Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Da Comments 6

On Amazingly, there are hills in Park Slope:

kailani said...
There's a place called The Chocolate Room? What a great idea! I would definitely be a regular there.

They have a website, but it does not list any of the baked chocolate treats that they serve there. Plus the coffee beans are outstanding too.

Jay said...
So good you wished you weren't sharing! That's great.

Yes, though for the life of me I can't remember what the darned thing was called.

MissMargo said...
Exactly how rural can New Jersey possibly be? I mean really, rural like what only 1 Starbucks in town?

You see, a common misconception that NJ is garbage dumps and strip malls. Click here and you will see that it really was the boonies.

On Sam's Town is better than Hot Fuss:

Anthony said...
OK, so I think I'll check them out. I'm dying for some interesting new music.
Momish said...
Ok, this is the second plug I have heard for The Killers today. Now, I have to see what the fuss is about! If you don't hear from me after today, it is because I got hit by lightening for listening to something recorded after 1989.

So, Anthony, Momish, did you try out the Killers yet?
Christie said...
scha-wing! i am going to have to get this cd too, oh, before i go to their concert next month!!!!! how cool am i?

Ok, Im jealous. Though you are way too cool a person to be using the word scha-wing.

On Kick:

I just want to thank all of you for the kind words of support. I know that Mrs Duck was not being a shrew, she was more just worried about the finances and how they seem to be sneaking up on us. I am trying to think big and be big, though it is not always the easiest thing to do. Especially since it took me a while to figure this out:
Lady Jane Scarlett said...
As for keeping up with the Joneses, I say fuck 'em. Without KY

It took me forever to figure out LJ meant the jelly and not the state of Kentucky, because that would really really hurt.

On Sun Interrupted:

Carmen said...
yeah, I like to spend the time outside, but then the pollen makes me sneeze, the bees start to chase me (I'm allergic) and then I find that inside is still good. :)

Ok you are worse then me when it comes to allergies, yet you are a world traveler! Though I must admit I pictured you running from the bees.
Alicia said...
15 minutes is just enough time to soothe the soul.
Any more and you're likely to get a sunburn.
Hope you have a great day.

Alicia, you may have been kidding, but you are close to right. I was called Casper in college and when I go outside wearing khaki shorts, it is not surprising to hear someone scream "put some pants on!"
Momish said...
Thanks, now I want a cigarette in the worst way!

so I shouldn't mention how nice it was with a cigarette??
Jay said...
What's with that?

I hate water. I know Gatorade and Powerade have too much water, but it is so much better for me then sodas isn't it?
Twyla said...
You had sun? Sun, what is this sun you speak of? I am jealous.

Hey, not my fault you live at like the North Pole!
crowwoman / rhian said...
Ah - a fellow pariah also known as a smoker! I've been trained so well that i can longer smoke inside a house - only outside, even in 20 degree weather.
We go thru neighbors on a freakishly frequent basis. I think they catch sight of me and move. But we've had some uber rednecks that i have been sooooo happy to see the backsides of. Shooting guns and crossbows in the yard, playing redneck music loudly, screaming fights...outside... annoying the shit outa me as i huddle in my corner with my cigarette for fifteen freaking minutes of peach and quiet. But nooooo - they have to race their dirtbikes right next to me, smash beer cans on their foreheads....argh.

Yes, I am well trained too, and find myself freezing my ass off in wind chills at 0 degrees. Though the only neighborly problems we have are the little 3 year old next door who is much too chipper when I am not fully caffeinated. I will keep him though in comparison.

On Thursday Thirteen-The Cartoon One:

Twyla said...
Awww...I am EXTREMELY disappointed that you didn't list 'Master's of the Universe' (He-man), but maybe that was after your time. LOL
It was one of my favourite shows...that and 'She-ra'. :-)

No, It wasn't after my time, it just was not that good a cartoon ;)

crowwoman / rhian said...
I can remember being really little and watching Felix the Cat - oh and Rocky and Bullwinkle. I thought Natasha was the coolest.

In regards to Natasha, I am not surprised for some reason.

Peg said...
See--you're bringing me right down memory lane.
We used to also watch, Mighty Mouse...on the sea or on the land, he has the situation well in hand!
And, while not a cartoon, the Brady Bunch was on three times each weekday afternoon!!
OK, I'll hush up now--this is your list! ;)

I hated Mighty Mouse. I think that was the beginning of my fear of mice though. And once we got cable, the Brady Bunch and Gilligans Island was on ALL THE TIME.
Stephanie said...
I'm kind of disappointed I didn't see any Johnny Quest (which was actually pretty old when I was little!) Or Scooby-Doo!

I loved Johnny Quest, it was just on in reruns and on very very very early!
Christine said...
There's no gnuews, like good gnuews, with Gary Gnu!


On Martha vs Maxine:

Peg said...
Oh, this is too good!
I must be channelling maxine when I serve dinner and tell them, "I made it and you will eat it and I don't care how bad it tastes!"

Remind me not to ever eat dinner at your house.

Anthony said...
Well, Maxine is more fun, but ... call me sick ... I'd really like to roll around with Martha.

Well, lets remember what the name of your blog is again, shall we?

On Book Review Sunday Money:
Anthony said...
I guess the joke is supposed to be, "I didn't know NASCAR fans could read", but that isn't true, since I'm a fan, too.
Actually, I'm a lot tired of the characterization of NASCAR fans as hicks, by the "ugh, Car Racing" crowd.
Throughout its history, stock car drivers have been among the more interesting characters in sport, and it hasn't changed much since then to now.
Guys like Gordon are love 'em or hate 'em types. I'm not a big fan, but he is good.

Well, I know Mrs Duck says "Ugh car racing" because she hates the noise. Something about being forced to watching Sunday after Sunday growing up. I bet if it was ballet, it would not matter, hicks or no hicks. Plus, no matter what, I still hate Gordon.


Jay said...

Wow, you are spot on. How do you find the time to be this diligent?

Anthony said...

If Mrs. Duck hates the NASCAR noise on the TV, she should try Dover in person sometime. It's relentless ... for 5 hours. When they finally shut them down at the end, it's like a beautiful rainbow.

As for music, I'm working on Umprhrey's McGee now. "Safety in Numbers" Good stuff.