Monday, April 09, 2007

Weekend, Holy Crap Im Exhausted

I understand that we are supposed to be tired on Monday. It is just a human beings right to be tired on a Monday. But this weekend was one filled with running around all over the place, so now I am still staggering as I type.

Ok, First things first, congratulations to Kailani for winning the Another All About Me book contest. We had 6 right answers and Kailani's number came up on a roll of the handy dandy Dungeons and Dragons dice roller. Way to go! Send me your book choice and your address, though the specificity of the correct answer is a tad scary.

By the way, the answer was an All Boys High School.

Though I do find it scary that no one has seemed to have ever heard of a coed Catholic school. At least in NJ, their were two all boys schools and one all girls school when I was in high school. Though, I am going to discount the High Schools in the way up north parts of NJ and the way way south of the state, since I don't even know whats going on in the places that are not mentioned on the Philadelphia or New York news. (editors note:Though I just meant the state of NJ when I meant Im discounting High Schools)

Anyway, the weekend in a nutshell.
Friday-Cleaning out closets, since Mrs Duck took the day off. That was depressing because I came to a sorry realization that I have become really really fat. Or at least outgrown all of my clothes in the midsection region. Though I guess it did not depress me that much since I still had a Slacks Hoagie and french friens with cheese whiz and BBQ sauce for dinner.

Saturday-Taxes, yick! Especially yick this year since we owe the government some money. Ok, more then some money! But it was by our own doing, ya need the money when you need that money and then pay the piper later. Looks like the piper is looking for his cash.

Sunday-Down to Spice Girls house for ham and the Masters. Dinner was excellent and I was drooling over their HDTV while watching the golf. Golf and hockey are supreme sports for HDTV, you could see the sweat on Tigers forehead as the tournament got away from him. And while most people have not heard of Zach Johnson, I am a sports geek. I remembered him from the Ryder Cup last year and in a golf pool that was held a few years back for the majors, he was one of the 10 golfers I picked. Though if I have to hear from Jim Nantz that Zack went to the University of Drake one more time, I may have to scream.

Speaking of golf, and yes I was, there will be no book giveaway contest this week, but I have been working on a golf contest that I have been very excited about, so please do stay tuned.

How was your weekend? Or have your eyes glazed over because this post was so long?


Carmen said...

well, you know the bright side, men can lose their middle way easier than women, so at least there's that ray of hope. (of course, you'd need to put down the hoagie). Ha.

I need weekends to recover from weekends once in a while.

NAncy said...

Yes! I am exhausted.

I would love to watch Planet-Earth on HDTV. But, sports? No thanks.

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Sounds like a really great weekend, except for that part about cleaning closets and taxes. Double nightmare. The hoagie sounds good too, but you might want to skip the cheese whiz if you're worried about your mid section :)

We watched some of the Masters, on HD of course. We got our hi def plasma last year in time for football season. You wouldn't believe the difference. We don't watch hockey, but my husband is a recent golf fanatic. He watches it all, but especially if he can find it in HD.

Hope you get some rest and have a terrific week!

Desert Songbird said...

Nope, no golf here. Just lots of chocolate and napping.

Hey, I graduated from a co-ed Catholic high school! But you would probably discount it since it is way south of you. Cardinal Newman High School in West Palm Beach, FL, Class of 1980 - Go Crusaders! There are lots of co-ed Catholic high schools in Indianapolis, and several here in Phoenix as well.

Twyla said...

Yes, my eyes did glaze over because this post was so long. Well not really. :-P
My weekend involved all kinds of fun stuff...some of which I can't mention. But, on Friday the kids went with sperm donor, so we had some friends over for drinks and then we tried to watch "The Departed". We were all drunk and confused...but other than that it was a good movie.
Saturday we went on an extremely random road trip...then came home and had more drinks with friends and hid easter eggs and watched hockey. See...I watch sports.
Sunday we did the whole Easter thing. Blah. Was my post too long? I could have elaborated more if you wanted.
I'm exhausted now too. :-)

kailani said...

Woo Hoo! I won! Yay! I'll take the Snow Falling on Cedars. I'm always looking for new books to read during the flights (*ahem* I mean on my layovers). I'll email you my address. Thanks again!

Rhian / Crowwoman said...

my eyes only glazed over on the sports parts. heh.

Anthony said...

Nantz got a little syrupy at the end in his tribute to Johnson. Maybe I'm a little cynical (maybe) but it's golf, not church. Although, Augusta is the Church of Golf, so maybe I don't know what I'm talking about.

As for Easter, it was a turkey sandwich and SoCo/Cranberry. I'm such a heathen.

Missed the LPGA this week.