Sunday, April 29, 2007

Throwdown at the Supermarket

Sunday is the day we shop. Yes, i know that Saturday night or some night is probably a better day to go, but its tradition. So, we were off to Giant, yes faithful readers, that Giant and started on our list. First off, who knew that peaches would be so hard to find? Was their a freeze or some sort of peach boycott that I did not hear about?

So, in the soda aisle, we pass a nicely dressed African American woman. I could have sworn I heard her say something as we passed her. So I stopped and double checked. As, every customer passed her while she was picking up her Mountain Dew, she would say "Jesus can save you" At first, I thought it was just odd. Except, she did it to every customer that passed!

So, maam, Jesus can save all the jewish people who think that Jesus Christ was just a friendly well spoken guy? Jesus can save the people like me that believe in the power of the earth goddess? Jesus can save Mrs Duck, who has married a sinner, making herself a sinner too?

Possibly one of the rudest and shocking things I have experienced in my little haven that is the supermarket.


Jay said...

This past year we were standing along the road waiting for the Santa parade, and a woman was going around passing out her god pamphlets. When she got to me I said "No thanks, I'm good" which I thought was a polite refusal and she said "You're wrong, you're not good."


Santa brought me presents anyway.

p.s. Is there some mystical connection to Mountain Dew that I'm not getting?

It's Me... Maven said...


Rhian / Crowwoman said...

Sparky - 'member that lil' old cold spell we had right before Masters? The one i whined about continuously? It destroyed the peach crop down here in Georgia. Decimated it.

As for the woman - silly - she was talking to the mountain dew and produce. Seriously, you know my feeling on that self righteous shite. If i haven't told you the story about my uber christian husband being made to choose between my pagan ass and the church by his peers, remind me to give you the skinny one day.

Twyla said...

Did I ever tell you my story? Probably I did, but listen anyways. :-P
My ex father-in-law is a Baptist preacher. After finding out that my husband (his son), had been cheating on me for a year...he looked me in the eye and told me it was my fault because I wasn't right with Jesus. This was Jesus' way of punishing me. Wtf. I swore off all religion from that day on.
Some people are just plain nuts.

Wylie Kinson said...

I would have turned around and said "Save me from what? Self-righteous whackos?"

I respect all religions. What ever (crutch)people need to find their strength - go for it. Just keep it to yourselves...

Anthony said...

Imagine the incredible ego on a person who could randomly pick out people that she doesn't know and proclaim that somehow, her life is better than yours.

That's always been the part of religion that offends me. That somehow, their lives are so "right", and what we need to do is straighten ourselves out, and we will be as good as they. Ego.

At my gym, on random nights there are little pamphlets (tracts, they are called) that are left on the urinals and toilets by someone who thinks that as we are relieving ourselves we will also feel the overpowering need to relieve our souls.

It strikes me as an odd bit of salesmanship.

Christine said...

I came by to say you did a fantastic job interviewing Kailani.

I had a similar experience with organized religon that put me OFF!

Lady Jane Scarlett said...

Rudeness like that usually calls for a snide remark like
"From Joel Osteen?"
"You first"
"Satan is that you in there?"

Ahhhhh...but alas. It's good to see that you are much more well-mannered than others.

amy said...

Whats up with the interviews?