Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hurricane Alycia Lane trips Egomaniac Mendte

I am an Action News guy. I do not stray too often from the local news station that I watch, even though I find myself watching more of the regular primetime shows on other stations. Give me Jim Gardner 7 days a week, so I do not know a whole heck of a lot about Alycia Lane and Larry Mendte then just some fleeting glances or the occasional 15 minute overage because of Tivo.

But, Miss Lane was always good for some blogger fodder, after the Rich Eisen incident and then followed by the cop slapping in NYC incident, and my opinion of Larry Mendte has always been that he is a big phony. Now dont get me wrong, Mendte did alot of great things for Alex's Lemonade Stand after the big buildup by the drive of the stallion Afleet Alex and his 2 great Triple Crown Races, but in the end, he always struck me as someone that was just trying to imitate a news anchor in New York of the 90s and not his own person.

However, you do not see Chuck Scarborough getting indicted on Federal Charges all the time do you?

Alycia was actually wronged on this one, and not in the wrong, not that it will get her her job back with KYW. But now at least she is not that anchorwoman who sent bikini pictures around to the dude from the NFL Network.


Bond said...

I remember this guy from when I would turn on the Philly Stations while living in central NJ...he always felt like a total arse to me

guess I was right

Anthony said...

But she is still the anchorwoman who assaulted a police officer in New York City. Mendte must have been peeing his pants when that happened.

Sometimes nitwits don't need outside intervention.