Saturday night or some night is probably a better day to go, but its tradition. So, we were off to Giant, yes faithful readers, that Giant and started on our list. First off, who knew that peaches would be so hard to find? Was their a freeze or some sort of peach boycott that I did not hear about?

So, in the soda aisle, we pass a nicely dressed African American woman. I could have sworn I heard her say something as we passed her. So I stopped and double checked. As, every customer passed her while she was picking up her Mountain Dew, she would say "Jesus can save you" At first, I thought it was just odd. Except, she did it to every customer that passed!

So, maam, Jesus can save all the jewish people who think that Jesus Christ was just a friendly well spoken guy? Jesus can save the people like me that believe in the power of the earth goddess? Jesus can save Mrs Duck, who has married a sinner, making herself a sinner too?

Possibly one of the rudest and shocking things I have experienced in my little haven that is the supermarket.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Gotta love the Celts

You Are A Rowan Tree

You are full of charm and cheer. You light up a room.
And while you crave attention, you do it without ego.
You are an interesting mix of contradictions - and very unpredictable.
You are both dependent and independent, calm and restless.
You are passionate, emotional, gregarious, and (at times) unforgiving.

A Twisted Tangent

A few weeks back, one of my blogger buddies, Rhian did a whole post about the different way erotica is viewed now a days. You can read the post here, but the gist of the post talks about how erotic stories, while not exactly mainstream, its at least a small stream off to the side. Basically, erotic stories are no longer just "Dear Penthouse, you won't believe what happened last weekend."

This of course had me thinking about how my reading list has changed as I have gotten older. Ten years ago, my bookshelf pretty much consisted of books about sports, fictional books by Mike Lupica and Robert B Parker, and the occasional historical non fiction book. (took me forever to read March through Georgia) My reading list was a man's reading list.

Now, its all changed, and I don't know how it truly happened. I am now reading Kim Harrison, which I have mentioned before. I am a huge fan of Laurell K Hamilton. Nanny Diaries is one of my favorite books I have read ever. When did I become an afficianado of chick lit?

And, some of these books are not even main stream chick lit, they are "paranormal romance." If you read a Harrison or Hamilton book, or find any of the Sleeping Beauty Series by Anne Rice, you will see that these books have certain undertones of BDSM to them. 10 years ago I would not have even known what BDSM was!! Now, I am getting annoyed at Rachel Morgan for not breaking down and falling for Ivy already! I am wondering which one of the 5 suitors Merry Gentry will choose. I guess I am now a renaissance man?

If I ever mention in this blog that I am asking for a subscription to OK! or Us Weekly magazine, some one has to do an intervention.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #32-Dragonfly One

Thirteen Things about Dragonflies

I know Im strange, but I love Dragonflies!

1.A dragonfly is any insect belonging to the order Odonata, the suborder Epiprocta or, in the strict sense, the infraorder Anisoptera.(all greek to me) It is characterized by large multifaceted eyes, two pairs of strong transparent wings, and an elongated body.

2.Dragonflies are good. Dragonflies typically eat mosquitoes, midges and other small insects like flies, bees, and butterflies. They are usually found around lakes, ponds, streams, and wetlands because their larvae, known as "nymphs", are aquatic.

3.Dragonflies have excellent eyesight due to their eye structure. Their compound eyes have up to 30,000 facets, each of which is a separate light-sensing organ arranged to give nearly a 360° field of vision.

4.Europeans were not Dragonfly fans. In Europe, dragonflies have often been viewed as sinister. Some English vernacular names, such as "devil's needle" and "ear cutter", link them with evil or injury. A Romanian folk tale says that the dragonfly was once a horse possessed by the devil, and Swedish folklore holds that the devil uses dragonflies to weigh people's souls.[5] Another Swedish legend holds that trolls use the dragonflies as spindles when weaving their clothes as well as sending them to poke out the eyes of their enemies.

5.Yet Native Americans grasped their spiritual importance. It is said in some Native American beliefs that dragonflies are a symbol of renewal after a time of great hardship.

6.Japan was known as Akitsushima, which means "Land of the Dragonflies".

7. They come not only in red, fuchsia, orange, pink, blue, gold, saffron, black, emerald, maroon, earth tones, and more, but also in metallic colors. Some have colored, spotted or banded wings; others may have clear wings but clubbed abdomens or a spike on their tail.

8.No they don't bite, they look scarier then they really are.

9. Dragonflies migrate like birds and deal with the same weather conditions that song birgs do. Although dragonflies are 140 million years older than birds, according to fossil records, they abide by the same temperature and wind rules. Both groups stay put on blustery days and travel only after two days of cooling temperatures. They even use the same markers on the landscape, and rest on the same beaches.

10.Dragonfly shows us that life, like light, can bend, shift, and adapt in various ways, making life's appearance never be what it appears to be. Dragonfly's magic shows us to see through life's illusions and find our true vision.

11. They are one of the oldest creatures of the Mother Gaia. They are inhabitants of two realms, water and air, making them special and adaptable creatures. If a dragonfly has shown up in your life, you may need some fresh air in regard to something emotional.

12.Dragonfly's played a pivotal part in a movie starring Kevin Costner in 2002. The movie dropped itself into alot of plot lines involving rebirth and eternal life beyond heaven, hence the two realms.

13. When we were in Hawaii, I was determined to get a Dragonfly henna tattoo, no matter how girly it looked. I fully believe that Dragonflies has mystical powers and are much more ancient then we think.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Coach Duck grants an interview meme

Editors noted: The ownership is the human form of me, the feathered Coach is my alter ego. Though I will be as honest as I can be answering questions, you needed this information for any of the lead up to make sense. Yes, I probably need to be medicated.

Coach Duck came sauntering into the side room at Franklin Field, not really to pleased about being dragged away from his vacation on the Galapagos Islands. He was the coach of a fantasy football team, who would care what his thoughts were? But the Ownership of the Blue Ducks said it would be good for merchandising, the fact that he was sitting down with a couple of bloggers that skewed to the woman's point of view would get Blue Ducks aprons and sweatshirts and mock cheerleaders outfits sold. So our feathered friend scoured as he looked across the table at Tug and awaited her questions.

1. Are you like your cousin Donald Duck & don't wear any pants?
Puhlease, of course I wear pants. You think that I could walk around Philadelphia and not wear pants? And I must say, Donald is a distant distant cousin. The family resemblence is quite small, ending at the fact that we are both ducks. Next Question!

2. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? Why?
*taking a deep cleansing breath* If I could live anywhere in the world, it would be Wailea, Hawaii. The stress is non existent their, the weather is gorgeous and everyone just seems so friendly and happy. It may have been because we paid them gads amount of money when we visited last, but to me its the perfect place.

3. You're having a dinner party, and anyone you invite WILL be there. Name 6 people you would invite - dead or alive. (It's a fantasy, so I included dead people)
Well, to be sure I don't get shot with an arrow when this is published, I am going to assume that Mrs Duck will already be there and not count her amongst the 6. Don't like it? Too Bad, its my question. So, in no particular order.
2.Tony Kornheiser-He is a brillant, humorous writer, plus he knows sports.
3.Frank Lloyd Wright-An American genius
4.Scarlett Johansson-Everyone needs a little eye candy
5.Bruce Springsteen-my musical hero while I was growing up.
6.Adolf Hitler-Just so I could ask him what in god's name was he thinking

4. If you could only watch one sport for the rest of your life, what would it be? *the duck looked down, dressed in his football coaching outfit and gave a blank stare* Please, Ms. Tug, Football is a game of combat, a battle of wills. Plus, it makes great great television. No contest.

5. What do you want to be remembered for?
Hmm, I wish to be rememebered for being a great husband, a terrific father, even if it is only to a bunch of kittens, which, by the way, would make me very very happy and to be remembered as someone who was always their for their friends when the chips were down, whether they were online friends or in person ones.

Now, if you have nothing else, I have another interview waiting. I hope the people of Hell, er I mean Colorado enjoy learning more about me. And with that and a flutter of blue the Duck was gone.

The Coach stomped out, hoping he did better the his friend Charlie Manuel in front of the press as he came across the Southern reporter from No Accent Yet. Now this interview was important, since there were internet rumors about the team moving to the Carolinas in the next few years. Though, how hard could this interview be, it had been reschueled once because Tiff was sore from her tattoo.

1) Your best friend is a goat named Emu. How do you explain this to your Mom?
Well, my mom has met my ex wife, so I don't know if their would be much explaining necessary. But, I would just say that he has always been a good friend to me, never questions my decisions and no we are not having sex.

2) Mint chocolate chip ice cream. Would you eat it before all other flavors or only if there WERE no other flavors?
Oh thats an easy one. I only like mint in my mojitos. And the frozen chocolate chips makes my beak hurt when I bite down on them, so only if there were no other flavors.

3) Ever seen a real two-headed calf?
Depends on what you mean by real. During my summers in Wildwood, there was a Ripley's Believe it or Not stand, and I could have sworn there was a two headed calf in formaldahyde. Though it could have been a goat.

4) It's summertime, and you're going on a picnic with your wife. What do you pack, and where do you go?

Oh, this is a very tough question. I can't keep mentioning Maui as my fantasy destination. So, I would pack some a muffaleta salad, a bottle of riesling, some baked brie en croute, that was magically warm when we got there and as a nod to my lovely wife, I would find the place where Much Ado About Nothing was filmed in Tuscany and have the picnic there.

5) Do you like triangles or circles better? Why?

Another tough one, but that is because I picture myself as a witch. I would pick a circle, because a circle is where witches get all their power from. A closed circle is much more powerful then just casting a spell all by yourself, because you draw off the power of others around you. Plus, stadiums are usually some sort of circle.

Now, the official stuff:
If anyone else wants to play along:

Leave me a comment saying, “Interview me.”
I will respond by asking you five questions. I get to pick the questions.
You will update your weblog with the answers to the questions.
You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

Someone is in the doghouse...

And, no, its not me, at least for once its not me.

Dad was supposed to be watching the kid, who by the way is fine and has even become a mini celebrity. Dad said later that he thought he was shielding his son already, but he must have snuck around him. I am sure, after the initial trauma was over with and they found out that their son was fine, Dad was bringing Mom a bouquet or twenty.

If you watch the video the receiver, George Hill, could do nothing to stop his momentum. Yet, he still scooped little Caden up as he was falling down so he did not land on top of him and drive the tike into the concrete. Plus he still held the ball!

This of course leads my mind to me, since truly, I am the center of my own universe. My dad was a football coach when I was a toddler, and I can still remember clear as day running out on the field when I saw my dad run out DURING A TIMEOUT to coach up his kids. Grandpa got in trouble for that one, though I think I only made it halfway out onto the field.

And then their was the time I was holding those ten yard markers when I was much older. This time, it was all my fault. I was paying more attention to the cheerleaders then the game happening in front of me and was stunned to find the opposing teams fullback running me over. Luckily, I only had a deep knee bruise and sprain, no ACL tears or anything. Though it did work out since the injury forced Little Bro to have to rake the entire yard that weekend. I did not do it on purpose I swear.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

One of those posts some of you hate

I usually do the blog relish for things that don't really go into a post, but, relishes are usually funny and I just can't find any humor here.

First, some housekeeping. Local Girl and Rhian, your prizes have been sent. Please do me a favor and drop me an email when you get them, though LG, the post office said three weeks, danged media mail.

Now, I am looking to my author friends. Rhian, Tilly, even Wylie this means you. I have been tearing through the earliest book by Kim Harrison and I was curious about what you thought about her writing. Because, honestly, I think she's is great. The Rachael Morgan character is great. I am a tad disappointing at the lack of fan sites. Can't someone do a Dead Witch Walking screen saver?

Now, this is one of the few times I am looking to Fox News for some actual information. Shockingly, they are the first ones that come up with the story of a donkey testifying in Texas. Now, who swore him in? Mayor McCheese? Gotta love Texas.

I have a contest coming next week, more books on the block. I also have a daunting task that I have been mulling over for the last week or so. I am going to ask for help, just because I can.

Veet plus Alyssa Milano=Me Likey

Sometimes, watching Soap Operas really can be a benefit. I was catching up on shows I missed while we were away, and came across a TV Commercial that I just had to rewind and study briefly.

It was a very grown up Alyssa Milano showing off her legs for Veet. Yes, that Alyssa Milano, of Who's the Boss, Charmed and B-Movie Skin Flick fame. Ok, I did not drool, but the commercial did its job since I watched it.

Though, if I recall, Veet is pretty painful?

Monday, April 23, 2007

Cats, Drinks and TMI

Yep, more blog relish

I am getting to smart for my own good, or I have been watching too many of these cop shows on TV, because week after week, I am calling out who the murderer is before the 30 minute mark.

Why do cats insist on rolling on the bed when your making it?

How come I cant get my mojitos I make at home to taste as good as the mojitos I get at those Tiki Bars by the pool?

Wrong on so many levels:
Beasley Reece at the Phillies home opener "I am going to beg for meat"

Carolina Pipe Dream?

As I mentioned last week, I would into more detail about some things that happened during the little Hilton Head mini vacation.
Probably one of the best days, because Mrs Duck and I were able to spend it by ourselves, was the little sojourn around Hilton Head and Bluffton to do some house perusing. Our goal, at least I think its our goal since we have not really settled on a time table (which of course would just embolden the enemy) is to move south sooner rather then later, probably within the next 2 years. So, we stopped along the main road on and off the island to see some of the "plantations" and new developments going up.
Our first stopped showed us how living on Hilton Head Island or a golf course could be a tad over our head. Not only would the land cost over $100,000, the house itself would be around $400,000. On top of that are about $50,000 in regime and golf fees a year. Since last I checked, we did not hit the Powerball, that arrangement is a tad out of reach.
So, it was farther down into Bluffton. We found this cute set of houses a tad off the beaten path, in a development called Parkside at Baynard Park. They are a little sister to another development across the street, which actually works out well, since while the houses cost about half as much in Parkside, they still get to use all the amenities available to the people in Baynard Park. Now I am sure those people in BP aren't thrilled, but what do I care. :) We liked the houses in Parkside, because they reminded us of what we think southern homes should look like, with vibrant colors and many many porches in different spots. Plus, did I mention they are cheaper?
So, we now at least have a gameplan, a shot to know how much we will need to save to get to where we want to get to. Now, of course, we will also need to get Doc and Subway excited about the possibility of us being their, but that will be a slow slow process.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Project 365 #39-So Many Colors

I have been keeping up with the Project 365 and posting them over on the photo blog. Well, keeping up in the sense that I have taken a picture everyday. I am just so so so far behind on posting them. But, I will share over here from time to time when I get a good pic.

catsdogs 075

Ignore the 7-11 and look at the pretty purples in the background.

In a Hootie Mood

This week, for obvious reasons, has had me focusing alot on my life in college. In the last 2 years in Newark, these guys were the bomb. So, simply, listen or watch.

Friday, April 20, 2007

And we're back...

Though, actually, Mrs Duck and I have been back since Tuesday night. VaTech has had my mind this week, so this is the first mention of our trip, at least in little snippets for now.

Thursday, well all I can say is if you do not have to ever fly USAir out of Philadelphia, you don't know what you are missing. Long lines, no information, lost luggage, switched gates and no smoking in the terminal. Gotta just love it.

Friday, the luggage did show up finally. Never have been so happy to see clothes that I just saw 12 hours before in my life! We did do some shopping, some earlier home shopping. The dream is to move south someday, so a job is really really really needed to get that dream going. Spice Girl and Tin Man arrive.

Saturday, I stayed under 150 strokes on a nice golf course and the girls got their nails done.

Sunday, the golf tournament, or should I say mini hurricane that passed for a golf tournament.

Monday, the golf tournament for real. By now, everyone is beginning to get on each others nerves. Everyone is sensitive and cranky. Though, still not looking forward to leaving, again because its USAir.

Tuesday, eh, the trip home was fine, uneventful, typical of course since you were coming home. This always go smoothly at the end.

I will expand on a few of these days in the upcoming posts. I know their is a clamor for pictures and I will share a few here and also over at the photo blog. But honestly, I don't have too many great ones, just because it was alot of green, nothing has really started to bloom yet. And it was still too chilly for us wimpy Ducks at the beach.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Addendum to TT #31

We in the Duck Family hate misinforamtion. Therefore, when we received a comment from Stak in regards to our Thursday Thirteen in regards to Virginia Tech, we did some digging and found that we were actually wrong. So, more digging lead to this information regarding Ryan Clark. We apologize for the mistake.

Thursday Thirteen #31-The Quiet One

Thirteen Things and then some about The Va Tech Massacre

The names of 28 Victims have been released and confirmed and I am taking my information from People.

1.Maxine Turner, senior, of Elkton Maryland
2.Daniel Perez Cueva, of Peru
3.Rachael Hill, freshman, of Richmond, VA
4.Erin Peterson, freshman, of Chantilly, VA
5.Nicole White, junior of Isle of Wight, VA
6.Michael Pohle, Jr, senior of Flemington, NJ
7.Leslie Sherman, sophmore of Springfield, VA
8.Julia Pryde, grad student of Middletown, NJ
9.Dan O'Neil, graduate student of Lincoln RI
10.Lauren McCain, freshman of Shawnee, Oklahoma
11.Austin Cloyd, freshman of Blacksburg, VA
12.Ryan Clark, senior of Brunswick, GA
13.Mary Read, sophmore of Annandale, VA
14.Reema Samaha, freshman of Centreville, VA
15.G.V. Logonathan, professor, originally from Tamil Nadu, India
16.Emily Hilscher, freshman of Woodville, VA
17.Kevin Granata, professor
18.Caitlin Hammaren, sophmore of Westtown, NY
19.Christopher Bishop, German professor
20.Jarrett Lane, senior of Narrows, VA
21.Liviu Librescu, Engineering Professor, originally from Romania
22.Jocelyn Couture-Nowack, French Professor, from Nova Scotia
23.Matthew LaPorte, Sophmore of Dumont, NJ
24.Ross Alameddine, sophmore of Saugus, Mass.
25.Brian Bluhm, graduate student (Masters) of Detroit, Michigan
26.Henry Lee, freshman of Roanoke, VA
27.Juan Ortiz, graduate student of Puerto Rico
28.Jeremy Herbstritt, graduate student of Central Pennsylvania

ok hopefully this is the last depressing post for the day! :)

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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Cranky as hell

Ok warning, their will be cursing, so if you are sensitive, keep moving.

Dear Child,

You are not a man. You are not a martyr. You are a fucking chicken. A man would stand up for his decisions, take his medicine and accept the punishment that was offered to him for his actions. A man would not try to hide things, by filing the numbers off his weapons, by sneaking up on people and by blowing his face off to be sure that it would take longer to identify you. A man would lay his guns down after the heinous, arrogant, selfish, and horrifying things that he had done and surrender. Let the courts decide upon him and get his message out through his own testimony, not through the chicken shit ramblings on a pissy little PC DVD.

You are not even a man. You are not even a child. You are not even a fetus. You are not even slime that I would wipe off my shoe while walking through a pasture. The shit I scoop out of my cats litter box is more humane, decent and brave then you were.

so, how hot are you now?


Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Can't Even get a Catchy Title

Nothing that would give anything like whats happening in Blacksburg, Virginia any kind of description. How many times can you say tragic, heartbreaking, sad?

If you have ever spent any time at a college or university in the United States beyond a trip to the football stadium, you can picture exactly how this happened. At least from the standpoint of security. It would be impossible to check every person walking into a college classroom building. I know at Delaware, many of the major halls were made to be cut thrus to get out of the elements. And, it was simple to sneak into a dorm, just wait for a pizza delivery, student with laundry, or a late class and voila. You also know that no matter how big the school is, their is someone that always knows someone on campus when something this senseless happens. So, while the security force and police department at the University might have some blame, lets just be sure to blame the real bad guy, the crazy kid who decided to shoot up 50 people.

VaTech has always been a pretty little school, a school that I always kind of followed along the sporting seasons. The campus is very pretty, reminds me a lot of Delaware, in the fact that it has lovely stone eddifices and it is the major center of the town it is in. Though it is close to unfathomable to truly understand.


Friday, April 13, 2007

Its almost like your here

Yes, the luggage did finaly show up, at about 11 AM or so. I don't think the wife or I have ever been so excited to see clothes that were not new before. Plus, new underwear is always a plus.

Its 80 degrees down here suckers!

Alrighty, that was harsh.

Golf tomorrow, and you will all be glad to know that Mrs Duck did get to do some shopping to, though more of the window shopping variety. But you can't just get a house on a whim, Well unless your name was Trump or Hilton or McNabb.

And yes, USAir still sucks. I may sign off each post with that, just because it makes me feel a little better.

Good News Bad News

Good News-We made it here safely and the weather seems to be beautiful so far.

Bad News-Our luggage has not caught up with us yet, as of 8 a.m. today. Gotta love US Air!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Thursday 13 #30-The South Carolina One

Thirteen Things about South Carolina

The Duck Family is off this weekend, to the Palmetto State, Hilton Head to be exact. Its sun, fun, warmth, golf and in laws. No, no, really, its going to be fun. So, to help you share in the excitement, my list of course, I am not bringing you with me.

1.South Carolina has one of the coolest state flags ever.

2.The capital of South Carolina is Columbia, even though the most famous known city would probably be Charleston. Columbia is also home to the University of South Carolina.

3.South Carolina was also the first state to succede from the Union. The bombardment of Fort Sumter, in December 1860, is the first major battle of the Civil War. No one actually died from the hostilities, though a soldier supposedly was killed when his cannon blew up as the North was shooting off a surrender. If you are ever in Charleston, you should be sure to head out to the Fort Sumter monument.

4.James Brown, Joe Frazier, Stephen Colbert, Strom Thurmond, Eartha Kitt and Ben Bernacke are all famous sons and daughters of South Carolina.

5.Hootie and The Blowfish are known for getting their start in the many colleges and college bars in South Carolina. You can either applaud that or throw stuff at your computer now.

6.Mrs Duck & I are headed to Hilton Head, where we will stay with Subway and Doc. Spice Girl and the Tin Man will be following on Friday.

7.It is nearly impossible to get a direct flight from Philadelphia to Savannah or Hilton Head. So, not only do we have to deal with USAir, but we also have to deal with USAir transferring in Charlotte. Joy!

8.The key feature of the trip, besides visiting of course will be the final round of the Heritage Classic, being held at Harbourtown Country Club.

9.The tournament is worth 5.5 million dollars. Yes, thats right, a bunch of fat guys and the guys you called geeks in high school will be chasing a little white ball for 5.5 million dollars.

10.The last time we visited, Mrs Duck and Doc swear they saw Tom Cruise. I was off at the bathroom at the time, and since their is no photographic evidence of this occurrence, I am not sure I believe it.

11.The Island Packet is the daily newspaper on Hilton Head Island. The Packet makes your high school newspaper look good.

12. The best place to get sandwiches on the Island is Larry's Subs.

13.We are just looking forward to spend some time in the warm air and sun. Please do whatever thing it is that you do to be sure that we are safe in arriving and that we have some warm air and sun.

I may not be able to visit as many blogs as I like to usually on Thursday, because of last minute details, but if you do leave a link, I promise to check your list next week when we come home.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Another Fantasy Addiction

I have 3 teams currently over at Fafarazzi. This is my team that did best so far, with the season ending tomorrow. I think I will finish somewhere midpack. Not bad for someone a tad pop culture dense.

Bettina sapped my creative energy

Thats the story and I am sticking to it. She is cute as a button, but she does find ways to get herself into trouble that you could only imagine.

I went upstairs yesterday afternoon to double check that my shorts are 100% great for the trip at the end of the week. Thankfully, they all still fit, which helped to stave off some depression, since most of my pants don't fit anymore. But, as I cut back through the bathroom, I saw Lola looking to get behind the washer/dryer. Oh no, not again. I chased her out and went to look for her partner in crime.
No Bettina downstairs, no Bettina under the bed, no Bettina anywhere. Until I heard a horrible whine coming from behind the clothes machine. Crap!
Bettina is a skittish cat, still young, still alot like a kitten, so even though I pulled the washer/dryer away from the wall, she was too scared to come out. I finally scared her out, though she just ran around even more scared, running around the bathroom, jumping on the counter, knocking a glass to the floor, shattering it and then running back behind the dryer!
So, their I am, half naked since I was preparing for a shower, cleaning up glass and iced tea and calling Mrs Duck so she would come straight home, since she is skinny enough to get back into the tight space. Not exactly how I wanted to spend the early evening.

So, no mall trip last night, no comment responses to come this week and I was just one cranky duck. So, blame Bettina. Shes fine by the way.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Imus Uproar

Ok, this is getting a bit out of control in my opinion. Yes, Imus made some remarks that were hurtful and mean, but the reaction is also getting out of control. If you have not heard or saw what he said, here is a recap.

From the Guardian, Tuesday April 10, 2007

Imus started the firestorm after the Rutgers team, which includes eight black women, lost the NCAA women's championship game to Tennessee. He was speaking with producer Bernard McGuirk on the air when he said ``that's some rough girls from Rutgers. Man, they got tattoos ...''

``Some hardcore hos,'' McGuirk said.

``That's some nappy-headed hos there, I'm going to tell you that,'' Imus said.

Ok, yes, its wrong, nappy headed ho's is the wrong thing to say. Its racist and sexist, even if it can be argued that it was just a joke. Just because it might be funny, its still not right. Though, I know their are worse things said by other people. And Don Imus is getting in trouble, suspended for 2 weeks, after this weeks radio-thon, which is raising money for different charities that he supports.

But, I also have to take a bit of an issue with some of the comments being fired back in response to his remarks.

Do the Rutgers girls have tattoos, yep, I am sure some of them do. Are they nappy headed ho's. Ok, this is bad, indefensible and you can't argue it.

And now, where I take issue.

"This week and last, we should have celebrating our accomplishments the past season,'' said Heather Zurich, a sophomore forward. "We fought, we persevered, and most of all, we believed in ourselves. But all of our accomplishments were lost, our moment was taken away"

Ok, you don't deserve this spotlight, this is not the spotlight that you should be in. But, after the game on Monday night, I checked the score of the game, said "aww they lost by alot" and completely and utterly forgot about the Rutgers Womens Basketball team. Unless you are in the south, Connecticut, or in some parts of Arizona, most people could absolutely care less about womens basketball. Its a flash in the pan, here and gone. So, no one has taken away your accomplishments, and no one has taken away your celebration, because no one was really celebrating you before that. Plus, if Duke's best player hits 2 free throws, you are not in this spot in the first place!!

Stringer also said something along the lines of saying that all women should be offended at being called ho's. Hey, guess what coach, head down to spring break or Mardi Gras and I am sure you will see plenty of fine young ladies acting like Ho's. So, yes, while it may not have applied to the Rutgers basketball team, it certainly does apply to many women who have spent some time in college, at least maybe once in their lives.

Of course, NOW and Al Sharpton and all the others are getting involved, to claim some of the spotlight away from the discussion and bring it up to light in general about racism and the way women are treated in the media in general. Hey, it might be a good thing to bring up as a discussion, but this is not a slight to all women everywhere, its a problem between Rutgers and Imus in the Morning. If you want to have a discussion, listen to some of the stupidity on all the morning radio shows, rock, rap or urban. Attack it all, because removing Don Imus will not fix the larger issues.

Of course, I am probably in the minority here and will get flamed mercilessly for this post, but its how I am thinking. If some of my readers hate me, I still love ya.

Monday, April 09, 2007

The Obsession Meme

Last week, at least I think it was last week, Neila tagged me for a couple of memes. One was the 7 songs one, which I will gladly do over in the near future. The other one was the Obsession meme. Now, I am a guy, so obsessions usually have to do with boobs and sports. So, I have stalled this meme until now so I could get my mind clear of tits and athletic endeavors. Here we go...

Officially, it is name five things you are obsessed with today and the tag five more people. I may, or may not tag, you will be surprised.

1. Coffee/caffeine-I am a coffee junky. Don't mess with me before I have had at least one cup of coffee in the morning. Around 3 pm I need my shot of energy drink or
Mountain Dew, depending on how low I am feeling. My new caffeine addiction is Vault Red.

2.Oregon Football-I don't know, you tell me. If someone stays up until 1:30 in the morning on a Saturday night, because their team is playing Washington State, is that an obsession. If you are depressed until your team make a miraculous comeback, partly helped by the referees, and then when the comeback happens, you are on cloud nine, are you obsessed?

3.Cigarettes-Ok, this is more an addiction then an obsession, but when I run out of them, it certainly looks like an obsession. I know, I know I should quit, and I will when I am ready, or dead.

4.Two TV Shows make the list-Friday Night Lights and Grey's Anatomy. Friday Night Lights looks like a show about football, but really it is a show about life and decisions and high school. I have always been a sucker for shows about high school, because I probably should have been a high school teacher in a former life. Grey's is just a great drama, with just enough string pulled every week to keep you interested. Though the George/Izzie plot is just stupid. By the way, Friday Night Lights finale is Wednesday. Be prepared for a plea from me to have the show come back next year in the near future.

5.Blogging-There is a part of me that hates that blogging is a obsession, but the fact that I have alot of my posts already planned out for the week tells me that I maybe a tad obsessed. And the confirmation was that I seperated all the blogs that I read into groups on my live bookmarks, like mommy blogs and life blogs and canada blogs kind of confirms it.

Ok, now I know some of you are wondering where is Mrs Duck? Well, I think it is kinda creepy to be obsessed with someone human. So, here are a few of my infatuations.

Mrs Duck
Christina Aguilera
Ashley Blue (google her)
George Clooney movies

And now the infamous tags, you may answer or you may not, but I gotta do it.

3.Tilly Greene
4.Interstellar Lass
5.Sarge Charlie

As the Cheaty Monkey likes to say

Though some of you may know her as Haley-O. Anyway, she is famous for saying, check it, so why don't ya check it.

I may need my hearing checked

Half listening to the TV set today as i surfed through some blogs and I hear a commercial for Miracle Gro Moisture control Potty Mix. I may be spending too much time on some of the Mommy Blogs.

Potting, not potty.

Weekend, Holy Crap Im Exhausted

I understand that we are supposed to be tired on Monday. It is just a human beings right to be tired on a Monday. But this weekend was one filled with running around all over the place, so now I am still staggering as I type.

Ok, First things first, congratulations to Kailani for winning the Another All About Me book contest. We had 6 right answers and Kailani's number came up on a roll of the handy dandy Dungeons and Dragons dice roller. Way to go! Send me your book choice and your address, though the specificity of the correct answer is a tad scary.

By the way, the answer was an All Boys High School.

Though I do find it scary that no one has seemed to have ever heard of a coed Catholic school. At least in NJ, their were two all boys schools and one all girls school when I was in high school. Though, I am going to discount the High Schools in the way up north parts of NJ and the way way south of the state, since I don't even know whats going on in the places that are not mentioned on the Philadelphia or New York news. (editors note:Though I just meant the state of NJ when I meant Im discounting High Schools)

Anyway, the weekend in a nutshell.
Friday-Cleaning out closets, since Mrs Duck took the day off. That was depressing because I came to a sorry realization that I have become really really fat. Or at least outgrown all of my clothes in the midsection region. Though I guess it did not depress me that much since I still had a Slacks Hoagie and french friens with cheese whiz and BBQ sauce for dinner.

Saturday-Taxes, yick! Especially yick this year since we owe the government some money. Ok, more then some money! But it was by our own doing, ya need the money when you need that money and then pay the piper later. Looks like the piper is looking for his cash.

Sunday-Down to Spice Girls house for ham and the Masters. Dinner was excellent and I was drooling over their HDTV while watching the golf. Golf and hockey are supreme sports for HDTV, you could see the sweat on Tigers forehead as the tournament got away from him. And while most people have not heard of Zach Johnson, I am a sports geek. I remembered him from the Ryder Cup last year and in a golf pool that was held a few years back for the majors, he was one of the 10 golfers I picked. Though if I have to hear from Jim Nantz that Zack went to the University of Drake one more time, I may have to scream.

Speaking of golf, and yes I was, there will be no book giveaway contest this week, but I have been working on a golf contest that I have been very excited about, so please do stay tuned.

How was your weekend? Or have your eyes glazed over because this post was so long?

Friday, April 06, 2007

Yes, They are Playing for a Green Jacket

Another sign of the coming of Spring, though no one seemed to tell Mother Nature, is The Masters. It is possibly the most famous golf tournament in the world, though some Europeans will yell for the British Open, it is definitely the most famous tournament in the United States.
For my family, golf has always been a sport that we watch on TV. Tex was a golf coach once, so their is a part of him that actually watches these guys shoot and he knows what they are supposed to be doing. Me? I just go out and whack the hell out of the ball when I play and hope it goes straight. I usually enjoy watching the tournaments because it just looks warmer wherever they are playing. But, The Masters is also memories. I can still remember back in 1986 when Jack Nicklaus made his big comeback. He was old for golfers back then, and made a late charge to win his final green jacket. I don't know what I remember more, the excitement and cheers of the crowd, or the actually excitement Tex showed sitting in the living room watching it unfold. Another example of how sports can give you life long memories.
This year, I don't see how anyone can stop Tiger. Heck, I barely know who half these guys are and I am someone who pays attention to golf. Mickelson is not doomed yet, but he is surely teetering and is really only still in the tournament because Tiger had a lackluster first round, and a lot of the guys out in front are pretenders. If I had a dark horse pick from here, it would be Vaughn Taylor. And that's just a dark horse because you may have never heard of him.

Oh, a few other thoughts. If you are watching the coverage, keep an eye out for a wild colored haired photographer running around with her camera in the background. It could be Rhian. And if you do see her, ask her if she got my requests, er emails.

And if the board of Augusta National, weren't still a bunch of old fuddy duddies, keeping their club closed off and not allowing women as members, they might get to see sights like this some afternoon in Amen Corner.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Hey, Don't Forget

There is still about 24 hours left in my book giveaway contest #2, just look over in the right corner. No not that right corner, it closes the page! Some people may or may not be on the right track.

Thursday Thirteen #29-The San Diego One

Thirteen Pictures from the Duck Honeymoon
The San Diego Part.

A few weeks back Arewethereyetmom took a trip to San Diego, a gaggle of kids and no husband, by car no less. So, when she shared pictures, I told her I would show her mine sometime. Sometime has finally arrived. I know I have posted one or two of these pictures before, but its my finest San Diego snaps.

1…san diego 001
It Didnt feel like June Weather

2.san diego 002
yes I took this one because it was the best shot I could get of Petco Park. I'm such a guy.

3.san diego 003
We did have a great view from our hotel.

4.san diego 004
The closest we got to the water in California.

5.san diego 006
Downtown in Twilight.

6.san diego 015
Now I see why they look so grumpy, because they are!

7.san diego 020
Had to get this one while flying by in a tour bus. I guess thats the only way to get that close.

Living La Vida Loca!

9.san diego 044
Of course i included a duck picture :)

10.san diego 035
Highlight of the San Diego Zoo

11.San Diego Panda
If you are the highlight, you get more then one picture shared, right?

12.san diego 046
Though this is one of my favorite shots

13.san diego 048
Adios, San Diego

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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Another All About Me book Contest

A slight change of plans, since I was not planning on running a book contest this week, but then I won more then I gave away last week so here it goes.

There are a couple of new books upon this list this week:

1.Five Against One by Kim Neely
-The Story of Pearl Jam
2.Murder at Monticello by Jane Langton-The Hardcover version
3.The Chamber by John Grisham
4.Too Close to Call By Jeffrey Toobin
5.Playmates by Robert B Parker
6.Snow Falling on Cedars by David Guterson
7.Summer Lovin by Carly Phillips

Again, you have until 11:55pm on Friday night to enter. How do you enter you ask? Well answer this simple question.

It is a well known fact that I went to a Catholic High School. Was this school:

a-An All Boys School
b-A Coed High School
c-An All Girls High School

One extra bonus entry into the contest if someone can tell me what County in New Jersey this High school was located.

So there it is, another self centered book giveaway.

The Ive Been to the Mountaintop speech

Desert Songbird reminded me of this today, and I must admit that I am a tad ashamed that I did not remember it for myself. But, today is the day that Martin Luther King Jr was assassinated in 1968. My words can not even do his actions justice, so I won't bother. But, for oratory prowess, while everyone knows the I have a Dream Speech, to me, I've Been to the Mountaintop, delivered on April 3, 1968, in Memphis was his pinnacle.

(editors note:the pictures are just pictures, close your eyes and just listen)

Framing the Election

Ok, this is not going to be a story on Liberal Bias in the media, or even Conservative Bias in the media. Its a story about how the media frames stories like the upcoming presidential election, and when I say upcoming I mean 2 years away still, for ratings and advertisement revenue.

I was watching either Eyewitness News or Action News on Monday, I can't remember which, though I know for dang sure it was not NBC10, they are crap. Anyway, the news was doing a story on the recently released fundraising totals for the upcoming primaries. They used a bar graph to display the totals. Hillary was first on the graph, as she should have been with 26 million raised. Now, the first little blip on the graph struck me next, listing Romney's 23 million dollar total. Ok, I am thinking, maybe they are going in numerical order. Next is Giuliani with his 15, bolstering my theory.

But next on the graph is McCain and his 12.5 mill, story over, on to the next story. Now, waiiitttt one darn minute. If this graph was going to be numerically correct, Edwards would be listed at 14 million before McCain. Or they should have done another graph telling us the Republicans and then the Democratic totals.

But, since Hillary has been declared the president in waiting on the Democratic side, she is the only one that gets the pub on local news. They really have not started running yet and still Hillary gets all the spotlight, because she is who she is. So, whatever news station it was has already painted the election to be a 4 person race, though I will give them the fact that Obama would have made this graph if he released his total.

So, people who may have good messages and good ideas right now are being drowned out, unless you watch the cable news and you can not get a straight thoughtful news story on cable news until you watch the evening shows.

Oh and one more little problem, Joe Biden is the senator of Delaware. We are in the Delaware Valley. It would have been nice if they just made a side mention of the local senator running for president, even if his totals had to be disappointing.

So local news has become news for dummies.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Da Comments 6

On Amazingly, there are hills in Park Slope:

kailani said...
There's a place called The Chocolate Room? What a great idea! I would definitely be a regular there.

They have a website, but it does not list any of the baked chocolate treats that they serve there. Plus the coffee beans are outstanding too.

Jay said...
So good you wished you weren't sharing! That's great.

Yes, though for the life of me I can't remember what the darned thing was called.

MissMargo said...
Exactly how rural can New Jersey possibly be? I mean really, rural like what only 1 Starbucks in town?

You see, a common misconception that NJ is garbage dumps and strip malls. Click here and you will see that it really was the boonies.

On Sam's Town is better than Hot Fuss:

Anthony said...
OK, so I think I'll check them out. I'm dying for some interesting new music.
Momish said...
Ok, this is the second plug I have heard for The Killers today. Now, I have to see what the fuss is about! If you don't hear from me after today, it is because I got hit by lightening for listening to something recorded after 1989.

So, Anthony, Momish, did you try out the Killers yet?
Christie said...
scha-wing! i am going to have to get this cd too, oh, before i go to their concert next month!!!!! how cool am i?

Ok, Im jealous. Though you are way too cool a person to be using the word scha-wing.

On Kick:

I just want to thank all of you for the kind words of support. I know that Mrs Duck was not being a shrew, she was more just worried about the finances and how they seem to be sneaking up on us. I am trying to think big and be big, though it is not always the easiest thing to do. Especially since it took me a while to figure this out:
Lady Jane Scarlett said...
As for keeping up with the Joneses, I say fuck 'em. Without KY

It took me forever to figure out LJ meant the jelly and not the state of Kentucky, because that would really really hurt.

On Sun Interrupted:

Carmen said...
yeah, I like to spend the time outside, but then the pollen makes me sneeze, the bees start to chase me (I'm allergic) and then I find that inside is still good. :)

Ok you are worse then me when it comes to allergies, yet you are a world traveler! Though I must admit I pictured you running from the bees.
Alicia said...
15 minutes is just enough time to soothe the soul.
Any more and you're likely to get a sunburn.
Hope you have a great day.

Alicia, you may have been kidding, but you are close to right. I was called Casper in college and when I go outside wearing khaki shorts, it is not surprising to hear someone scream "put some pants on!"
Momish said...
Thanks, now I want a cigarette in the worst way!

so I shouldn't mention how nice it was with a cigarette??
Jay said...
What's with that?

I hate water. I know Gatorade and Powerade have too much water, but it is so much better for me then sodas isn't it?
Twyla said...
You had sun? Sun, what is this sun you speak of? I am jealous.

Hey, not my fault you live at like the North Pole!
crowwoman / rhian said...
Ah - a fellow pariah also known as a smoker! I've been trained so well that i can longer smoke inside a house - only outside, even in 20 degree weather.
We go thru neighbors on a freakishly frequent basis. I think they catch sight of me and move. But we've had some uber rednecks that i have been sooooo happy to see the backsides of. Shooting guns and crossbows in the yard, playing redneck music loudly, screaming fights...outside... annoying the shit outa me as i huddle in my corner with my cigarette for fifteen freaking minutes of peach and quiet. But nooooo - they have to race their dirtbikes right next to me, smash beer cans on their foreheads....argh.

Yes, I am well trained too, and find myself freezing my ass off in wind chills at 0 degrees. Though the only neighborly problems we have are the little 3 year old next door who is much too chipper when I am not fully caffeinated. I will keep him though in comparison.

On Thursday Thirteen-The Cartoon One:

Twyla said...
Awww...I am EXTREMELY disappointed that you didn't list 'Master's of the Universe' (He-man), but maybe that was after your time. LOL
It was one of my favourite shows...that and 'She-ra'. :-)

No, It wasn't after my time, it just was not that good a cartoon ;)

crowwoman / rhian said...
I can remember being really little and watching Felix the Cat - oh and Rocky and Bullwinkle. I thought Natasha was the coolest.

In regards to Natasha, I am not surprised for some reason.

Peg said...
See--you're bringing me right down memory lane.
We used to also watch, Mighty Mouse...on the sea or on the land, he has the situation well in hand!
And, while not a cartoon, the Brady Bunch was on three times each weekday afternoon!!
OK, I'll hush up now--this is your list! ;)

I hated Mighty Mouse. I think that was the beginning of my fear of mice though. And once we got cable, the Brady Bunch and Gilligans Island was on ALL THE TIME.
Stephanie said...
I'm kind of disappointed I didn't see any Johnny Quest (which was actually pretty old when I was little!) Or Scooby-Doo!

I loved Johnny Quest, it was just on in reruns and on very very very early!
Christine said...
There's no gnuews, like good gnuews, with Gary Gnu!


On Martha vs Maxine:

Peg said...
Oh, this is too good!
I must be channelling maxine when I serve dinner and tell them, "I made it and you will eat it and I don't care how bad it tastes!"

Remind me not to ever eat dinner at your house.

Anthony said...
Well, Maxine is more fun, but ... call me sick ... I'd really like to roll around with Martha.

Well, lets remember what the name of your blog is again, shall we?

On Book Review Sunday Money:
Anthony said...
I guess the joke is supposed to be, "I didn't know NASCAR fans could read", but that isn't true, since I'm a fan, too.
Actually, I'm a lot tired of the characterization of NASCAR fans as hicks, by the "ugh, Car Racing" crowd.
Throughout its history, stock car drivers have been among the more interesting characters in sport, and it hasn't changed much since then to now.
Guys like Gordon are love 'em or hate 'em types. I'm not a big fan, but he is good.

Well, I know Mrs Duck says "Ugh car racing" because she hates the noise. Something about being forced to watching Sunday after Sunday growing up. I bet if it was ballet, it would not matter, hicks or no hicks. Plus, no matter what, I still hate Gordon.

What, They force a Goverment Agency to work now?

So, let me get this straight, or as clearly as I can understand. The E.P.A. is the Environmental Protection Agency. So, they are supposed to protect the environment, since their name is Evironmental Protection Agency. Yet, yesterday, the supreme court had to rule to tell them to explain why they do not want to protect the environment. Thats what happened yesterday right? The Supreme Court had to tell another government agency to actually either do there job or explain what exactly they are supposed to be doing?

Back when Christie Todd Whitman was named director of the E.P.A. and it was made close to a cabinet position I actually met this new with a shred of admiration for the Bush administration. They were at least appointing someone who I had a modicum of trust for and who I knew lived in horse country in New Jersey, so she would have some sort of an idea on the need to protect the environment, even it if was because it helped herself.

Of course, I should have known that the EPA was raised on its level in the government so this administration could keep a better hold on what they were saying and how they were going to craft the response to the growing problem of global warming. Fooled again I guess.

I am not that good at anagrams, so I can not figure out a way for the EPA to now stand for In Big Businesses Pocket and still making it look like EPA, but the name fits.

Monday, April 02, 2007

All About Me Book Contest, Good News and More Good News

Well, good news for one of the six people that guessed the answer to the question, what town did I graduate from college in.

-Drum Roll-

Newark, Delaware!!

So, congrats to you six people that got the answer right. 50/50 doesn't mean a gimme I guess now does it.

And the winner?

Rhian/Crowwoman of From My Brain to Yours!! I guess it is fitting since she taunted me a little bit on her blog about the slowness of which I presented the contest in the first place. So Rhian, drop me an email and let me know which of the 6 books you would like to receive, gratis!

So, what else could be good news? Well, I won not one but two books over the weekend, from Amy and Colleen respectively. Colleen is even going to autograph hers, since she wrote it. But, that means one book out, two books in, which sort of defeats the purpose of the contest.

So, come back Wednesday for another book giveaway. Another innane question about Sparky will be included. I know you just can't wait.

And now, for a bit of a funny. Wander over to Musings of a Working mom, especially if you have children, know children, or have found yourself hung over and watching a famous mexican american cartoon on Nick Jr or the Disney Channel, I can't for the life of me remember which channel.

Follow up to Phillies

and the Phillies lose their home opener in the tenth inning. Let the calls to fire Charlie Manuel begin!

Another Sign of Spring

Last week, Tiff of No Accent Yet shared her few hints that spring had finally sprung for her. Now, she is south of the Mason-Dixon line, so while I am not overly jealous, she is way ahead of us up here in the chilly north on the spring meter. I did share an email with Tiff, partly because she loves the email, about how my allergies were in full bloom and my early morning wake up call from the landscaping crew.

But now, a real sign of spring is about ready to happen in Citizens Bank Park today. Phillie fans get their hopes up! Optimism is in full bloom here in the Delaware Valley, because the Philadelphia Phillies seemed poised to make the playoffs for the first time in many years. Now I am sure the Mets and the Braves have something to say about that, but for once it seems like it could be a team from Philadelphia's year. They have the reigning MVP and Home run King Ryan Howard, Mr Everything Chase Utley, and a new and improved starting rotation with Cole Hamels improving and Freddy Garcia now in the fold. Of course, their is a down side. Pat Burrell is still going to be taking up space in left field. I have never heard of any of the guys they have playing at 3B and the bullpen would probably be improved if Larry Andersen was pitching.

So, being a stoic, I think the Phillies will swoon again in August and then have to scramble again to have a shot at the wild card. August seems to be the death month for the Phillies and right now I do not see why this year will be any different. But hey, if you don't think I am going to watch every game I can watch, then you don't know Sparky Duck.

Oh and ladies, apparently, Cole Hamels is hot.