Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Force with Force Bill

Ok Ok, 1st off, i know its Florida, and it a well known fact that the people down in Florida are just generally crazy. I mean not Texas crazy, but not very normal either. But does anyone esle think that this bill sounds like a recipe for disaster besides myself. Basically, the bill says that if you feel a threat of bodily harm, you are free to use force, up to deadly force to stop the other person.

Now everyone read very carefully, who oh who was backing the bill??


The Associated Press
Posted April 26, 2005, 11:59 AM EDT

TALLAHASSEE -- With a lobbyist for the National Rifle Association at his side, Gov. Jeb Bush signed a bill today intended to make it clear that people have a right to defend themselves on the street, meeting "force with force" without fear of being prosecuted.

The measure, the NRA's top priority, which passed the Legislature overwhelmingly earlier this year, says that people who are under attack don't have to retreat before responding.

People already have that right in their home. The bill (SB 436), which takes effect Oct. 1, extends the right to public spaces, including on the street or in a place of business.

Case law and statutes dealing with the issue vary from state to state, but supporters said the measure brings Florida in line with a number of other states.

"To have to retreat ... defies common sense," Bush said.

Ok, anyone else think this is just plain nuts!!!!


Matthew said...

Oh, I definitely think it's nuts.

supine said...

Oh, great! More ways for the NRA to spread their craziness all across the land. I am beside myself with glee.