Monday, April 02, 2007

All About Me Book Contest, Good News and More Good News

Well, good news for one of the six people that guessed the answer to the question, what town did I graduate from college in.

-Drum Roll-

Newark, Delaware!!

So, congrats to you six people that got the answer right. 50/50 doesn't mean a gimme I guess now does it.

And the winner?

Rhian/Crowwoman of From My Brain to Yours!! I guess it is fitting since she taunted me a little bit on her blog about the slowness of which I presented the contest in the first place. So Rhian, drop me an email and let me know which of the 6 books you would like to receive, gratis!

So, what else could be good news? Well, I won not one but two books over the weekend, from Amy and Colleen respectively. Colleen is even going to autograph hers, since she wrote it. But, that means one book out, two books in, which sort of defeats the purpose of the contest.

So, come back Wednesday for another book giveaway. Another innane question about Sparky will be included. I know you just can't wait.

And now, for a bit of a funny. Wander over to Musings of a Working mom, especially if you have children, know children, or have found yourself hung over and watching a famous mexican american cartoon on Nick Jr or the Disney Channel, I can't for the life of me remember which channel.


Rhian / Crowwoman said...

oooooh - my mojo is powerful mojo today! I crawled back in from the Masters photo shoot (and yes Sparky-dear I have an AWESOME photo of Gary Player just for you) to find out i won a book over at the SEx blog and then one here. I'd do the happy dance but i'm too damn tuckered out. I'll email you in the morning! Yay golf!! I mean books - yay books!

Jay said...

You've got some weird book karma going on .

nancy said...

Hey! I guessed right! Woo-hoo that is prize enough for me!