Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I hate McAfee

Though, I am sure my tirade is not going to send the stock crashing downward into some sort of spiral. I dont see CNBC posting headlines "Dow Tumbles on comments from a Blog" But, nevermind that! I really really think the McAfee and there Virus scan product is just a scam. All it does is suck up memory on my computer. Oh, and the amazingly annoying update your program now pop up items. Those are really really special. Now, I could be having one of those paranoid moments, but I swear, its just Bill Gates trying to figure out how many times I visit ESPN.com or Amazonwomenwholiftthings.com. I need to find a new virus program. I have already fallen in love with Firefox, and the next step to break away from the hold of "the man" will be replacing McAfee. Whose with me!!!!