Monday, April 23, 2007

Cats, Drinks and TMI

Yep, more blog relish

I am getting to smart for my own good, or I have been watching too many of these cop shows on TV, because week after week, I am calling out who the murderer is before the 30 minute mark.

Why do cats insist on rolling on the bed when your making it?

How come I cant get my mojitos I make at home to taste as good as the mojitos I get at those Tiki Bars by the pool?

Wrong on so many levels:
Beasley Reece at the Phillies home opener "I am going to beg for meat"


It's Me, Maven... said...

Are you using simple syrup in your mojitos? Perhaps that's the missing ingredient?

You make simple syrup by taking equal parts water and equal parts granulated sugar. Bring it to a boil allowing the sugar to completely dissolve. Then put it in the fridge til you're ready for it.

Tug said...

ok, you can listen to Maven, or......

Is your house set up as a tiki bar? Attitude...surroundings...frond boys...gotta go.


Kailani said...

My cat does the same thing. He jumps and bites and tries to pull away the sheets just as I've got them perfect on the bed. Once I couldn't get him off so I just tucked in all the sheets with him underneath. LOL!

An Island Life

Twyla said...

My cat has to be right on top of whatever I'm doing...whether it's making the bed, folding laundry (he climbs in the basket of clothes), putting away clothes (he climbs in the drawer that I'm putting the shirts in)...I think he has attention problems. It drives me nuts. Try making a bed with a cat and 2 kids. It's nearly impossible.
I need one of those mojitos just thinking about it. LOL

Anthony said...

Hmmmm ... sounds like Beasley wants to be on your blogroll.

Desert Songbird said...

Yet another reason to NOT have a cat! Yo, Sparky, KICK THE CAT OUT OF THE ROOM BEFORE YOU GET BUSY!!!!

Alicia said...

You have a talent, solving the murder before the detective does.

I, too have a talent.
I guessed the weight of the contestants on VH1's Celebrity Fit Club and came within 5lbs each time!

Okay, so in real life YOUR talent would be way cooler than my talent... but I could probably take a look at you and guess how much you weigh.
Women across the world right now are reading this in fear, trust me.