Thursday, September 30, 2004

Yick/People Watch

It is totally disgusting out right now. feels very humid, its grey as hell and it looks like the skies will open up at any minute. This not going in any way shape or form help me to become motivated to clean out my car. Of course I did crap yesterday around here, the dishwasher still needs to be empited, theres a pan from two days ago still in the sink and the trip is fast approaching.

GF went to the mall to get her nails none yesterday and I was a good boyfriend and accompanied her. I also took it as an opportunity to get some last minute supplies from Target and stuff for the camera at Best buy. I also took an opportunity to particpate in one of my favorite pasttimes, people watching. I love to watch the people who seem to be on a date, or at least a get to know each other session, as they act all awkward, and the high school punks (is it me or are they becoming punkier every year) wander the malls aimlessly, looking cool and insercure all at the same time. And the working women, enjoying the free time from sons and daughters, or annoyting husbands, or that boss they wish they could have killed already. People are just so cool.

Debate countdown, 10 hours or so, to see if the election will be worth following anymore!