Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Sounds like a new reality show to me

Taken from the Philly Daily news Blog

Girls just want to have "fun"

We've never gone through a hazing. Nor will we.
It's an appalling, dangerous tradition, and this item is a case in point.
At a prestigious prep school in New Hampshire, some female seniors have been suspended after "allegedly" forcing new female students to simulate oral sex, eat whipped cream and answer explicit sexual questions.
The younger girls were first blindfolded with sanitary napkins, which we think is an odd name for that particular product. Doesn't it make you think of eating warm chocolate chip cookies and drinking milk on a pleasant autumn afternoon, sitting at your kitchen table with plenty of "sanitary napkins" on hand to wipe away the white mustache?
But as for the hazing: Now that we've read about it, we think someone should turn it into a reality series, maybe call it "Purple Haze," challenge young ladies to survive ritualistic torture by older girls.
But let's make it pay-per-view. The games can be so much more fun that way.
Doncha think?


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