Tuesday, May 03, 2005

The Runaway

Well, first off, yes I am glad that the woman in Georgia was found safe and sound and it has at least a happy ending for her family at least. Now, I was neutral on the fact of whether she should be charged with a crime, filing a false police report or some sort of conspiracy techinically. Ok thats first question, what the hell can they even charge her with besides being an idiot?
Anyway, I say I was on the fence, until we learned that she bought the bus ticket one week before she actually disappeared. That makes her little adventure a premeditated act, which means I have alot less sympathy for her. Same thing, you want to tell me that none of the hotels that she stayed in on her little foray into Vegas and Alberquerque did not have CNN?? We have been spending days on end on this story and she waits until the last day to let her fiance off the hook?
I know FuW said that I would be dead way before having any chance of her taking me back if I pulled a stunt like that. Thats why I can not believe the jilted fiance in this whole things is staying so calm and cool about it. I know how I would feel, Johnnie Walker and I would become close friends for a weekend or so.


Annie said...

Apparently this chick's pulled a disapearing act on a fiance before (mum heard it; I still haven't found that report). He's quite a man to forgive her. But from all reports, he's also cherry, so either he just wants to get married to get laid like a good Baptist boy should, or he's incredibly naive. Fake name, bus ticket bought a week ahead of time, cut her hair and left her ring behind....sounds to me like she's been watching "Sleeping With The Enemy"...

Matthew said...

I'm split on this. Part of me feels bad for her (as well as her fiance and family), and feels like it should be a private matter left to the family.

But then the other part of me realizes that tons of police man hours were put into this, and how that is, technically, a waste of police time, which is illegal.

So... I don't know.

As an aside: This woman was, by no means the only person who probably went missing that week, or even that day. Why do certain people get national media and police attention, while others languish in obscurity (or milk cartons)?

Annie said...

She got all the attention because she's a pretty white woman with huge doe eyes. Nobody cares when Joe Nobody has a tradgedy, but when upper class (c'mon, a $100 Grand wedding...) photogenic people have issues, it's good fodder and gives Dan Abrams something to bitch about.

Today's news dug up two prior arrests for shoplifting and bolting on previous fiancee. Yes, this woman has deep, serious issues. But, no, I no longer feel sorry for her. For her family and fiancee, yes, but not for her. If she can afford such an extravagant wedding, she can afford to reimburse the police department that busted their butts looking for her.

supine said...

What do you want to bet that this story will inspire a reality show, or at the least, a made-for-TV movie? (On Lifetime, I'm thinking.)