Monday, April 25, 2005

Long Week

Well, its been a little while since I have posted, but I think have a good excuse for it.

FuW had an operation on her mouth and her jaw and that had me in a worried tissy. Everything went according to plan, but I have had to strap on my nurse helmet for the last week or so, fun fun fun. She has been a good patient, but the steroids she takes to help with her healing do make her darned grumpy. But overall things are looking up and I believer she will be back to work tomorrow. Lets just say we have eaten alot of pasta and rice this week.

Now for some reviews. Last weekend, not the one that just passed we saw the movieSahara (2005). While not exactly Oscar award material, it was a good movie overall, a combo Indiana Jones, James Bond and a political intrigue filled movie. Overall, a thumbs up.

While waiting around in the hospital, and then in the next few days after, I finished the book Something Borrowed. I think that Steph does a good job of baring down the good and bad points of the book, but if you are looking for some easy reading, I'd select this one. Steph's Book Reviews - Something Borrowed

Hey, someone please tell me, what happened to the warm weather??


Annie said...

Tell FuW that I hope she feels better soon! You're gonna be a good hubby, ol' pal. Go, Nurse Sparky!!
P.S. the warm weather was sold on the black market for 100 pesos, and is now touring the Mexican countryside in a side show with Uncle Floyd and Clyde the orangutan.

Miss Margo said...

I hope FuW gets back to normal very soon. So good of you to take care of you.

Word of advice from a fellow blogger: Might want to refrain from using the phrase "strap on" in your posts, if you're not careful lecherous internet folk searching naughty terms will be directed to your blog!

I know that's how I found your site! ;)

Miss Margo said...

and by you, I mean her...I'm an idiot sometimes!