Monday, April 09, 2007

The Obsession Meme

Last week, at least I think it was last week, Neila tagged me for a couple of memes. One was the 7 songs one, which I will gladly do over in the near future. The other one was the Obsession meme. Now, I am a guy, so obsessions usually have to do with boobs and sports. So, I have stalled this meme until now so I could get my mind clear of tits and athletic endeavors. Here we go...

Officially, it is name five things you are obsessed with today and the tag five more people. I may, or may not tag, you will be surprised.

1. Coffee/caffeine-I am a coffee junky. Don't mess with me before I have had at least one cup of coffee in the morning. Around 3 pm I need my shot of energy drink or
Mountain Dew, depending on how low I am feeling. My new caffeine addiction is Vault Red.

2.Oregon Football-I don't know, you tell me. If someone stays up until 1:30 in the morning on a Saturday night, because their team is playing Washington State, is that an obsession. If you are depressed until your team make a miraculous comeback, partly helped by the referees, and then when the comeback happens, you are on cloud nine, are you obsessed?

3.Cigarettes-Ok, this is more an addiction then an obsession, but when I run out of them, it certainly looks like an obsession. I know, I know I should quit, and I will when I am ready, or dead.

4.Two TV Shows make the list-Friday Night Lights and Grey's Anatomy. Friday Night Lights looks like a show about football, but really it is a show about life and decisions and high school. I have always been a sucker for shows about high school, because I probably should have been a high school teacher in a former life. Grey's is just a great drama, with just enough string pulled every week to keep you interested. Though the George/Izzie plot is just stupid. By the way, Friday Night Lights finale is Wednesday. Be prepared for a plea from me to have the show come back next year in the near future.

5.Blogging-There is a part of me that hates that blogging is a obsession, but the fact that I have alot of my posts already planned out for the week tells me that I maybe a tad obsessed. And the confirmation was that I seperated all the blogs that I read into groups on my live bookmarks, like mommy blogs and life blogs and canada blogs kind of confirms it.

Ok, now I know some of you are wondering where is Mrs Duck? Well, I think it is kinda creepy to be obsessed with someone human. So, here are a few of my infatuations.

Mrs Duck
Christina Aguilera
Ashley Blue (google her)
George Clooney movies

And now the infamous tags, you may answer or you may not, but I gotta do it.

3.Tilly Greene
4.Interstellar Lass
5.Sarge Charlie


Twyla said...

1. Me too. Can't function without it.
2. Freakin' sports. Blah. LOL
3. Bad, bad, bad.
4. I have never watched either one.
5. Was extremely obsessed with this myself...and then facebook came along. :-)

Tilly Greene said...

I say obsess way, if it makes you happy and doesn't hurt another, then go for it!

Ummm, now about this infamous tag, should I dress up or something?

Great read Sparky :-)

Lady Jane Scarlett said...

Obsession is good, Obsession is good,Obsession is good,Obsession is good,Obsession is good,Obsession is good.

InterstellarLass said...

If your team losing depresses you, I would have to say you are obsessed. But is it real depression, or is it just feeling a little down?

I tried to get off caffine once. It didn't work. I did successfully quit smoking in 2004 though.

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

I totally agree with #1 and #5, and if you insert our favorite football team, then I totally agree with #2 as well. I will restrain myself and not lecture you about #3. Suffice it to say that my mom smoked most of her adult life and in the end, the effect of smoking took her life.

OK I promise, I'll shut up now :) Great meme!

Buttercup said...

Lass just tagged me for this after you tagged her so I came looking to see what your obsessions were. Glad you were able to clear your mind, at least temporarily, of boobies. :) Mine will be up shortly.

Anthony said...

Obsessions ... hmmm ... well, we already know about Paula Creamer.

1. I'm a bit of a caffeine freak, but not coffee. Everything else, though. Pills and Stacker drinks.
2. Tennessee football.
3. Never tried cigs.
4. Friday Night Lights is in trouble. You should be good with Grey's, though.
5. Blogging is an obsession. Mine are way too long, and I get wordy, but it's cheaper than therapy.