Thursday, November 16, 2006

Thursday 13 #8-The TV version

Thirteen Things about Sparky's TiVo

A very simple list this week, the next 13 shows my TiVo will record. (duplicates removed)

1…. November 16-2:30pm 4:The Brett Favre Interview The NFL Network-The Legendary QB has a conversation with his first pro coach Steve Mariucci. The show is from last year, so I think it might have been edited a bit, since one of the big questions is always, will you come back to play next year. Based on this years stats, I bet we got one more year of Brett coming up in 2007.

2.November 16-5:30pm Pardon the Interruption-ESPN-Opinions and analysis of the days sports stories. With Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon. Mrs Duck doesnt like this show very much, she says they yell too much, an opinion apparently shared by my Sister in laws on both sides of the family. I just hate it when Dan Le Batard is on because hes a nimrod.

3.November 16-6:30 & 7pm Judge Judy-WFMZ 69 out of Allentown,PA. Tonights highlight of the show Mrs Duck hates with a passion: Rejected Sexual Advance; a lovers spat ends in violence, a broken windshield and a dispute over rent. Its Jerry Springer without the nudity.

4.November 16 9:00pm Grey's Anatomy-ABC-Meredith determines to have a more positive outlook on life. Hmm, I love the show, but that plot sure sounds like 5 or 6 other episodes from the last year.

5.November 16 11:00pm-The Daily Show with Jon Stewart-Comedy Central-Tonights guest Muhammad Yunus. Yep I have no idea who he is either.

6.November 16 11:30pm-The Colbert Report-Comedy Central-Tonights Guest:Richard Linklater. The way Colbert has mocked the Fox News recently has been priceless.

(editors Note: we have another Pardon the Interruption on Friday at 5:30)

7.November 17 5:30pm-The King of Queens-TBS-Carrie (who is hot for someone not in her 20s) insists on using her Christmas bonus to invest in Internet Stock. Hilarity ensues I am sure. Is this show still on regular TV?

(Editors note 2:and more Judge Judy)

8.November 17 11:00pm-Real Time with Bill Maher-HBO-Guests are Richard Dreyfuss, musician Tom Morello, journalist Dana Priest, Norman Lear and Dan Rather. Now if that is not a diverse group of individuals, I dont know what is.

9.November 18 6:00pm-Roseanne-The Oxygen Network-"Thanksgiving '93", a fight, a revealed secret and a fleeing grandmother mark Thanksgiving. I was never really a huge fan of the show, but there Thanksgiving episodes were sometimes classics.

10.November 18 7:00pm-Roseanne-The Oxygen Network-"The Last Thursday in November" The Conners attend DJ's school Thanksgiving pageant. By the way, thank goodness for TiVo cuz I would never be able to find the Oxygen Network.

11.November 19-10:00am-The Sports Reporters-ESPN-Guest Reporters offer their opinions on current sport topics. A Sunday morning tradition for me since I was a teenager. It used to be unique, like Meet the Press for sports, though it has lost some of its edge over the years.

12.November 19-5:00pm-Sell This House-A&E "Haiku, Hawaii" An uncared for rental unit prevents a Hawaiian pole-house from Selling. Now the way I love football, Mrs Duck loves these home shows, though I dont know how hard it could be to sell a house in Hawaii. I mean cmon, its HAWAII.

(guess what more Judge Judy & PTI)

13.November 20 7:00pm-Everybody Loves Raymond-CW57-Debra opts for Thanksgiving fish to avoid competing with Marie's cooking. They do great great great holiday episodes. If this doenst get me into the Thanksgiving spirit, nothing will.

There you have it, yep pretty dull, though in the interest of full disclosure, we would have probably taped Close to Home and Las Vegas on Friday night, and that Barbara Walters special after Grey's tonight, but it hasnt been set yet, and I though that would be cheating.

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE Everybody loves Raymond. I am so sad they don't make new episodes. It is so funny.

Christina said...

Ahhhh, TiVo. I have not yet been introduced to this phenomenon. My husband hasn't quite gotten past BetaMax for his TV recording needs. Enjoy all your shows!

Anonymous said...

Where do you find the time to watch them all?

Anonymous said...

You have some of my all time favourite shows on that list...Roseanne and EBL Raymond. I think I've seen every episode of Roseanne, at least 3 times. My favourite one was when they were smoking pot in the bathroom. Too funny. Great TT this week. :-)

Sparky Duck said...

Heh, Slackermomma, read some posts lower and you will see how I have all this time. Seriously though, we dont watch TV shows when there on anymore in this house.

Anonymous said...

I don't have a TiVo (what does that stand for?), but I'd love one! I don't know all of the shows, but I like the ones I do. :-)
My TT is about sports I like to watch.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha, I love my DVR but watch entirely different things ;). Mostly Clifford and baby shows like that for the little guy ;).

Chelle Y. said...

I have so many shows to "catch up on" that it will take me hours to watch! :)

Tug said...

Good list!! I need to call my mom so she can catch the Favre interview - Happy TT!

Sophisticated Writer said...

Some interesting TV shows. Happy TT!

Duchess said...

I think we need tivo also, but hubby has not come to the real world yet.
I tape NCIS and The Unit each week but would love to get things like Oprah on tivo since I am not home from work yet.

The Mistress of the Dark said...

I love Roseanne. That's one show I really miss.

happy TT

tiggerprr said...

I can't even imagine my life without DVR anymore. LOL

Jenny Ryan said...

I do not know how we lived without TIVO. I LOVE TIVO!!

Cheysuli said...

Gotta love Bill M! Go!!!

Deanna said...

I LOVE everybody loves Raymond - I must be the only person on the planet not watching Grey's Anatomy. I just haven't ever caught it when it's on
Oh well...thanks for stopping by today

Nancy said...

The only new show on there is Grey's. I refuse to get TIVO, I am always behind in the seasons. I am getting the FIRST season of 24 on netflix, now.

Happy Weekend!

Ruth said...

Happy Thursday Thirteen

Buttercup said...

Sparky, Thanks for commenting on my TT. I too love Grey's Anatomy. I only got into the show this season, but I'm hooked.