Sunday, July 06, 2008

There are few things like Oregon Track and Field

Now, its the 800 meters which means any of these guys will be lucky to get a bronze medal, but for one school/track team to get 1 2 3 in the trials, with one of them diving his body across the finish to get the A standard time is amazing. The first video is amatuer, but gets the excitement #2 does a fine job of showing the race!

For Goddesses sake, my mom told me about this race, obviously its exciting


Anonymous said...

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Jenny McB said...

The second video didn't work, but I found another video in a round about way through

My son has run this race and hates it, he loves distance. The 800 is a grueling race since it's almost like sprinting, this finish was amazing. Thanks for sharing, we would have missed this.

Anndi said...

That was quite the end push!