Monday, July 28, 2008

They all maybe Milf's

One of the benefits of the other office I was helping out in the last few weeks, was the fact that the talent that walked past the window was smokey at best. Sundresses and tank tops and things bouncing all over the place as they left the community pool. A fringe benefit.

Now that I am back at regular office *trying not to grit my teeth* the sights are a bit lacking. And one of the crazy things about the people walking outside my window, is that a majority of the hot ones are MILFs. Google that if you don't know.

Now of course, I am just looking, not touching, which of course makes it a spectator sport, but still I wonder, what does Milfdom say about the neighborhood I work in.


Desert Songbird said...

Means you're hanging out in my neighborhood, darlin'!

Anthony said...

MILFs are a great side benefit to being middle-aged.
The great thing about MILFs for those of us still single is that we can always hold out hope.

Sparky Duck said...

Songbird:ahhh Scottsdale, home of the Milfs

Anthony:Instant Family, perfect

Starrlight said...

It says....don't relocate ;)

a girl with an overactive imagination said...

There are a lot of amazing milf types here too. Maybe it's something in the water..? Cool post & blog :)
-Hanna in Austria

Julia Smith said...

You're obviously in Hot Mama territory.

Hyperion said...

I think MILF appeal only has the edgy sexiness when you're young (or at least, young in mind). They seem older, taken, forbidding. When you get older, it's not as much "Unattainable MILF" as "Girl I went to high school with."

Of course, the older MILF supposedly is more attainable. In the words of the Blood Hound Gang.....

Women are like dog, doo,
hear me through don't interrupt,
It's just the older that they are the easier they get to pick-up,
I'd fill the generation gap
clean the cobwebs from her rafters,
Old hens would rather put out
than be put out to the pasture,

Then again, maybe the Bloodhound Gang isn't who we should be looking to for wisdom. Long live the MILF!