Friday, August 25, 2006

Holiday Nuisance

One of the biggest pains in the arse when it comes to the holidays came up for Mrs Duck recently. First off, I have to say, its a bit early for everyone to be figuring out when they will be taking off for Christmas and New Years, but thats another story. Anyway, one of her coworkers always takes the entire week between Xmas and New Years off, as well as the day after New Years. Its great to ask for, but if you are in a work place that only on person can have off at a time for the holidays its quite unfair. And her reasoning, which is a reasoning that has always driven me mad, she has children and grandchildren.

And there in lies the rub actually. What is so special about the fact that some of us have children that they should expect to have the holidays off. I have a family someplace else and a family here, and I sure would like to spend time with them over the holidays. Just because your Momma or Grandpoppy doesnt mean Christmas is your time!

I told Mrs Duck to stand up for herself, to be sure to at least get the day after New Years off, just to make the her coworker have to come back, because in the end I just think its quite unfair!