Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Political Rant

Ok, very simply, I have decided the masses are lemmings. They will follow anyone anywhere with some sort of political message that can be found on a bumper sticker or the side of a Mickey D's box. Agree with one position and that is who you will vote for. Its sad, that so many people are so uneducated, either way republican leaning or democratic leaning on what the issues, ploicies and major decisions that are facing this country are. Oh to be young and carefree again.

On a lighter note, Law and order is back, over 10 years of mindless drivel, and it still goes on and I eat it up like Pop Rocks


Zesmerelda said...

Positions? There have been real positions taken in this year's campaign? Where? I haven't seen or heard a damned thing worth discussing.

Lemmings? Don't think so. I think the majority of people are so repulsed by what passes for politics in this country that they're fibbing to pollsters so they can get off the phone.

Well, I do anyway.

Sparky Duck said...

See I honestly think that therer are groups of people out there that like what they hear in small sound bites and thats how they decide who they will vote for. I did one of those phone things last night, and was able to help decide who i would vote for in Congress by hearing about there issues between the two main candidates.