Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Update and Shift

Yes I know there are probably not that many of you left, but hello fellow reliable readers, here's what I have been up too.

Still Waiting on word from the latest interview I had, though I still think I am at least in good shape, since the HR person calls me once a week to give me an update with what is going on with the position. So that means they at least want me to still be available! So thats good, I think. Just dont want to get my hopes up and be disappointed again.

Nice little screw up on the banking end has a nice chunk of change still floating out there that should be in one of my accounts. A word to the wise, when you have something important to go into your account, do not go to one of those in Supermarket branches, since it seems they do not hire the swiftest of tellers.

With only 6 and a half weeks to go, I do see this blog going from a ranting and raving about the screwed up things of the world, to the stress and keep your fingers crossed, not screwep up things with the planning of a wedding. Along those lines, can anyone give me a good photo program to put pics in this blog?