Friday, August 11, 2006

Cheating not cheating ?

Well, I am going to do this one backwards, since you could see my comments before checking out the post at The Book Bitches but it does show an interesting divide between men and women.

1.Flirting on the internet-not cheating if it is done once in a while to be funny or cute. Its just like flirting in person, once in a while is just being human, flirting often is the onramp to the cheating highway.

2.cybersex-most definetly cheating, though not an end the relationship offense.

3.Kissing-yep, very very cheating. With caveats of course, since there are some relationships that are open enough to allow this.

4.Porn/Masturbating-NO way! both are natural things, and damn needed sometimes

5.Emotional Affair-hard to have a definitive answer to this one. I have girls who I know online only. They are friends, and we support each other from time to time. I would be hurt if something happened to one of them, but we will never meet/speak in person and they will never surplant Mrs Duck. Was that a good non-answer answer?

6.Oral Sex/Petting-soooo cheating, though lap dances from strippers on either side arent.

7.Sexual Fantasies-I would have a problem if it was someone I/we knew, just because that can be creepy. Celebrities, as long as its not needed for sex is not cheating

8.Having sex on a break-no not cheating but not the way to rebuild a relationship.