Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Bettina sapped my creative energy

Thats the story and I am sticking to it. She is cute as a button, but she does find ways to get herself into trouble that you could only imagine.

I went upstairs yesterday afternoon to double check that my shorts are 100% great for the trip at the end of the week. Thankfully, they all still fit, which helped to stave off some depression, since most of my pants don't fit anymore. But, as I cut back through the bathroom, I saw Lola looking to get behind the washer/dryer. Oh no, not again. I chased her out and went to look for her partner in crime.
No Bettina downstairs, no Bettina under the bed, no Bettina anywhere. Until I heard a horrible whine coming from behind the clothes machine. Crap!
Bettina is a skittish cat, still young, still alot like a kitten, so even though I pulled the washer/dryer away from the wall, she was too scared to come out. I finally scared her out, though she just ran around even more scared, running around the bathroom, jumping on the counter, knocking a glass to the floor, shattering it and then running back behind the dryer!
So, their I am, half naked since I was preparing for a shower, cleaning up glass and iced tea and calling Mrs Duck so she would come straight home, since she is skinny enough to get back into the tight space. Not exactly how I wanted to spend the early evening.

So, no mall trip last night, no comment responses to come this week and I was just one cranky duck. So, blame Bettina. Shes fine by the way.


Carmen said...

what is it with cats and tights spaces?

Anndi said...

Some people blame the dog for eating their homework...

blaming the cat.. creative!

Glad the shorts fit, happy the cat's fine, now get back to those creative ventures and stop blaming the cat ;-p

Tilly Greene said...

Hmmm, I'm sensing some excuses here, and yes, it takes one to know one. Get some clothes on, or not, put the backside in a chair, and let the creative juices flow :-)

Christine said...

When we had a laundry room, ours used to love to do that! I'm glad she's fine too!

Momish said...

It doesn't matter, try as you might to make her out to be the bad guy, she is just to cute to hold a grudge against. I love the name too!!!

Glad the shorts fit! That is something to whoohoo about if you ask me (me, as in the me who is trying to lose weight and fit into last year's shorts)

kailani said...

Kaimana does the same thing. He's one scardy cat.