Saturday, July 12, 2008

Hey, whats 663 miles amongst swing states

Yes, good ole Sparky is a blogger jumping on the McCain is too old bandwagon. Apparently, Senator McCain has been telling a story for the last 35 years that when he was held as a POW, he gave the name of the Green Bay Packers O-Line as his copatriots when captured. Admirable, trust me, beyond anything that I could ever do, being a POW.

Except when you use that history as a political talking point. Like this past week, where he said he used the Steelers O-Line as his fellow soldiers code names. Lets guess, shall we, where he made this statement? A prize for the first blogger that says Pittsburgh.

But, apparently, the honorable senator just sort of forgot.

Now, the distance, as per mapquest, between Green Bay Wisconsin and Pittsburgh Pennsylvania is 665 miles, give or take. Sort of a great distance to forget, but hey, they both have shitty winters.

Lets look at the Packer O-Line

LT Bob Skoronski 29 7 0

Green Bay Packers / 5th / 56th pick / 1956
LG Fuzzy Thurston 30 5 0

Philadelphia Eagles / 5th / 54th pick / 1956
C Jim Ringo*+ 32 10 14

Green Bay Packers / 7th / 79th pick / 1953
RG Jerry Kramer*+ 27 5 0

Green Bay Packers / 4th / 39th pick / 1958
RT Forrest Gregg*+

Looking really quick, I myself have certainly heard of Jerry Kramer, Forrest Gregg and Jim Ringo. Kramer and Gregg are football Icons.

And on to 1963 Pittsburgh

LT Charlie Bradshaw* 27 5 0 1 fumble recovered

Los Angeles Rams / 8th / 94th pick / 1957
LG Mike Sandusky 28 6 0 2 fumbles recovered

San Francisco 49ers / 4th / 46th pick / 1957
C Buzz Nutter 32 9 0

Washington Redskins / 12th / 136th pick / 1953
RG Ray Lemek 29 6 0

Washington Redskins / 19th / 227th pick / 1956
RT Dan James

Charlie Bradshaw has the same name as a really famous Steeler, who will come around about 15 years in the future and Sandusky is a town in Ohio. But, nope no reall hall of famers here.

The Packers went 11-2 and the Steelers went 7-4. Yep memorable I am sure to the Steel City.

I hate when my favorite sport is dragged into this bullshit, and then I hate more when it is kinda laughable.


Anthony said...

He'll drag that P.O.W. stuff out as much as possible to drum up sympathy or make people think that being captured qualifies him to be President.

Amy Ruttan said...

I have to agree with Anthony.

He's using hometown teams as a ploy to get votes. Which is kind of sad.

Seriously dude when are you guys going to actually vote on the new president?

Dragon said...

I'm not American but November can't come soon enough.

Anonymous said...

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