Friday, April 20, 2007

And we're back...

Though, actually, Mrs Duck and I have been back since Tuesday night. VaTech has had my mind this week, so this is the first mention of our trip, at least in little snippets for now.

Thursday, well all I can say is if you do not have to ever fly USAir out of Philadelphia, you don't know what you are missing. Long lines, no information, lost luggage, switched gates and no smoking in the terminal. Gotta just love it.

Friday, the luggage did show up finally. Never have been so happy to see clothes that I just saw 12 hours before in my life! We did do some shopping, some earlier home shopping. The dream is to move south someday, so a job is really really really needed to get that dream going. Spice Girl and Tin Man arrive.

Saturday, I stayed under 150 strokes on a nice golf course and the girls got their nails done.

Sunday, the golf tournament, or should I say mini hurricane that passed for a golf tournament.

Monday, the golf tournament for real. By now, everyone is beginning to get on each others nerves. Everyone is sensitive and cranky. Though, still not looking forward to leaving, again because its USAir.

Tuesday, eh, the trip home was fine, uneventful, typical of course since you were coming home. This always go smoothly at the end.

I will expand on a few of these days in the upcoming posts. I know their is a clamor for pictures and I will share a few here and also over at the photo blog. But honestly, I don't have too many great ones, just because it was alot of green, nothing has really started to bloom yet. And it was still too chilly for us wimpy Ducks at the beach.


Twyla said...

I know pretty much NOTHING about golf...but 150? I'm thinking that's not good. LOL

amy said...

Glad you guys has an interesting trip. I cant wait to surpise hubby with a trip to Philly since he grew up there!

Tug said...

But it's a BEACH.


so jealous.

Desert Songbird said...

I am sooooo not a golf person, but I don't care if it's freezing, I will go to the beach!

Your trip post is very, very different from mine. Come check out mine.

Tilly Greene said...

Duck - we need to talk. Sun sand and surf, means less clothes and therefore the perfect holiday, not golf. Flash the flesh darlin', it needs to breath to :-)

Kailani said...

I've never flown on USAir. Do they even fly into Hawaii?

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