Thursday, November 16, 2006

A quick two step

Now, I was not one to watch dancing with the Stars. I dont know if you could pay me to watch that show, though on second thought, you could pay me, just not cheaply.

Anyway, I was glad to hear that Emmitt Smith won out over all that stiff competition. And the biggest reason probably is that Mario Lopez struck me a one major S.O.B. Arrogant to the end, he was on our local news last night, almost whining because he lost, saying in effect "I thought it was supposed to be a dance competition." So, Emmitt was more popular overall. Puhleaseee, its a B-List celebrity popularity contest, and for whatever reason, Mario, your dimples and shining smile didnt bring you through this time. Boo freaking Hoo.

One thing I will say about Dancing with The Stars is that I like it as a contest a tad better then American Idol, since these contestants are already stars or celebrities of some kind, while A.I. can destroy a career that hasnt even started yet. All these silly shows are popularity contests. As soon as the world votes, thats where they go.