Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Another All About Me book Contest

A slight change of plans, since I was not planning on running a book contest this week, but then I won more then I gave away last week so here it goes.

There are a couple of new books upon this list this week:

1.Five Against One by Kim Neely
-The Story of Pearl Jam
2.Murder at Monticello by Jane Langton-The Hardcover version
3.The Chamber by John Grisham
4.Too Close to Call By Jeffrey Toobin
5.Playmates by Robert B Parker
6.Snow Falling on Cedars by David Guterson
7.Summer Lovin by Carly Phillips

Again, you have until 11:55pm on Friday night to enter. How do you enter you ask? Well answer this simple question.

It is a well known fact that I went to a Catholic High School. Was this school:

a-An All Boys School
b-A Coed High School
c-An All Girls High School

One extra bonus entry into the contest if someone can tell me what County in New Jersey this High school was located.

So there it is, another self centered book giveaway.


kailani said...

It was an all boys school named Christian Brothers Academy in Lincroft NJ. You can mail me my book now. LOL!

Twyla said...

I had no idea you went to a Catholic High School. What is wrong with me? Haven't I been paying attention? LOL
You know what is ironic...I have no idea about the Catholic religion (I was raised Baptist), so last night Justin (who was raised Catholic) literally spent like an hour and a half explaining it all to me.
Anyways, back to the question. I have no idea...but I'm going to guess an all boys school. puter crashed and I lost everything. I am extremely pissed and am having a drink. :-P

Momish said...

I would say there isn't even such a thing as a coed catholic high school, but the local boys and girls one here merged a few years back. Still, I am gonna guess ALL BOYS. Crazy, I know.

Christine said...

You went to an ALL BOY high school.I didn't know there was such a thing as co-ed Catholic H.S.s either. OK! The county your school is located is Monmouth County,NJ!

Rhian / Crowwoman said...

c-An All Girls High School. Most people can't tell the difference between a boy duck and a girl duck.

Peg said...

Wild guess here...

Coed Highschool in Morris County...