Saturday, August 12, 2006

Friday Adventures

Last night was my first trip to what is apparently an old stand by in the NE Philadelphia area, Curran's Irish Inn. Though I still cant totally figure out why, since the drinks, while free were watered down terribly, the sandwiches for Happy Hour were 3 days old or at least tasted like it and the music was too loud. I would reccomend the place if you won a free Happy Hour, since you could probably get a very good buzz going on $20. But, unless you are looking to meet a biker chick or some sort of tattoo artist, steer clear. Yes Im a Happy Hour snob, I grew up at the Shore!

A positive was the visit to Chink's on Torresdale. In my opinion, easily the best CheeseSteaks in Philadelphia. They really make Geno's and Pat's look silly in comparision, plus no gastrointestimal issues later on! Plus the only place I can find a Chocolate Coke.