Monday, April 23, 2007

Carolina Pipe Dream?

As I mentioned last week, I would into more detail about some things that happened during the little Hilton Head mini vacation.
Probably one of the best days, because Mrs Duck and I were able to spend it by ourselves, was the little sojourn around Hilton Head and Bluffton to do some house perusing. Our goal, at least I think its our goal since we have not really settled on a time table (which of course would just embolden the enemy) is to move south sooner rather then later, probably within the next 2 years. So, we stopped along the main road on and off the island to see some of the "plantations" and new developments going up.
Our first stopped showed us how living on Hilton Head Island or a golf course could be a tad over our head. Not only would the land cost over $100,000, the house itself would be around $400,000. On top of that are about $50,000 in regime and golf fees a year. Since last I checked, we did not hit the Powerball, that arrangement is a tad out of reach.
So, it was farther down into Bluffton. We found this cute set of houses a tad off the beaten path, in a development called Parkside at Baynard Park. They are a little sister to another development across the street, which actually works out well, since while the houses cost about half as much in Parkside, they still get to use all the amenities available to the people in Baynard Park. Now I am sure those people in BP aren't thrilled, but what do I care. :) We liked the houses in Parkside, because they reminded us of what we think southern homes should look like, with vibrant colors and many many porches in different spots. Plus, did I mention they are cheaper?
So, we now at least have a gameplan, a shot to know how much we will need to save to get to where we want to get to. Now, of course, we will also need to get Doc and Subway excited about the possibility of us being their, but that will be a slow slow process.


Laughing Muse said...

Congratulations on the plan! Sounds like the house is nice. That first set of prices...that's as much as a home in California. (Without all the goodies, though - just a home in suburbia.)

Desert Songbird said...

In looking at those home models what struck me is that are all two-story! Seems like they like to make the homes vertical in order to maximize living space, but even with two-stories, some of them are only 1700 sqft.

They do look nice, though, and seem much more in the affordable range for the average family. I think homes in the $400,000 range in your average suburban neighborhood is ridiculous.

Tug said...

NICE...good luck with all that!

Tilly Greene said...

Those are fabulous looking, and the property taxes shouldn't be so bad down there, but what about fees to use Baynard Park's facilities?

Save up Duck's, get packing and head south...why wait for retirement, enjoy the place now.

Anndi said...

Ducks heading south.. how appropriate!

Haley-O said...

Yay plan! Good luck with it, Sparks!