Thursday, September 09, 2004


Ok so it hase taken me forever to come back to this thing, maybe because there was very little excitement over the weekend. Anyway, the after nearly killing myself on Saturday moving dry wall (and its not even my basement) we watched Love Actually off of Comcast. Another terrific movie by those guys who did Notting Hill, etc. Yes a bit sappy, yes a bit contrived, but its a movie PEOPLE!!

Hmm, only other thoughts that popped into my head, besides what a liar and a avoider (is that a word) Bushie is, I think I maybe becoming a bit bored from this extended vacation, not enough to do anything about it though.

Oh and we got the place in Feasterville, so there will now be room for my stuff, yeahhh.


Anonymous said...

Likes - Love Actually, doughnuts fetched by someone else
Dislikes - Drywall, Republicans

Hey, you might be interested in this website. Some friends at work and I spend an excessive amount of time here tracking the polls and fretting. Yesterday's version was much more encouraging. Urg.