Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Giddyness tempered

I am trying my best to keep everything in perspective, since the Senate is still in the hands of the Reds, things are rolling along nicely. I like the way RI was never a state that was discussed until 3 days ago, and it looks like those folks are as liberal and ticked off as I remember them. I am getting bleary eyed watching these House races in District 6 (Lois Murphy) 7(Sestak) and 8 (Patrick Murphy), since I get most of my information from the Philadelphia Inquirer website. Damn, we need one more surprise someplace to really take the Senate.

Oh, and just getting hit with a rumor that there could be some shenanigans in 8. Surprise, surprise


Anonymous said...

Nice to see that the Santorum machine has run out of steam. Finally.