Thursday, September 16, 2004


Well I was up late last night watching the storm coverage. I don't even know why I get transfixed by this stuff I just do. Plus I like ABCNews Now because they give you a local report of wherever the hurricane is. Its funny to see these people vamp and stall when they have very little to say, especially last night when the power went out in there studio and they lost all there weather gadgets. I will say the people at CNN are nuts, I mean they were intentionally sending themselves out into the wind, one guy was at the eye of Crazy Ivan. I mean theres getting a story and then theres lunacy.


Anonymous said...

Heard a story on NPR about this air force meteorological crew. Hurrican comes, they take the skies and fly back across the thing for nine hour shifts. Said the woman in the interview, "It's not like on the ground, where you expect things to stay still."